Our Uniqueness

Our parents, relatives, friends, teachers and society, have brought up most of us so that our behaviour is socially acceptable.

This is required for an orderly Society and for interaction with others!

But, it makes us lose our uniqueness and capabilities which get covered and hidden, as many layers of dust cover a mirror over a period of time and it looses it’s reflectivity. We become more like everyone else and like sheep we live our lives doing what others want us to do or copying others. We do not do what we really want to do for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized by our parents and others in our society!

At least when we are not interacting with others, we need to do what we like to do and are capable of doing and not do what others expect us to do! This will bring out our full potential and our uniqueness that we are born with! This will also result in our living a happy & peaceful life!


Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance-the keys to unlock our life’s potential

Pure AWARENESS & Full ACCEPTANCE are conscious and focused activities of our Intellect. Pure Awareness happens in the present moment only and is totally non-judgemental. It implies being focused on the present moment including on our own self and observing reality as it is now without any biases or prejudices. Full Acceptance is to accept fully the situations within and outside us as they are now!

In contrast to this, our Ego is also Aware; but this awareness is judgmental as it is filtered through two coloured glasses our Ego is wearing constantly; the first glass we will call as our Past Glass and the second one as our Future Glass! The Past Glass includes our acquired limited experience and knowledge, beliefs and prejudices and the Future Glass includes our plans, goals, desires and expectations! So, looking through these two glasses we end up having a uniquely different (from others) point of view of each situation based on what we have acquired and assimilated.

One can appreciate that our Ego’s Awareness results in the creation of its own individualised but false reality which can be very far from true reality due to the two filters our Ego is fitted with! So, most of us operate in our own unique reality which our Ego has created! This does keep us busy going round in circles like a dog chasing its own tail!

Further, our Ego either partially, selectively or conditionally accepts or rejects situations, based on its desires, beliefs, likes & dislikes and prejudices. Often, our Ego rejects many situations, limiting the areas in which it can live and function. Many opportunities are lost as a consequence of this, as our Ego is not open to accept all situations unconditionally! Our Ego unknowingly closes or slams the door shut for many interesting situations that arise that can be good or financially beneficial to us!

As most of the time our Ego is living life in a state of partial or total non acceptance of the present moment situation as well as of its own self, we end up living a life of dissatisfaction and sadness and not a life of peace and joy!

This can easily be changed effortlessly by using the readily available keys of Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance we all possess within our Conscious Intellect (mind)! This state of Awareness and Acceptance is one of the states of our Conscious Intellect! The default state of our Conscious Intellect is our Ego state!

We can begin by bringing in Pure Awareness of our own Ego first; becoming aware of whatsoever we are doing. We can start with by becoming aware of our breathing. When we are sitting down to eat our meals, we can become aware of the food, the look, taste, fragrance as well as the chewing and the masticating! This can apply to all activities we are carrying out throughout the day like exercising, showering, bathing, washing, playing, driving, reading, studying, blogging, working, managing etc..

There will be times when we unconsciously drift out of Pure Awareness into Ego Awareness when everything will filter through our past or our future, a state of non-acceptance of the present moment! But, we should not be bothered by it as becoming aware that we were not in the present, brings us back into the present and into the state of Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance! Whenever we can and as often we can, we should come back to the state of Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance.

Later on, we can also start becoming aware of our own Ego’s thoughts, desires or expectations, emotions, feelings, norms, beliefs, prejudices (likes & dislikes), superstitions etc.. This Pure Awareness will lead us to the understanding and acceptance of our Ego, or who we think we are, as it is now! This can lead us further to the reality and the ultimate truth of discovering our own True Identity, unlocking the limitations (jail!) our Ego has put us in and to realise our full potential, allowing us to live life fully and in real freedom!

Try not to waste present moments in either controlling or changing our Ego! It will not produce permanent results! It is like a Thief becoming a Policeman to catch the Thief, meaning its own self!

Pure awareness and Full Acceptance is when neither our Intellect nor our Body is under the influence of our Ego! 

How does Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance work? When we become Aware and fully Accept our own illusory self (Ego), other people as they are now, and the situation that exists in the present moment, then our Intellect is completely at peace with our past as well as our imagined future! This peace, with the past and anticipated future, frees our Intellect from stressful emotions like sadness, anger, regret, fear, anxiety etc. Our Intellect then remains very peaceful, steady, unattached, uncluttered and unburdened! This results in a very clear and realistic understanding of our own self, of other people as well as of the present moment situation! Such uncluttered, unburdened and unattached understanding automatically results in desirable but subtle, gradual and stress free changes in our own illusory self (Ego), as well as it leads us effortlessly into the most appropriate action to help others and improve the future situations.

Lack of present moment Awareness and non Acceptance creates turmoil, clutter and stress in our Intellect burdening it unnecessarily. Can a disturbed Intellect really help in either improving our own self, or the other person or the situation? The answer is a clear ‘No’! Present moment Awareness and Acceptance keeps our Intellect very peaceful, steady, uncluttered and in the best possible condition to help our own self, help others and to improve the situations in the future!

When we are truly in the present moment and in full awareness and acceptance, only then we are capable of giving unconditional love and respect to others even if their views are diametrically opposite to ours. At all other times, our love and respect is self centered, egoistic, conditional and full of expectations from other persons!

In the state of pure Awareness & full Acceptance, which is being fully in the present moment, the Peace and Infinity within us destroys all the borders and or our own separateness. We then extend, merge and interact smoothly with other human beings, nature and the earth, which includes all the Flora – flowers, plants and trees, and Fauna -animals, birds, insects and others. We are then fully in tune with the Universe and its forces.

If every individual were to remain most of the time in a state of pure Awareness & full Acceptance, then our humanity will get its salvation as life will be heavenly and blissful, devoid of egoistic arguments, conflicts, fights, wars, as well as discrimination!

The present moment, which is future unfolding, appears to last longer when we are in a state of pure Awareness and full Acceptance, whereas it passes by swiftly when we are in our Ego state. Also, in pure Awareness and full Acceptance, the present moments are experienced fully, often bringing with it many unexpected surprises, and miracles too at times!

In the Ego state we are either unconsciously, mechanically and insensitively responding to our present moments, just like a Robot as per its programming, or reacting to the distorted reality we are viewing!

Loss of present moment awareness while doing activities can result in our making mistakes and then accidents can happen. While cycling or driving, loss of awareness can result in an accident and damage or loss to humans and property as well! While cooking, we may bruise or cut our finger or even accidentally burn ourself! While walking, we may not notice an obstacle and take a bad fall or walk into a clear glass door damaging and hurting our body. Being in the present moment, being fully aware, keeps our body safer too!

Become aware that our own Ego is regularly dumping garbage into our Intellect, making our Intellect stink and remain in a confused state all the time. Awareness will bring back the pristine state of our Intellect and it will get reconnected with our True Identity or totality -The Totality 

THE PRESENT MOMENT IS. It is neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong! This classification is done by our Ego which by itself has no reality but is an illusion created by our Intellect – The Totality

Intelligence is the capacity to be in the present. The more you are in the past or in the future, the less intelligent you are. Intelligence is the capacity to be here now, to be in this moment and nowhere else. Then you are awake. – Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’

An intelligent person does not care much about information and knowledge. An intelligent person cares much more for the capacity to know. His authentic interest is in knowing, not in knowledge. -Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

You cannot go on living in illusions; you cannot go on living in your beliefs; you cannot go on living in your prejudices if you want to know the truth. The false has to be recognised as false. – Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ * 

The present moment is complete as it has the knowledge and experiences of the past as well as the seeds for the future. We should not ignore, discard or even react to the present moment. Instead, we should be inspired by it for all our actions. – The Totality

Buddha says; The man of awareness lives in this world as a bee. He never mars the beauty of this world, he never destroys the perfume of this world. He lives silently, moves silently. He asks only as much as is needed. His life is simple. It is not complex. He does not gather for tomorrow. The bee never gathers for tomorrow; today is enough unto itself. – Osho *

You cannot fight the fact (present moment situation), you have to accept it. If you accept it grudgingly, then you will be continually in pain and suffering. If you accept it without any complaint-not in helplessness, but in understanding-it becomes ‘suchness’ (tathata). Then you are no longer worried, then there is no problem. The problem arose not because of the fact (present moment situation), but because you couldn’t accept it the way it was happening. You wanted it (present moment situation) to follow your idea. – Osho ‘Buddha, his life and teachings’

Whenever there is need to respond, the first thing, Buddha says, is to become mindful, become aware. …. Be there for a few moments before you do anything. …. Simply remain tranquil, silent, alert – watching the situation as if you are absolutely out of it, aloof, a watcher on the hills. Then….whatsoever you do will be virtuous, whatsoever you do will be right -Osho ‘Buddha, his life and teachings’ 

Acceptance of our body’s condition and health, of our emotions and of the external situation as it is now, reduces the impact of these conditions on our body as well as on our Ego – The Totality *

Do not let these precious present moment slip by without being aware of it and experiencing it fully –The Totality *

Due to lack of Awareness and anxiety of the future, most of us are keeping ourselves over busy preparing for a marathon run, when all that is required is to be comfortable and be able to take a short walk – The Totality *

Let your own awareness decide your life-style, life-pattern. – Osho, in his talk compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

We, humans, are a combination of IBE (Intellect, Body & Ego). We just have to shift to being a combination of IBDE (Intellect, Body & Divine Emptiness). This paradigm shift is done easily and automatically if our Intellect becomes aware of our Ego and it’s severe limitations. – The Totality

In the now, our pure and clear Awareness will reveal that situations happen to us; we (our Ego) does not make the situations happen – The Totality *

Awareness leads us to consciously and peacefully use our Intellect to respond to the situation in the now, the present moment. Without Awareness, our Ego reacts to the situation in the now, making our life unnecessarily complicated and stressful! -The Totality

Be aware that the desires of our Ego make it tense and unhappy! Without desires, life is pure bliss! – The Totality *

If we do not feel content and complete now, then be aware that it is only because our Ego is not fully accepting our situation that is existing now! –The Totality *

Living peacefully and non-reactively implies that our Ego is fully trusting The Totality and is accepting the internal as well as the external situations as they are now – The Totality *

Being grateful implies that our desire has been fulfilled, whereas Acceptance implies that we are accepting whatever is happening irrespective of our desires or what we want. Pure Acceptance can happen only when our Ego with all its desires have dissolved or disappeared! – The Totality *    090717

Despite our Ego’s desires and expectations, it truly does not matter what happens every moment. We really have no choice but to accept the present moments gracefully and continue on, living life fully! – The Totality *  200717

Every moment has love in it; Every hour has happiness in it. If you loose it, it becomes memory; And if you live it, it becomes life. – Anonymous  080817

Non acceptance of the situations unfolding every moment, can result in poor physical health as well as create psychological disorders like sadness, depression etc. – The Totality * 311017

Positive thinking seems much like optimism, in that events and situations are viewed in the best light. The event or situation remains as it is, and by thinking positively about it, aren’t we fooling ourselves by forcing the negative into the unconscious? Isn’t it more honest to see things just as they are, with the negative as essential as the positive….The technique of positive thinking is not a technique that transforms you. It is simply repressing the negative aspects of your personality. It is a method of choice. It cannot help awareness; it goes against awareness….Awareness is always choice less. – Osho  030418

Every moment of everyone’s life is Awesome when we become conscious of the contents of this universe which we cannot possess but they continually serve us and help us to lead a healthy, happy and full life. Contents such as the Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky, Clouds, Air, Rain, Oceans, Mother Earth, Flora and Fauna and many others. When we focus on the worldly objects that we can possess like house, car, good health etc our life becomes stressful and unhappy. So, if we learn to manage our focus, we can lead a happy, meaningful and a full life. – The Totality * 020921



For most of us life is exclusively about others and the limited external world that exists beyond our bodies! Whereas, a limitless Universe exists within each one of us! Unfortunately, we know far less about our own self and this internal Universe than we think we do! Becoming aware and knowing it, as well as of our own real identity, we will discover the unlimited ocean of peace, emptiness, harmony, divinity or infinity within each one of us.

This really should be the beginning of our learning and understanding and then the learning of our external world, and not the other way around as it has been for most of us!

Unfortunately, many of us miss this essential learning and understanding.  Few lucky ones get started at a young age and a few of us wait till we are near the very end of our life to develop this essential understanding.

Let us rediscover our True Identity that we are born with, which is a limitless ocean of peace, emptiness, harmony, divinity or infinity within us. The starting point is to understand our own Ego, a superimposed self created and illusory self. To do this we have to become Aware of this illusory self, our Ego. In rediscovering our True Identity we will free ourselves from the limitations (jail) that our own Ego has put us in and allow us to live our life fully in true freedom and lasting peace!

The limitless ocean of peace within us or our True Identity is the source or the fountainhead of our Intuition, universal knowledge, good decisions and actions which are far beyond the capabilities of our limited Ego!

When we rediscover our own True Identity then our Ego automatically softens and we develop the following characteristics:

– Our Intellect remains calm and peaceful at all times. We remain unaffected by the external situations, other people and our own body’s condition and health.

un-apoligetic acceptance of our own illusory self (Ego) as it is now as well as acceptance of others as they are now, neither wanting or forcing any changes on our own self or on others

– listening to others attentively and patiently without interrupting or commenting and helping them whenever required

– enveloping everyone, without distinction, with the limitless peace and love emanating from our own True Identity 

– remaining unaffected if blame falls on us or when others blame us

Further, only when we understand our Ego and rediscover our own True Identity, we can expect to really understand others!

When we rediscover our True Identity, which is the Saviour or the God within us, then we also recognise our Destroyer which is our Ego and Sustainer which is our Pure Awareness!

Having rediscovered our own ‘True Identity’ or the Truth, let us help our children to retain their pure awareness of their True Identity, they are all born with, so that their lives are not unnecessarily complicated by their Egos!

A specific blog devoted to children, http://www.bringingupchildren.in is available too and it also contains the essence of this blog. It can be very useful to parents in bringing up psychologically strong and physically healthy children!

We can only live our life fully when we are at peace with our Intellect, body and our situation in the present moment. Then we can choose to not respond or to respond, and not react, to our situation in the present moment. – The Totality * 080818

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle

Living life fully is to Fully Accept and be at Peace with our own illusory self (Ego) as well as with the present moment – Gul Malani

You have no need to travel anywhere. Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own light – Rumi

Each one of us have been extremely fortunate to have been granted a chance to live a beautiful life, which can only be lived fully in the present moments! Regretfully our very own creation, our Ego, prevents us from doing this and keeps taking us into our past or into the future – The Totality *

Deep understanding of our own self and unconditional love for all humans and the entire creation leads to living life fully -The Totality *

Every human being can become a Buddha – Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

The intelligent person will go inward first. Before going anywhere else, you will go into your own being. Only when you have known yourself can you go anywhere else. Then wherever you go you will carry a blissfulness around you, a peace, a silence, a celebration. – Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

A sannyasin is one who has no prejudices, who has not chosen any ideology to be his own, who is choicelessly aware of all that is. In this choicelessness you will be in the middle. –Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

He (Buddha) says you are already that which you want to become, the goal is within you; it is your own nature. You are not to achieve it. It is not in the future, it is not somewhere else. It is you right now, this very moment. ….. Even when you were not aware of who you are, you were that. – Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

Once you have dropped all, once you don’t possess anything, once you have become a zero, a nothingness, a nobody, you have reached the peak. –Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

I (Buddha) have not attained anything, because whatsoever I have attained was always with me. On the contrary, I have lost many things. I have lost my Ego. I have lost my thoughts, my mind. I have lost all that I used to feel I possessed. I have lost my body–I used to think I was the body. I have lost all that. Now I exist as pure nothingness. –Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

Be a lover of life instead of loving what we get or acquire, like knowledge, experience, skills, good health, wealth, objects of wealth, honour, respect etc, in order to live life fully – The Totality *

You don’t know who you are, and you know everything else. You have great knowledge about the world, and no acquaintance with yourself. …. In reality, you have become a stranger to yourself. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

If, instead, you strive for self fulfillment through conscious connection with the energy field (Divinity), which is the source of all things, then no one can take your happiness away from you. – Carnelian Sage in her book ‘The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World’ *

PSYCH-K allows you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your potential in life, as a spiritual being having a human experience. This includes your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. – Rob Williams, originator of Psych-K *240817

Smart cells can teach us how to live….. The  mechanics of the new science revealed the existence of our spiritual essence and our immortality….. The protein “switches” that control life are primarily turned on and off by signals from the environment…the Universe. – Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D. in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ * 280817

Most of us have downloaded only a minuscule portion of the Totality from the environment into our Intellect. This tiny download is our Ego or Identity, and it makes us feel incomplete all the time. We, our Egos, then spend or waste all our life chasing the illusion of completeness that we believe will come to us externally from other people and from acquiring objects! – The Totality * 050917

Living life fully is when our Subconscious Ego (mind) gracefully accepts whatever the Universe offers to us regardless of what our Ego wants or desires! – The Totality * 140917

Our aware Intellect knows it is The Infinite Emptiness or The Totality, the creator of everyone and everything and manager of our Intellect & Body. When our Intellect becomes unaware, then our Ego takes over the management of our Intellect & Body; Ego that is full of desires! – The Totality * 261017

Our Conscious Mind (our Ego), which is mostly in a disturbed state because of it’s desires, is driving our life! As a result, unnecessary and difficult situations are continuously being created not only in our life but in our body’s health too. Instead, we should blend with the Superconsciousness and act in synch with the situations in the present moments.- The Totality * 221217

Superconscious people are relaxed, peaceful and loving. Whereas, conscious people are generally disturbed due to the unending desires of the Conscious Mind (Ego) and are generally very busy, spending most of their life in  trying to fulfill their Ego’s desires.- The Totality  231217

Life can be lived fully only if our Ego does not restrict the life that can happen to us. Devoid of our Ego, we can live our life fully! So, unshackle the cage of limitedness our Ego has built around us and break free into living life fully!– The Totality 020118

Countless events have occurred and countless forces are at work for each one of us to be where we are now. Most of us are unaware of this, and we incorrectly give credit or discredit to one single force, our Ego! -The Totality 240118

Live life as if we are reborn every moment, no baggage from the past and no plans for the future! – The Totality 270118

Discover that the life we have now is determined by The Infinite Forces of Superconsciousness or God and not just by our limited ego! -The Totality 130218

Live life knowing and feeling that every moment is new and the first and the only moment in our life! – The Totality 190218

Make Superconsciousness as our default state instead of our Ego being our default state! – The Totality * 040318

When our Ego is grateful and enjoys what the Superconscious is creating every moment, then we live our life fully! – The Totality * 120318

All humans are Divine beings. However, their thoughts, speech and actions are motivated by the Ego which has many limitations. For living a complete life, the motivation should be Divinity, that is within us and all around us.- The Totality 090418

Rediscover the vastness and limitlessness within our own self by meditating at least half an hour daily or just being with our own self. We will discover an unlimited amount of peace within our own self as well as an unlimited amount of love that we can easily allow to flow to everyone including family, friends, as well as strangers, animals and the flora. This is the way to greatness in living! – The Totality * 310518

It is mere coincidence if our life now is what our Ego planned, perceived, visually imagined or what our  Ego’s logic and reasoning lead us to believe that will happen in the future. Future is highly unpredictable as the enormous forces prevailing in the Universe determine our life and not our Ego, which is an extremely tiny force in the Universe. – The Totality * 090718 

Like a tortoise, go inward from the noise and clutter of our Ego, in our Intellect, to the deep peace and tranquility of The Divinity. Be inspired to remain in this state most of the time. – The Totality * 230718

Most of us live our life within the confines of the limitations of the Knowledge, Understanding and Experience of our Ego. In order to live life fully, we need to break loose of this confinement and emerge into the infinitude of our Divinity! – The Totality  260718

We can live our life fully and in happiness if our Ego is subservient to the all powerful Divinity. Whereas, we can be very unhappy if we depend only our Ego, thinking it is the only powerful entity in the Universe, totally ignoring the truly all powerful Divinity. –   The Totality * 070818

Entrust the life of your Body and Intellect to the limitless Divinity within, which is your true nature, rather than entrusting it to your Ego, a superimposed nature, which is very limited, fearful and anxious. – The Totality 270818

The moment we make the Divine Will paramount and our Ego’s Will secondary in our Intellect, we start to live a full life of perfection and greatness. –The Totality  280818

Just be in the moment. All the problems, sorrows and fears of our Ego vanish instantly.- The Totality * 310818

The greatest miracle is ‘I am‘ – The Totality * 070918

We are living a Divine life only when our Ego remains undisturbed by the changes in our physical world. – The Totality * 090918

Everyone and everything in this Universe has emanated from one Divine mother. – The Totality * 100918

We can live a perfect and full life if our Intellect recognises that all our Ego’s desires in the physical world can only be fulfilled by The Divinity and not by our Ego – The Totality * 011018

We are all living 95% of our life automatically and unconsciously based on the programs we have loaded in the first seven years of our life in our Subconscious Mind (Ego). Only 5% of our life, we are living with our Conscious Mind (Intellect), when we are fully in the present moment, free of programming and are very creative – adapted from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s You Tube ‘Reprogramming Your BELIEFS’  151018

Life is an adventure wherein we have to overcome obstacles as they come along. Whereas, our programming or our Ego prefers status quo or continuous successes in the material world. This rarely happens, causing unhappiness, sadness and sometimes depression to our Ego. – The Totality * 261018

Majority of us dedicate our complete life to the fulfillment of our Ego’s self centered wishes and desires. These wishes and desires have been automatically acquired by our Intellect by observing and recording the behaviour of our parents, siblings, friends, teachers and others in our environment during the first seven (7) years of our life.  Unfortunately, the recording makes our Ego believe that the fulfillment of it’s wishes and desires is within it’s control. Actual experience will reveal that it is only Divinity that can fulfill our wishes and desires. Ego has very little or infinitesimal power as compared to Divinity’s infinite power. So often, when wishes and desires are not fulfilled, our Ego is in agony and is unhappy. The better and more intelligent option is to dedicate our life to serve Divinity. This is simply done by responding to the requirements of our life’s situation in the present moment, regardless of whether these requirements are acceptable or not to our Ego! – The Totality  281018

We can live our life fully, if our Ego is grateful for what we have and not be focussed on what we do not have, which will make us sad and depressed- The Totality * 301018

To understand the programming of our Sub-conscious mind (Ego) we have to become aware of our struggles as per Dr. Bruce Lipton. If we are struggling to remain healthy, it implies that we have a program in our Sub-conscious mind which perhaps states ‘I have unhealthy Genes so I will be unhealthy’. If we are struggling to make a living, we may have a program that says ‘I am not smart enough to make a good living’. These programs, we have acquired in our childhood, determine our life. Such disempowering programs need to be replaced by empowering programs. This can be done by repetition throughout the day,  Say to yourself that ‘I am Healthy now’ or ‘I am making a good living’ even if it isn’t true now. Dr. Bruce Lipton says ‘Fake it till you make it!’ – extracted from YouTubes  of Dr. Bruce Lipton  011118

Perfection is only when are in the Divine state. We have many imperfections when we are in our Ego state and so we end up living mostly an imperfect life –The Totality 071118

We can live in Heaven on this Earth, if only we could stop excessive thinking and remain fully in the present moment. The Totality * 081118

Once our childhood and adulthood programming or Ego is disabled by being fully in the present moment, we remerge into Divinity, the abode of infinite peace, stability, intelligence and strength – The Totality * 181118

Living life fully is to live in the present moment, unconditionally = The Totality * 231118

Try replacing our Ego with the Divinity as our default fulcrum of our life. We should try to come back to the Divine state as often as we can during our waking hours for living a smooth, beautiful and a full life. – The Totality * 291118

Living life fully entails not reacting or responding to life situations immediately. Instead, it requires that we fully accept and absorb our life situations initially, like the Ocean absorbs all the Waves, and then responding and not reacting later, at the appropriate time  –The Totality  221218

It is extremely difficult, but is possible to change our beliefs and our resultant perceptions. Trying to change other’s beliefs and resultant perceptions are nearly impossible without the other person’s interest and willing acceptance to change them. The Totality * 050119

If we are not happy now, we can never be happy in the future. Gratitude is a simple and easily accessible door to enter and be happy now. Be grateful for just being alive and getting this rare opportunity to experience life  – The Totality 090119

We are most powerful, intelligent and healthy when our Intellect is free of thoughts and is peaceful – The Totality 100119

Happiness comes to us for a short time when our desires or expectations are fulfilled. For most of us, this is the goal of our life, that is to seek happiness, which itself is temporary and short lived! Whereas Peace can be with us always and so Peace is a much superior goal for our life, as even the Universe responds positively to a very peaceful person. –The Totality 100319

When our Ego (parental and social conditioning and programming), our default mode, is operational The Buddha (love, compassion, acceptance and understanding), that we are all born with, disappears. And when our Ego disappears, then Buddha re-appears within us. – The Totality 250319

Being in emptiness is the strongest state we can be in our human existence – The Totality * 120419

Live life in a state of Gratefulness. From this state we can easily make a paradigm shift to being Buddha, a state of Emptiness as well as of Completeness – The Totality 170419

Our beliefs are formed from the parental and social conditioning we receive in our childhood, mostly up to the age of 7 years. Our beliefs limit our life. In order to live life fully, we need to continuously modify our beliefs based on the knowledge and experience we are gaining as our life progresses. – The Totality * 210419

All of us, children as well as adults, have no option but to remain in the present moment in order to reach any destination or to achieve any goal – The Totality 100518

Each one of us is complete right now! Incompleteness is an illusion in our our Identity that we have created in our Intellect as we are growing up. This Illusion of our Identity is what drives our Intellect and body mad during our lifetime. The moment we realise or become aware of this important truth, we have awakened into a state of Completeness, and only then we live our life fully. – The Totality 140619

The fastest and only way to change our life is to become aware and change our thoughts and beliefs. The ultimate blissful living, that can be done, is when we drop all thoughts and beliefs and flow with life as it unravels. -The Totality 090819

When our Intellect realises that it’s true nature is Infinite Emptiness or Divinity, then it can smile when it receives adverse comments or criticism from others – The Totality 140819

Our True Self is Emptiness or Divinity, which is free from thoughts, beliefs and actions. It is a completely stress free state, same as when we are in deep sleep. Our Identity is a program, an illusion we build with the help of our parents and society. Instead of letting us Just Be and let our strengths grow organically, we are all programmed from childhood  to always succeed and achieve in the physical world.  This keeps us busy and  full of thoughts, beliefs and actions, resulting in chronic tension or stress, which often leads to impairment of our mental and physical health. The Totality 160819

Emptiness, Divinity, Oneness, Peace and Bliss are all here and now, within our Intellect. We just have to penetrate the fog or the illusion of the identity (Ego) our Intellect has created with the help of our parents and the society. Truly, Bliss or Heaven is right here and now, and accessible by each one of us. – The Totality 240819

We are all blessed. Unfortunately we are not aware of this. Awareness of our blessings makes us live a more meaningful and happy life. – The Totality 250819

We are reacting most of the time to what is happening in the present moment as our Intellect has been programmed with an Identity (Ego) which is mostly not satisfied with the present moment situation. This reaction causes stress and mental despair as well as ill health. We can, through awareness, change our Intellect’s programming so that the present moment situations are mostly acceptable to it, which will then allow us to live a fuller life and having better mental and physical health. – The Totality 020919

When we are Thoughtless or in Zero state, we are Bliss, a state we were in before birth and a state we will be in after death of our body – The Totality 150919

Enlightened humans are aware that their life situations are not solely created by their effort. A combination of  multitude of enormous Divine forces at work every moment and our minuscule thoughts and actions determine our life situations. Therefore it is pointless to be upset, angry or depressed about our life situations. It is best to accept them as they come along and live life fully and cheerfully every moment. We truly have have only this moment to live. Our future is  mostly in the hands of Divine forces. The Totality 201019

The thoughts and opinions of the illusion of our Self Identity should not be taken too seriously as they stem from limited knowledge, understanding and experience of life. The decisions that our Self Identity makes are never perfect for that reason. Nonetheless, we all have to make decisions and move on with life. Knowing that our Self Identity has limited capabilities lowers our stress levels and allows us to live life  fully, happily and and at a  decent health level. too – The Totality 071119

We live life fully when we become aware that we do not know what is going to happen in the next moment.- The Totality 091119

Our greatest weakness is excessive thinking and our greatest strength is to rediscover the immense peace within our own self – The Totality 051219

When we unshackle ourself from the limitations of the illusion of our Self Identity, we emerge into the  realm of infinite Peace or Emptiness, and Oneness with everyone and everything. – The Totality 171219

Zillions of random Universal Forces create unique situations for each one of us every moment, These situations may or may not fulfill the desires or expectations of our created Self Identity. Under these circumstances the best way for our Self Identity to live a full and happy life, is to graciously accept all the situations that arise for it. The Totality 201219

Life is as fragile as a Glass. It can break or end without any prior intimation. Each moment is therefore extremely precious. Live it fully and happily – The Totality 221219

The purpose of our life is to share everything we possess in excess of our need. Fortunately, all of us have infinite amount of Peace and Love within us. By sharing this Peace and Love we actually help the world to be a better place for all of us to live in as well as help people to improve their life situations. – The Totality 311219

Only when our Intellect is peaceful, it can detect and make itself available for the Universal Forces to serve us. When we are in thought or in stress, we often do not detect and let go of the helpful opportunities that The Universal forces are offering  – The Totality 050220

The lower the expectations from life and others and higher the acceptance of others and our life situations, the happier, more energetically and fully we will live our life. – The Totality 200220

If a few of our life situations are occurring as per the expectations of our EGO (parental and social conditioning or programming), then it is likely that our Ego has become aware of itself and is now in tune with, and in full acceptance of our present moment situations – The Totality 230320

Most of us believe that our physical life situations disturb us. Whereas the reality is that  we disturb our Intellect by the thoughts that we allow to be created. By replacing our thoughts with peace through regular and frequent meditation, all our disturbances vanish letting us live our life fully and happily – emanated from The Pure Existence 010420

Everyone’s physical life is like a meandering river headed towards merging once again with The Pure Existence, implying physical death. A good and healthy life is one in which our Intellect remains mostly in the present moment and so it is able to make the required  decisions to meander around the many obstacles we encounter in our daily life. There are really no ups and downs or right and wrongs in our life. We have to just flow with life by meandering – emanated from The Pure Existence 010420

Everyone’s life situations are dynamically changing every moment due to the enormously large Forces operating all the time in our physical Universe. Our physical Identity, our Ego, has to be sensitive and in tune with these changes, accept them and move and act  in resonance with these continuous changes. Our Ego, which is normally very rigid, has to be extremely flexible for our life to flow smoothly.

As a stark contrast to this, in the Spiritual realm of Unified Reality, Pure Existence, Aatma or Spirit, there is total peace which is steady, infinite and unchanging . By switching internally into this realm through meditation, we are at complete peace internally as well as externally – emanated from The Pure Existence 050420

It is relatively simple to be your Higher Self, Unified Reality, Pure Presence, Aatman or Spirit. We just have to empty our Intellect of our parental and social conditioning and programming by meditating – emanated from Pure Existence 130420 *

As our Ego (parental & social conditioning and programming) generally does not accept the present situation, it escapes either to our dead past or to our imagined future. This causes feelings of anger, sadness as well as fear and anxiety. It is therefore best for our Ego to fully accept the present situation and remain often in the present to live a happy and complete life – emanated from the Cosmos 140620

Take away our Egos (parental & social conditioning and programming) and we all humans are one in thoughts and actions. There is absolutely no differences except for physical body features. And there will be no conflicts – emanated from the Cosmos 140620 *

In these Covid 19 times of rapid community transfer of viral infection we have to try and keep our body’s immunity at a high level. Besides good nutrition, exercise and good sleep we have to stay very relaxed and happy to ensure that our immunity remains high. In order to be relaxed and happy we not only need to remain in the present moment, but we need to fully accept our present situation as well as accept other people as they are now. A very quick way to check if we are doing this, is to become aware of our body and mind and check if they are relaxed. If there is tension, which is caused by anxiety, fear and stress, we should frequently undertake activities during the day that relax us, like meditation, listening to music, walking or exercising. indulging in a hobby or other activities we love, eating healthy and wholesome food etc. Take good care of yourself and stay safe and healthy. – emanated from the Cosmos 170620

Our thoughts are generated by our Ego (parental and social conditioning and programming). They generally have a negative bias and are based on fears that we have inherited from our parents as well as from our society. Our Intellect has to become aware that our thoughts create a Virtual Reality and are not a True Reality. So, our Intellect should not automatically believe our thoughts or our beliefs. When our Intellect stands aside and views our thoughts, it creates a space between itself and the thoughts giving us a lot of freedom and saves us from reacting with strong words and negative actions. Reactive words or actions are generally unwise and unhelpful, resulting in poor relationships. Wise and beneficial thoughts, words and actions arise from being in a state of Presence or Mind-fullness. They help us live our life happily and successfully, building strong relationships based on love and respect.

Here is an insightful quote from Tara Brach – ‘To the degree we suffer, we are believing in our Thoughts that are not true. (When we do not believe in our thoughts) We have de-conditioned the interference and the flow of life and love comes through in a very natural way.’– adapted from Tara Brach’s YouTube on ‘Learning to Respond not React’ 030720

Know that every moment is complete and perfect as it is created by the Cosmos/Universe/Divinity. It is imperfect only as per our Ego (parental & social conditioning and programming). Our Ego has many limitations of information, knowledge, retention and recall from it’s tiny memory. It’s capabilities and knowledge are minuscule compared to that of the Cosmos/Universe/Divinity. Awakening to the fact that every moment is complete and perfect releases us from any doing or actions to improve an already perfect situation. It leads us to a life full of happiness, love, kindness, compassion and empathy. – The Cosmos 160720 *

Our default state is one of happiness or pure bliss. This state is easily destroyed by our Ego (parental and social conditioning and programming). Be aware so that you can remain happy al the time. – emanated from the Cosmos 030820 *

We have transferred our Ego (parental and social conditioning and programming) to the recycle bin, if we have broken the link between Stimulus and Reaction. – adapted from Tara Brach’s YouTube ‘Learning to Respond Not React’

Consider we are living our life on a raft on a vast ocean with the huge powers of nature affecting our daily life including where we are going. Unfortunately our Identity or Ego remains unaware of the enormousness of the forces of Nature or Cosmos and relies only on it’s efforts to determine it’s life in the present as well as in the future. We desperately make all the efforts to live a good life. It is akin to using our puny hands to steer our raft in the huge ocean and at times against the wind and tide direction too! One has to understand that the efforts of our Ego are tiny and it is best to be in tune with the Cosmic forces and flow in the direction they take us. This implies living a life of acceptance of everything that is happening to us and around us. Our efforts then will be in tune with the Cosmic forces which will help us to move with the least effort, quickly and easily, in the right direction – emanated from the Cosmos 200920

Happy and contended living is done in the present moments, when we do not have the fear or stress of anticipating, expecting or planning what will happen in the next moment or in the future. Instead, we peacefully respond to the Surprises, Challenges as well as Miracles that do occur every moment and in the future as a result of the large Cosmic Forces at work all the time – emanated from the Cosmos 031020

Our thoughts are mostly our imagination. They are very far from reality as reality can be truly and realistically observed and understood only if our Intellect is fully in the present moment and it is detached from our thoughts, beliefs and prejudices. Regretfully, our Intellect is very attached to our thoughts, beliefs and prejudices and remains mostly in the future or in the past and so it misses out on the true reality. Further, these imagined thoughts and beliefs are negatively biased due to our upbringing which is based on the fear of our parents and the society. Such thoughts and beliefs generate negative emotions and feelings of fear, failure, anxiety, worry, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc. If we understand this clearly, then we will not value our thoughts and beliefs as being sacred. Instead we would rely on Our Spirit or our Intuition to lead us into light hearted, happy, successful, and healthy living – The Cosmos 221020

We start to live a totally fulfilled life when we unconditionally accept everything that is happening and love everyone and everything that we come across in every moment of our life! We may think we have very limited love within us and so need to conserve our love for only our very close relatives and friends. The reality is that each one of us has infinite amount of love within us, so we can share it lavishly with everyone and everything at all times! – The Cosmos 241120

We are to have the courage to be imperfect and willing to fully embrace our vulnerability believing that it makes us beautiful. Vulnerability is the core of our grief, shame and fear but is also the birthplace of joy, creativity of belonging and love. When we numb our vulnerability, then we numb our joy, happiness, gratitude and we are unwilling to do something without any guarantees and we are unwilling to stop controlling and predicting. We need to be authentic, real and vulnerable. Let ourselves be deeply seen, vulnerably seen, to love with our whole heart even though there are no guarantees. When we accept our vulnerability or imperfectness, and our life situations unconditionally, our Universe expands. When we do not accept our vulnerability and our life situations, our Universe contracts! – adapted from Tara Brach & Brene Brown 111220

When we pray to be grateful for our present situations, then the door to happiness opens up. If we pray to have our expectations fulfilled, then we are walking through the door that leads us to unhappiness – The Cosmos 221220

An all-or-nothing mindset, which frames struggles as “failure” and anything short of “perfection” as unacceptable, is a hard line to take with ourselves. And since struggling with a new habit is very common and perfection is by its nature unachievable, virtually everyone will at some point feel as though they have failed. They then identify with that “failure” (a normal part of being human!) and begin to think of themselves as “failures.” And that mentality gets in the way of our trying anything new down the line. We stay in our comfort zones…or ruts. All-or-nothing thinking prevents growth. So what can we do about it?

Fogg’s favorite habit of all: before even standing up out of bed, saying to himself, “It’s going to be a great (or Awesome) day.” It’s small, but it sends out ripples that affect the whole day. He suggests keeping focus on small and manageable changes or goals thereby keeping us from over reaching and then blaming ourselves for not meeting impossibly high standards.

Another wonderful way we can support positive habit-building is by keeping a playful attitude. Our mindset shapes how we experience reality. Consider the difference between someone who’s afraid to make a mistake and someone who has a sense of humor about their mistakes. The person who can get back on the horse without getting too stuck in self-judgment about failure and inadequacy is more likely to settle into the new habit. – wisdom from B.J. Fogg and the Stanford Behavior Design Lab 271220

We can only help marginally to change any situation, as it is impossible to change any situation without the help of the enormous Universal Forces at work every moment – The Cosmos 020121

Do not escape Life, instead experience it fully by accepting all situations as they happen. This implies that we should live life mostly in the present moment and not spend much time thinking or worrying about our past or our future. – adapted from Satguru’s video 050221

When we are beyond our beliefs and thoughts, we are in eternity, which is an Awesome state to be in while we are alive. The state of Eternity or Infinite Peace is what awaits us after the death of our physical body. We have all been conditioned to fear death, whereas death is return to our original state of eternal peace – The Eternity 160221

There are over 7.8 billion ways to live life, one for each human being that is alive on our planet. God made each one of us unique based on our genes, parental and social conditioning and programming, experiences, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Regretfully, as all of us have been programmed early in our life by our parents and society, we grow up as adults believing that we can program and change others easily by talking or advising them. Sadly, this does not work. Preteens, teenagers and adults can change only if they want to change and not because someone else wants them to change. – The Eternity 160221

Every moment of our life for each one of us is truly awesome, provided we have no expectations or desires. We have to be smart enough to unburden our Intellect by floating out all our desires and expectations into the Universe. For truly, each one’s future is mainly in the hands of the Almighty and All Powerful Forces in the Universe. These enormous Forces orchestrate all the required activities and events unfolding an unique and custom made future for each one of us. – The Almighty 180321

Our present is not a result of our past and neither the future is a result of our present. It is our limited Intellect, knowledge and experience that has arrived at this conclusion that the three states, Past, Present and Future are inter related. The all powerful and almighty Universal forces determine what happened in the past, what is happening in the present and what will happen in the future. For this very reason, life is highly unpredictable and full of surprises and miracles. Covid is a great example of unpredictability and the immense power of the Universal forces. So, what is the choice we limited beings have? We really have no choice but to gratefully accept what is happening to each one of us and do and act as per the needs of the present moments. Long term plans for the future are futile in this situation. Truly, they are always futile! So, focus on the present and live only in the present moments. – The Almighty 010421

When our Intellect is either in the future or in the past, emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, stress or sadness arise and we feel weak and powerless. When our Intellect is in the present and devoid of our Ego (Self Identity} and we are in alignment with the Forces at work in the Universe, we are the most powerful. We are then capable of achieving a lot in our physical(external) as well as in our Spiritual(Internal) worlds. We become capable of giving unconditional love and support to our own self, our family, friends and to all humanity. We also reactivate our dormant internal power to remain happy and relaxed all the time -The Almighty 140521

When we criticise or reject something or someone, become aware that we are creating negative emotions, stress and disturbance within our Intellect. Whereas, when we accept everything as it is and everyone as they are now, our Intellect remains peaceful and sharp. In other words when we say YES to everything and everyone, our Intellect remains stable, peaceful and sharp. Best decisions and responses arise from such a peaceful Intellect. This results in our life becoming easy to manage and smooth. We start to enjoy, live and experience life fully and deeply – The All Powerful Forces in the Universe 210621

Every moment of our life is a treasure. Try not to consume it by grieving over the past or by being afraid of an imagined future. Instead, live life fully by using the present moments to be happy and grateful for who you are, where you are and what you possess now. – The Almighty Forces operating in our Universe 271021

The only thing that stands between you and your well being is a simple fact; you have allowed your thoughts and emotions to take instructions from the outside rather than the inside – Sadguru 021221 *

In order to live a fulfilled life, the following phrases directed at Divinity are very important to remember and repeat silently in our thoughts. They work magic even if the person or object is not present!


Problems are memories replaying in our subconscious. Problems have nothing to do with anyone or anyplace or any situation. When I experience memories replaying problems, I have a choice. I can stay engaged to them or I can petition Divinity to free them up through transmutation, thus restoring my mind to the original state of zero, of void… of being memory free. When I am memory free, I am my Devine Self as Divinity created me in it’s exact likeness.

When my subconscious is in the zero state, it is timeless, boundless, infinite, deathless. When memories dictate, it is stuck in time, place, problems, uncertainty, chaos, thinking, coping and managing. In allowing memories to rule, I give up clarity of mind, along with my alignment with Divinity. No alignment, no Inspiration.. No Inspiration, no purpose. – adapted from Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len PhD in the book ‘zerolimits’ written by Joe Vitale 260422

You have two ways to live your life. ‘From Memory or from Inspiration’. Memories are old programs replaying. Inspiration is the Divine giving you a message. You want to come from Inspiration. The only way to hear the Divine and receive Inspiration is to clean all memories. The only thing you have to do is CLEAN.

The Divine is our zero state–it is where we have zero limits. No Memories. No Identity. Nothing but the Divine. – Dr Hew Len PhD in Joe Vitale’s book ‘zero-limits’ 280422

Dr. Hew Len states that our mind (Ego) has a tiny view of the world, and that view is not only incomplete but also inaccurate – from Joe Vitale’s book ‘zero-limits’ 010522

Benjamin Libet hooked up people to EEG machine. It revealed that a surge of brain activity took place before the person had the conscious intention to do something, suggesting that the intention came from the unconscious (memory), and then entered conscious awareness.– Joe Vitale’s book ‘zero-limits’ 020522 *

Our choices are not formed in a conscious, rational manner. Instead they bubble up from our unconscious mind (memory), and when they finally reach the surface of consciousness, we take ownership of them – William Irvine in his book ‘On Desire: Why we want what we want’, extracted from Joe Vitale’s book ‘zero-limits’ 020522

Revel in the present, as the Persian Poet Rumi of 13th Century did, knowing that the present is a Gift from the Divine. In the Present Moment or Now, there is Abundance, True Success and Creativity, Unconditional Love and Good Health! – The Divinity 230622

The human brain does not have the capacity to assimilate, retain and recall all the knowledge that is present in our Universe. So, it presumes a lot most of the time and makes decisions based on these presumptions which may be altogether incorrect. In effect, often our decisions and resultant actions are incorrect.

How do we overcome this serious handicap? We have to remain sensitive to and remain aware of what is happening in the present moment. Based on the inputs from the present moment situations, we should make our decisions and then take the actions that are necessary for, not only the benefit of our own self, but for the good and well being of the majority of people as well as for our environment – The Divinity 110822

We have to constantly forgive everyone on this planet knowing that all that is happening is not because of any specific person’s actions, but due to the enormous forces of the Divinity. The Divinity is continuously creating a unique present moment for each one of us. Therefore, the smart option is for our Ego to gracefully accept the Divinity created present moments as they unfold and continue to act and live life as fully as we can without unnecessarily reacting negatively – The Divinity 200822

To live an Egoless life, a life free of mental and physical suffering, we have to live in total harmony with each and every moment of our life – The Divinity 241022

We, humans, suffer from incompleteness in our life as at every moment our Ego has many unfulfilled desires. However, we can at least make our relationships complete by loving and respecting others who we come in contact with, regardless of their social and economic status. The Divinity 191122

Our Egos mostly feel that they have all the capability that is required to fulfill their desires and achieve their goals as per their planned schedule. This is further reinforced by Management Gurus who guide us to relentlessly pursue our desires with deep commitment and single minded purpose. However, such pursuit of goals can result in mental issues like depression, etc. when goals are not achieved within our Ego’s original time frame.

There is a very simple way out. We can continue to pursue our goals diligently, but deep inside we have to understand and know that the time for fulfillment of our goals is entirely in the hands of the powerful forces of Divinity. Such evolved understanding will work as a safety valve for our Ego and keep it stable and calm to continue to make good decisions, despite the delays that take place often in achievement of our targeted goals. – The Divinity 010423

Let us live life fully knowing that life is fragile and unpredictable. Anything can happen to anyone of us at any time. All that happens to each one of us is unique and is not in our Ego’s control but in the control of the Almighty forces of Divinity – The Divinity 060123

Life becomes easy to maneuver if we train our Intellect to calmly accept all situations as they arise. The decisions and resultant actions that will arise from us then, will be more effective and give us quicker results, saving us time as well as saving us from a lot of unnecessary thinking and misdirected activities. – The Divinity 020223