The necessary Unlearning process


Life is seen as a process of learning, acquiring knowledge and skills to be successful in the worldly ways. It is equally important for all of us to unlearn some aspects that we have learnt that prevent us from living our life peacefully, happily and fully as well! The earlier we start this unlearning process the more meaningful and enjoyable our life will become!

So, what are these aspects that have to be un-learnt soonest and replaced by what ?

we are incomplete and we always need help from others, God and the environment has to be replaced by knowing and feeling that we are complete within our own self and we want absolutely nothing from the external world to live a good life

frequently worrying about our past and being in constant fear of our future has to be replaced by living in the present moment

If we try and replace the above aspects by changing or controlling our existing thoughts and actions, we may not succeed as we will be working on the conscious activity only. The subconscious will remain unchanged and this will give rise to the existing thoughts and actions from time to time. Instead, the successful way is to become AWARE when such thoughts and actions arise and let them be. They will disappear slowly but surely and over a period of time, stop reappearing completely.

Understanding our own self including our Ego and meditating in the proper way will then help in bringing in and cement the reality of being totally complete and allow us to live in the present moment fully!

This is the pinnacle of greatness making our life fully worth living!