Ego Vs True Identity

Woman Meditating

Red Devil  





-is a self acquired or imposed Identity    -is inherent within us and we are born with it, it is the Essence of our Universe
-is confined to our physical body is unlimited and extends beyond our physical body
-keeps us confined and imprisoned -gives us total freedom
-has many limitations of acquired knowledge, experience & skills -is Infinite and Zero at the same time 
-is incomplete so it is always seeking something from others and the outside world in the future  -is complete now;  without any wants or expectations
-gets affected by the happenings in the  external world  -unaffected by happenings in the external world
-is restless and overworked -is peaceful and quiet exuding love &  happiness
-remains mostly in the Past or the Future, generally unaware of present moment, accumulating pain from the past and fearing the future -exists only in the Present Moment so it has a high degree of Awareness of the present moment
-is always in disharmony with the present moment situation -always in perfect harmony with the present moment situation
-connects with only selected few people and situations -always connected with the whole humanity and the Universe
-experiences all emotions including love, happiness, joy, sadness and others -is only peace
-is the Devil or Destroyer within us -is God within us; is the fountainhead of Divine Wisdom & Creativity