Infinite or Zero level


Have I discovered my Zero level, my true identity, which is deeper than my Ego (surface) level? What is this Zero level?

When we are in full acceptance of our own self, the present moment situations as well as of the Universe then we become totally peaceful; a state when we truly are at both Infinite as well as  Zero level! Nothing needs to flow out from us and neither anything needs to flow into us to make us complete. We are all totally complete as we are now! This complete state is also the state of our ‘Being’!

In this Infinite and complete state, human interactions and wordily situations do not affect us, just as rivers do not affect the Ocean as it is huge compared to the rivers that flow into it.

This super State of ‘Being’ is a passive state when our body is at a minimal activity to keep functioning  and physically also we are in  a state of inactivity as there is nothing to be achieved or acquired! It is a very good state to regenerate our Body, Intellect and our Memory. Health can improve substantially without any medication if we regularly remain in this state!

This state of ‘Being’, can be accessed by all of us by understanding and discovering our own self and meditating regularly! Yes, it can be done quickly too! Some people believe that we need more than one lifetime to do it and so they give up too soon trying to understand their own self and discover the unlimited peace within all of us!

Discovery of unlimited peace within us brings clarity of understanding people, life and situations along with good decision making capabilities and responsive action for the benefit of all!

What are we waiting for? Bring in more Awareness & Acceptance into our lives which will lead us to the state of ‘Being’ and start living life peacefully, happily and fully right now!