Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance-the keys to unlock our life’s potential

Pure AWARENESS & Full ACCEPTANCE are conscious and focused activities of our Intellect. Pure Awareness happens in the present moment only and is totally non-judgemental. It implies being focused on the present moment including on our own self and observing reality as it is now without any biases or prejudices. Full Acceptance is to accept fully the situations within and outside us as they are now!

In contrast to this, our Ego is also Aware; but this awareness is judgmental as it is filtered through two coloured glasses our Ego is wearing constantly; the first glass we will call as our Past Glass and the second one as our Future Glass! The Past Glass includes our acquired limited experience and knowledge, beliefs and prejudices and the Future Glass includes our plans, goals, desires and expectations! So, looking through these two glasses we end up having a uniquely different (from others) point of view of each situation based on what we have acquired and assimilated.

One can appreciate that our Ego’s Awareness results in the creation of its own individualised but false reality which can be very far from true reality due to the two filters our Ego is fitted with! So, most of us operate in our own unique reality which our Ego has created! This does keep us busy going round in circles like a dog chasing its own tail!

Further, our Ego either partially, selectively or conditionally accepts or rejects situations, based on its desires, beliefs, likes & dislikes and prejudices. Often, our Ego rejects many situations, limiting the areas in which it can live and function. Many opportunities are lost as a consequence of this, as our Ego is not open to accept all situations unconditionally! Our Ego unknowingly closes or slams the door shut for many interesting situations that arise that can be good or financially beneficial to us!

As most of the time our Ego is living life in a state of partial or total non acceptance of the present moment situation as well as of its own self, we end up living a life of dissatisfaction and sadness and not a life of peace and joy!

This can easily be changed effortlessly by using the readily available keys of Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance we all possess within our Conscious Intellect (mind)! This state of Awareness and Acceptance is one of the states of our Conscious Intellect! The default state of our Conscious Intellect is our Ego state!

We can begin by bringing in Pure Awareness of our own Ego first; becoming aware of whatsoever we are doing. We can start with by becoming aware of our breathing. When we are sitting down to eat our meals, we can become aware of the food, the look, taste, fragrance as well as the chewing and the masticating! This can apply to all activities we are carrying out throughout the day like exercising, showering, bathing, washing, playing, driving, reading, studying, blogging, working, managing etc..

There will be times when we unconsciously drift out of Pure Awareness into Ego Awareness when everything will filter through our past or our future, a state of non-acceptance of the present moment! But, we should not be bothered by it as becoming aware that we were not in the present, brings us back into the present and into the state of Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance! Whenever we can and as often we can, we should come back to the state of Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance.

Later on, we can also start becoming aware of our own Ego’s thoughts, desires or expectations, emotions, feelings, norms, beliefs, prejudices (likes & dislikes), superstitions etc.. This Pure Awareness will lead us to the understanding and acceptance of our Ego, or who we think we are, as it is now! This can lead us further to the reality and the ultimate truth of discovering our own True Identity, unlocking the limitations (jail!) our Ego has put us in and to realise our full potential, allowing us to live life fully and in real freedom!

Try not to waste present moments in either controlling or changing our Ego! It will not produce permanent results! It is like a Thief becoming a Policeman to catch the Thief, meaning its own self!

Pure awareness and Full Acceptance is when neither our Intellect nor our Body is under the influence of our Ego! 

How does Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance work? When we become Aware and fully Accept our own illusory self (Ego), other people as they are now, and the situation that exists in the present moment, then our Intellect is completely at peace with our past as well as our imagined future! This peace, with the past and anticipated future, frees our Intellect from stressful emotions like sadness, anger, regret, fear, anxiety etc. Our Intellect then remains very peaceful, steady, unattached, uncluttered and unburdened! This results in a very clear and realistic understanding of our own self, of other people as well as of the present moment situation! Such uncluttered, unburdened and unattached understanding automatically results in desirable but subtle, gradual and stress free changes in our own illusory self (Ego), as well as it leads us effortlessly into the most appropriate action to help others and improve the future situations.

Lack of present moment Awareness and non Acceptance creates turmoil, clutter and stress in our Intellect burdening it unnecessarily. Can a disturbed Intellect really help in either improving our own self, or the other person or the situation? The answer is a clear ‘No’! Present moment Awareness and Acceptance keeps our Intellect very peaceful, steady, uncluttered and in the best possible condition to help our own self, help others and to improve the situations in the future!

When we are truly in the present moment and in full awareness and acceptance, only then we are capable of giving unconditional love and respect to others even if their views are diametrically opposite to ours. At all other times, our love and respect is self centered, egoistic, conditional and full of expectations from other persons!

In the state of pure Awareness & full Acceptance, which is being fully in the present moment, the Peace and Infinity within us destroys all the borders and or our own separateness. We then extend, merge and interact smoothly with other human beings, nature and the earth, which includes all the Flora – flowers, plants and trees, and Fauna -animals, birds, insects and others. We are then fully in tune with the Universe and its forces.

If every individual were to remain most of the time in a state of pure Awareness & full Acceptance, then our humanity will get its salvation as life will be heavenly and blissful, devoid of egoistic arguments, conflicts, fights, wars, as well as discrimination!

The present moment, which is future unfolding, appears to last longer when we are in a state of pure Awareness and full Acceptance, whereas it passes by swiftly when we are in our Ego state. Also, in pure Awareness and full Acceptance, the present moments are experienced fully, often bringing with it many unexpected surprises, and miracles too at times!

In the Ego state we are either unconsciously, mechanically and insensitively responding to our present moments, just like a Robot as per its programming, or reacting to the distorted reality we are viewing!

Loss of present moment awareness while doing activities can result in our making mistakes and then accidents can happen. While cycling or driving, loss of awareness can result in an accident and damage or loss to humans and property as well! While cooking, we may bruise or cut our finger or even accidentally burn ourself! While walking, we may not notice an obstacle and take a bad fall or walk into a clear glass door damaging and hurting our body. Being in the present moment, being fully aware, keeps our body safer too!

Become aware that our own Ego is regularly dumping garbage into our Intellect, making our Intellect stink and remain in a confused state all the time. Awareness will bring back the pristine state of our Intellect and it will get reconnected with our True Identity or totality -The Totality 

THE PRESENT MOMENT IS. It is neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong! This classification is done by our Ego which by itself has no reality but is an illusion created by our Intellect – The Totality

Intelligence is the capacity to be in the present. The more you are in the past or in the future, the less intelligent you are. Intelligence is the capacity to be here now, to be in this moment and nowhere else. Then you are awake. – Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’

An intelligent person does not care much about information and knowledge. An intelligent person cares much more for the capacity to know. His authentic interest is in knowing, not in knowledge. -Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ *

You cannot go on living in illusions; you cannot go on living in your beliefs; you cannot go on living in your prejudices if you want to know the truth. The false has to be recognised as false. – Osho ‘Buddha his life and teachings’ * 

The present moment is complete as it has the knowledge and experiences of the past as well as the seeds for the future. We should not ignore, discard or even react to the present moment. Instead, we should be inspired by it for all our actions. – The Totality

Buddha says; The man of awareness lives in this world as a bee. He never mars the beauty of this world, he never destroys the perfume of this world. He lives silently, moves silently. He asks only as much as is needed. His life is simple. It is not complex. He does not gather for tomorrow. The bee never gathers for tomorrow; today is enough unto itself. – Osho *

You cannot fight the fact (present moment situation), you have to accept it. If you accept it grudgingly, then you will be continually in pain and suffering. If you accept it without any complaint-not in helplessness, but in understanding-it becomes ‘suchness’ (tathata). Then you are no longer worried, then there is no problem. The problem arose not because of the fact (present moment situation), but because you couldn’t accept it the way it was happening. You wanted it (present moment situation) to follow your idea. – Osho ‘Buddha, his life and teachings’

Whenever there is need to respond, the first thing, Buddha says, is to become mindful, become aware. …. Be there for a few moments before you do anything. …. Simply remain tranquil, silent, alert – watching the situation as if you are absolutely out of it, aloof, a watcher on the hills. Then….whatsoever you do will be virtuous, whatsoever you do will be right -Osho ‘Buddha, his life and teachings’ 

Acceptance of our body’s condition and health, of our emotions and of the external situation as it is now, reduces the impact of these conditions on our body as well as on our Ego – The Totality *

Do not let these precious present moment slip by without being aware of it and experiencing it fully –The Totality *

Due to lack of Awareness and anxiety of the future, most of us are keeping ourselves over busy preparing for a marathon run, when all that is required is to be comfortable and be able to take a short walk – The Totality *

Let your own awareness decide your life-style, life-pattern. – Osho, in his talk compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

We, humans, are a combination of IBE (Intellect, Body & Ego). We just have to shift to being a combination of IBDE (Intellect, Body & Divine Emptiness). This paradigm shift is done easily and automatically if our Intellect becomes aware of our Ego and it’s severe limitations. – The Totality

In the now, our pure and clear Awareness will reveal that situations happen to us; we (our Ego) does not make the situations happen – The Totality *

Awareness leads us to consciously and peacefully use our Intellect to respond to the situation in the now, the present moment. Without Awareness, our Ego reacts to the situation in the now, making our life unnecessarily complicated and stressful! -The Totality

Be aware that the desires of our Ego make it tense and unhappy! Without desires, life is pure bliss! – The Totality *

If we do not feel content and complete now, then be aware that it is only because our Ego is not fully accepting our situation that is existing now! –The Totality *

Living peacefully and non-reactively implies that our Ego is fully trusting The Totality and is accepting the internal as well as the external situations as they are now – The Totality *

Being grateful implies that our desire has been fulfilled, whereas Acceptance implies that we are accepting whatever is happening irrespective of our desires or what we want. Pure Acceptance can happen only when our Ego with all its desires have dissolved or disappeared! – The Totality *    090717

Despite our Ego’s desires and expectations, it truly does not matter what happens every moment. We really have no choice but to accept the present moments gracefully and continue on, living life fully! – The Totality *  200717

Every moment has love in it; Every hour has happiness in it. If you loose it, it becomes memory; And if you live it, it becomes life. – Anonymous  080817

Non acceptance of the situations unfolding every moment, can result in poor physical health as well as create psychological disorders like sadness, depression etc. – The Totality * 311017

Positive thinking seems much like optimism, in that events and situations are viewed in the best light. The event or situation remains as it is, and by thinking positively about it, aren’t we fooling ourselves by forcing the negative into the unconscious? Isn’t it more honest to see things just as they are, with the negative as essential as the positive….The technique of positive thinking is not a technique that transforms you. It is simply repressing the negative aspects of your personality. It is a method of choice. It cannot help awareness; it goes against awareness….Awareness is always choice less. – Osho  030418

Every moment of everyone’s life is Awesome when we become conscious of the contents of this universe which we cannot possess but they continually serve us and help us to lead a healthy, happy and full life. Contents such as the Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky, Clouds, Air, Rain, Oceans, Mother Earth, Flora and Fauna and many others. When we focus on the worldly objects that we can possess like house, car, good health etc our life becomes stressful and unhappy. So, if we learn to manage our focus, we can lead a happy, meaningful and a full life. – The Totality * 020921


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  1. Looking forward to some more life-changing talks this summer! Love reading your blog – helps me stay focused and on track 🙂 Miss you guys! See you soon!!

    • It is a pleasure to get responses from you and to note that the Blog is helping you in staying focussed and on track! Personal discussions will help both of us and if we post them on this Blog, it may help others too!

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