Smiles & Laughter

Smiles and Laughter are essential for living life fully.

Most of us can laugh easily at other people’s mistakes and mishaps. Whereas, our own mistakes and mishaps make us frown and sometimes we become angry with our own self. To overcome this, we have to become aware that all this is a play of our Ego, which is very self centered and unnecessarily proud of itself.

ID-10033947 (1) - CopyThe most helpful smile or laughter is when our Ego can smile or laugh at itself when it makes a mistake or a mishap happens to it. Such smile or laughter also lends to better relationships with our near and dear ones.

Even forced smile or laughter has beneficial effects on our Body and Intellect. So, we should make an effort to smile as often as possible and enjoy a belly full of laughter whenever we can.

Further, Donna Eden in her book “Energy Medicine’ says Smiles and Laughter are your birthright. If you can expand their energy within yourself, you will expand your joy. And you will bolster your health. While this book focuses on many kinds of energy, the joyous energy that wells into a deep smile is not insignificant. It is a natural and powerful healing force.

Cancer has been cured by some people by laughing while watching comedy shows regularly. Light hearted entertainment is good for all of us.

So, keep Smiling most of the time and enjoy a good laugh as often as possible for living a full and healthy life!

We all would be smiling all the time if we remain in the present moment, an abode of infinite, internal peace and stability – The Totality * 020219

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