Life – A Sailboat

ID-100176802People who have been sailing in Sailboats can appreciate the fact that the best sailing is done when we are able to fully capture the force of the wind (Nature) in the sails of the boat as well as the force of the flow of water (tidal forces if we are sailing in the sea)! The rudder has to be used to steer the boat in such a way that the natural force of the wind and the effect of the water flow  are fully captured to give the best speed to direct our boat to the destination!

Similarly in life too, we have to understand and capture the changing ‘Forces of the Universe’ that are present at all times around us. We have to use our Pure Intellect, like the rudder of the boat, to keep steering us into directions which help us capture the ‘Forces of the Universe’ most of the time for the benefit of all in the boat! Such a strategy of living life keeps our stress level low, with fear, anxiety, worry, anger at a very low level too! This enables strong, healthy and happy living which results in worldly success as well!

Just like the sailboat comes to a standstill when the wind dies down and flow of water stops, so also in life there will be times when we are not doing much but are on standby so that we can move into action as soon as the forces of the Universe through the present moment situation help us to do or achieve something!

In sailing, the shortest distance between where we are and the destination is never a straight line; as the crow flies! We have to zig zag our way to our destination! Similarly in life, we will also find that at many times we are veering away from our goal due to the Forces of the Universe that are present. Then we have two options. To force our way and stick to our original destination or revise the destination to a new one which may be easier to reach and intended for us by the Forces of the Universe.

A good example is that of the ex-President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who was intent on becoming an Aircraft Pilot. Forces of the Universe did not help him in achieving this goal. Instead they helped him become the President of India!

ID-100189390Most people are not living life as a sailboat. Life is more like a motorboat with super strong and powerful engines on board. Our Ego, is the strong engine that speeds us through life in a specific preplanned way regardless of what the present situation or environment requires. This way of living is full of stress, fear, anxiety, worry, anger and other related emotions. This can lead to a deteriorating condition of our body and Ego! Such living is generally manageable when we are young but we need to review this, if it is causing problems to our own self, our health, our family and friends.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but can adjust my sails to always reach my destination – Anonymous

Life implies living in stormy weather most of the time with short intervals of good weather! The skill we need to develop within our Intellect, is to be able steer and keep our boat steady in stormy weather too. This requires detection of the deep peace within us, by introspection, understanding and meditation.- The Totality  171117