Daily Awareness (Affirmation or Prayer)

We offer below an awareness that is meaningful and helpful in living a full life. This awareness can be brought about anytime and as often as one feels like, but at least once after waking up and once before going to sleep! It is preferably to memorise and say it in an audible voice rather than reading and thinking about it internally!ID-10089665 (2) Woman Practicing Yoga 230216

I am the universe

I am complete now

A minuscule part of me is the desiring Ego and the body

Being present now, in this moment, is our strongest state of existence

Peace, Peace, Peace

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom from the activities to fulfill of the desires of our Ego

Joy, Joy, Joy

 Smile, Smile, Smile 

(become conscious of) Three normal breaths 

(take a deep breath) Utter a long ‘Om’ in an audible voice

The above Awareness and Understanding is a summary of all the Wisdom that is in all the posts of this blog. It is the final result of all the experiences and knowing of an internal  voyage of Self Discovery.

Alternate Daily Affirmation

My Intellect is Divine, infinite and complete

My Ego is Happy & Healthy now

My Ego loves itself and is fully empowered now

My Ego accepts all life situations as they unfold


I am Fakir Nimaana (Egoless seer) in love with the Divinity and accepting everyone and everything that comes my way


Divinity is now

Perfection is now

Happiness is now

Mantra for Good Living

Live every moment without waiting for tomorrow

Mantra for Good Health

Every Bite should be of Nutritious food. Take adequate time to Chew properly and Enjoy the food

The Totality 130719 *

Alternate Daily Awareness

I am Bliss, Infinite & Complete. Further, my illusion of self created Self Identity has understood the infinite powers of Divinity to create all life situations including miracles. My illusion of self identity is therefore ever grateful for all my life situations as they are created by Divinity. Life situations are neither good nor bad; they just are. This classification is done by the illusion of our Self Identity. –  The Totality 071119 *

Alternate Daily Awareness

I am Pure Consciousness, the Atman, Buddha or Spirit, much beyond my Intellect. I am totally detached from the Physical Universe of health, happiness, wealth, success, love, respect, etc., etc.. These Physical Universe components affect only my Physical Identity/Programming of my Intellect/my Ego. As my Intellect is now reprogrammed and is aware of this affection, it knows that it can be wrong often, and is grateful for it’s every life situation, my  Intellect now can easily smile through the ups and downs of my physical life – The Totality 180320

Alternate Daily Awareness

(adapted from the book ‘The big Leap’ by Gay Henderson – 120222)

I am the UNLIMITED SUPREME POWER that is the Creator of every moment for each one of us. I am also my EGO with all it’s limitations

My Intellect is expanding daily from the limitations of my EGO to the vastness of the SUPREME POWER

It is also expanding daily in ABUNDANCE. SUCCESS, CREATIVITY and LOVE

It is a role model for others to follow if they so desire


I am densely spread in this BODY but thinly spread in the whole of the UNIVERSE

I am the Infinite SUPREME POWER

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