Guru means a teacher who dispels darkness and brings us into light!

It has become very fashionable nowadays to have a Guru, and we are proud to state that we have a Guru and have been given a Mantra (a holy phrase or name of a God) for daily chanting by our Guru. Just like getting a Doctor or a Lawyer to manage our health and our affairs, we get a Guru to get us happiness and salvation too!

Once again we have tied our happiness to an external situation of having a Guru, just like we think we will be happy when we acquire external objects like a home, car, better job etc.!

While Guru can be a starting point to understand where our happiness comes from, very soon we have to understand that happiness and peace come from within! By learning and reciting from memory the Four Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Quran, Bible or other sacred Scriptures we will not get happiness. Instead, our Ego gets further strengthened by this newly acquired knowledge! A strong Ego seldom is happy!

Therefore, as early as possible, we have to discover the Guru within us; awaken the Buddha within us! This means that all external knowledge, we acquire, has to be processed within our Intellect, experienced and distilled to a purity wherein the life’s puzzle is clearly understood!

The Guru, within us alone, will let us discover the lasting peace and happiness which has always been within us all along!

One should not worship Buddha, if one wants to be enlightened! There is no need for Prayer or Priest or study of Religious Scriptures. Nor does one need to be part of any religious organisations. One has to JUST BE and remain steady in the deep silence within our own self- Osho          (translated from hindi)

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