Best advice to live Life fully now

Almost everybody is caught in some vicious circle or other – because mind (ego) cannot exist without a vicious circle. Somebody eats too much, gathers fat, becomes worried, starts dieting, fasting, eats less, feels hungry, becomes worried, starts eating more…and so on and so forth.

Man exists like the pendulum of a clock: it goes from one extreme to the other extreme…. When the pendulum is going to the right, in fact, it is gathering momentum to go to the left and vice versa. This is the vicious circle, very subtle.

Learn the middle way. Learn the golden mean. Learn to remain exactly in the middle. And once the pendulum stops in the middle, the whole clock stops. If you stop in the middle, the mind (ego) disappears. Mind (Ego) is time, the clock.

One has to stop exactly in the middle. And it is very, very simple if you understand. Be natural, Be spontaneous. Be simple. When feeling hungry, eat. And when not feeling hungry, don’t eat.

pretty-woman-with-cucumbersBe just ordinary, and see the beauty of being ordinary. Just be simple! Neither worldly nor other-worldly, neither materialist nor spiritualist, neither against money nor for money. Just be simple and natural! Just accept whatever is. and move according to your natural capacity, potentiality.

And don’t decide a program for your life. Be moment-to-moment. Don’t make a schedule. Don’t make a style. Don’t create a character! Just slowly, slowly moment-to-moment moving, living, challenging, accepting, responding, slowly, slowly great awareness arises. And one starts coming closer and closer to the middle of it all.

And the day it happens, when you are exactly in the middle, mind (ego) stops. And to be beyond mind (ego) is to be in God.

You are not to become indulgent, you are not to become celibate. You are not to create any structure upon yourself. You have to live without structure, with consciousness, with creativity, with sensitivity. And you have to live moment-to-moment, with no ideals, with no perfectionist neurosis. And the great day is not far away when suddenly you will find the pendulum is not moving either way.

That day, Satori happens. The first glimpse of the eternal beauty and benediction of nature descends in you. You are uplifted. Grace has arrived. Grace is the beginning of God.

(Above extracted and adapted from the end of Chapter 10 ‘Exactly in the Middle’ of Osho’s talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’)

A great and the strongest way to be, is to lock into and be alive in the now, the present moment, without any interference from our Ego; bury our Ego’s past fully so it does not percolate into the present and not let our Ego plan for the future, trusting Totality for our future, which can and will bring forth many surprises! – The Totality

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