Time and Space- Novel and Radical Concept

Inspired and adapted from Chapter Six – Einstein Time, Gay Hendricks book titled ‘The Big Leap’

For our life to work harmoniously, we need to develop a harmonious relationship with Time. Once we get a handle on how Time actually operates, you enjoy your work and the work flows gracefully and at very high performance. You will work half as much and get at least twice as much done. You will feel less stressed, you will free up time for creative thinking, discover your unique abilities and have time for the family and yourself.

The key is to think and feel that ‘You’re where Time comes from‘. You have the power to make as much of it as you want. Gay calls this Einstein Time. The result: no more rushing, no more time pressure, no more feeling exhausted. Instead, you have plenty of time, an abundance of energy, and the skills that will keep both time and energy in a constant mode of refreshing renewal. To get on Einstein time we have to take full ownership of Time.

While we are running on Einstein Time, our experience of time changes because we make a fundamental change in how much space we are willing to occupy. By learning to occupy space in a new way, we actually gain the ability to generate more time. When you’re willing to occupy all space, time simply disappears. you’re everywhere all at once, there is no place to get to, and everywhere you are it’s exactly the right time.

Stress and Conflict are caused by resisting acceptance and ownership. If there is any part of ourselves or our lives that we’re not fully willing to accept, we will experience stress and friction in that area. The Stress will disappear the moment we accept that part and claim ownership of it. At that moment, the disowned part of us is embraced into the wholeness of ourselves, and from that place of wholeness, miracles are born.

Resolution of our problem will begin the moment we claim ownership. This is my problem and I’m committed to resolving it. Then we can work genuine miracles.


Begin with Time itself. Do whatever it takes to get yourself in harmony with the reality that you’re the source of time. Once you’re convinced, start acting as if it’s true. A simple way to begin is to put yourself on a radical diet: complete abstinence from complaining about time. This courageous move will take you out of the victim position in regard to time. When you stop complaining about time, you cease perpetuating the destructive myth that time is the persecutor and you are the victim.

Complaining about time treats time as a scarce commodity, sending the message that time is “out there” and that there isn’t enough of it “in here”. Time is not something you have or don’t have. You’re the source of it, and you make as much of it as you need. So, stop using time or lack uf time as an excuse.

Let the good times roll and start living life fully with adequate time to do everything you want!