Quotes to help uncover Peace & Tranquility within us

Living life fully simply means to be our own Self (preferably our own True Self) all the time! Be aware that only our own Ego prevents us from being our own self! – Gul Malani

Living our life fully, also means to be aware and fully accept the present moment and situation as they are now! This also gives a decent burial to our past so that it does not torment us in the future! – Gul Malani

We all have done Divine living in our childhood! We can do it again in adulthood, if we were to once again merge or dissolve our Conscious Intellect, our Ego, into the Divinity or Totality residing within our Subconscious Intellect! – The Divinity

Totality is life! Life is neither good nor bad. This classification is done by our Ego, a unique illusion each one’s Intellect creates for itself! To live Life, is to fully experience it in the present moment! –The Divinity

If the inner becomes beautiful – which is in your hands – the outer will have to mould itself according to the inner. The outer is not essential, it will have to reflect the inner in same way. – Osho * 090118

Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in a man during those instants when his mind is calm. – Paramhansa Yogananda in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi’ * 190118

You have depended on people’s opinions so much that you have lost all track of (your) inner sense. (Your) inner sense has to be rediscovered, because all that is beautiful and all that is good and all that is divine can only be felt by (your) inner sense. …. Stop being influenced by people’s opinions. Rather, start looking in…allow your inner sense to say things to you. Trust it. If you trust it, it will grow. If you trust it you will feed it, it will become stronger. –Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

God is not a person but the ultimate sense of well-being, the ultimate sense of being at home, the ultimate sense that “I belong to this world and this world belongs to me. I am not an alien here, I am not an outsider.” The ultimate sense – existential – that “This whole and I are not separate.” This experience is God. –Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

The secret of change is to focus all of our energy, not on forcing the change, but on building the new! A new beginning can be: Experience and understanding that I am not only my Ego but also The Superconsciousness or God from where everything and everyone has manifested. – The Totality * 280218

We all have been brought up to believe that we (our Egos) create the present situation for us. The reality is, and experience will show that we (our Egos) are very insignificant in this Universe and can achieve very little on our own! The all powerful Totality is what creates the present moment! Wisdom is that we (our Egos) accept the present moment gracefully, as we accept a gift, even if its not as per our Ego’s requirements! – The Totality 

How can you (Ego) decide what is right, what is wrong? Drop yourself (your Ego). Let life take possession of you. Let life decide. Give your hand to God, or to life, or to existence…and follow it in trust. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

Ego is a very perfectionistic one. Ego always wants to be higher and better than others. Hence it is perfectionist. But through ego perfection is never possible. So the effort is absurd. Perfection is possible only when the ego is not. But then one never thinks of perfection at all. …. The real artist certainly thinks of totality – how to be total? – but never thinks of perfection. –Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

When our Ego asks for anything from others, or Totality or God, then we are not any different from a beggar. When our Ego is content with whatever it has or gets. we become very peaceful, powerful and humane Royalty! – The Totality *

Acceptance of the as-is is often mistaken for a passive process of surrender. Little do we realize how radical and active this process really is. Instead of passivity, it requires that we are vigilantly at peace with how our life has presented itself, fully owning our part in the co-creation of events. This does not imply blind obeisance. Hardly. Nor does it mean haplessly abiding with circumstances out of a dejected defeatism. Not at all. What this essentially means is that it is only when we can fully “see,” “own,” and “accept” our life for how it is that we stop resisting it. Once we stop resisting it, we free up a tremendous burst of creative power and energy. This THEN allows us to create powerful choices and transformations in our life.

When we commit to a life of acceptance, we move from resistance to grace. Our life becomes centered on the present moment where choices are aligned to the here and now. Our understanding of what is “good” and “bad” undergoes a transformation as we see the futility of predicting either. We accept that the future is unknown and move into that space with an awareness of impermanence and neutrality. _ Dr. Shefali Tsabary * 240918

Useful energy and activities flow out from a Peaceful Intellect (or Mind). A disturbed or over thinking and analysing Intellect, emanates unhealthy energy and indulges in unnecessary activities! -The Totality *

Our past is of absolutely no relevance, our future may have some relevance. The present moment is the only part of life that is truly relevant and requires our undivided attention and involvement! Regretfully, our Ego is always injecting either our future or our past into our present moment, bringing with it fear or regret, preventing us from enjoying and living life fully in the present moment – Gul Malani

We have to unlearn mostly everything to become addicted once again to the present moment and enjoy its beauty, fragrance and the surprises within it! -The Totality

To succeed existentially means to live moment-to-moment in utter joy. Logic cannot (does not) allow you. Joy itself appears to logic as illogical. Misery seems to be more logical. – Osho, in his talks compiled as ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

To tune into our Universe we should become aware, as often as we can, of our breath going in and out; for BREATH IS LIFE and this Awareness is the access door to living life fully –  Gul Malani

The Universe has no restrictions. You place restrictions on the Universe with your expectations – Unknown *

More than 90% of your mental life is subconscious. If you fail to make use of this marvelous power, you condemn yourself to live within very narrow limits – Your Subconscious mind is in touch with Infinite Life and Boundless Wisdom, and its impulses and ideas are always life-ward. The great aspirations, inspirations, and visions for a grander and nobler life spring from the subconscious – Joseph Murphy Ph.D., D.D.

The solution lies within the problem. Every question implies its own answer. The Infinite Intelligence within your subconscious mind knows all and sees all. It has the answer and is revealing it to you now…but you must listen – Joseph Murphy Ph.D., D.D.

We all live a shallow and superficial life at our Ego level due to our ignorance! We can easily live life at a deeper and meaningful level by being aware of our Divinity at all times! Proper Meditation, done daily, takes us to this deeper level and to access our inborn Divinity! – The Creation

A quiet Intellect with a quiet digestive system, a relaxed body with a smile on the face make the best cocktail for living life fully in peace and in happiness – Gul Malani

Rushing through life, trying to fulfill our unending desires and ambitions, we tend to encounter more situations that overwhelm and drown us! Being peaceful and relaxed, while chasing our desires, makes it easy to manage and resurface quickly from most situations! – Malanis *

We all live our life imprisoned by our own self created Ego! To break out of this prison we need to use the tools of ‘Awareness and Acceptance’ to live our life fully by reaching our own ‘True Self’ – Gul Malani *

We all are living our lives in our own individually created virtual world built as per the beliefs of our Ego. We acquire our specific beliefs from our parents, friends, teachers and others whom we love and respect. As we mature, we replace some of our beliefs with actual experiences getting our life more in tune with the reality as it is now! – The Creation

Do not making a living prevent us from living!-Anonymous

Only our own desires and expectations rob us of our peace and happiness and replace them with anxiety, fear, stress and sadness. Whereas Peace and Happiness can always be with each one of us throughout our life if we choose it to be so! Most of us incorrectly blame other persons or situations for the loss of our peace and happiness! – Gul Malani

When Breath stops and Desire remains, that is Death….and when Desires stop and Breath remains, that is Moksha (Liberation) – attributed to Buddha

When your desire is motivated by love-and nourished by love-it has the highest likelihood of manifestation. In the process of co-creation, love is the single most valuable thing you can contribute that is in harmony with all that is. – Carnelian Sage in her book ‘The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World’

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment-Thoreau

It seems that time stands still when our Intellect is in the present moment – Gul Malani

Many of us have an amazing capability of bringing into the present moment, our imagined fear of the future or pain that we think can happen to us in the future or the pain we have experienced in the past! This unfortunately takes away from us, the good living we can do in the present moment! If we just become aware of this interesting capability, that robs us of something very special in our life, we can start living our life fully!– Gul Malani

Being Spiritual is all about living in the present moment; being Religious is all about living in our past or in our future – Gul Malani

We must become as little children before we can enter into the realm of truth – S. Radhakrishnan, Former President of India

Whatever is happening to you, allow it. Never catch hold of it………..mind (Ego) is a hoarder, mind is very greedy – whenever something beautiful happens it immediately wants to catch hold of it. It immediately wants to become a master of it, so that it can reproduce it again and again whenever it wants. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

A casual and detached attitude to our Ego’s achievements or non achievements is required to live life fully – Gul Malani

The Ego (Devil) hath no peace. It is always busy and overworked to achieve something in the future – Gul Malani

Quality of our life depends on the choices our Intellect makes, Quantity (material benefits) depends to a little extent on the efforts of our Ego and to a large extent on our luck! – Gul Malani

Difficult situations do bring in suffering, but we can choose to bring in Awakening instead! – Eckhart Tolle as understood by Gul Malani

Even a forced Smile relaxes our Ego and makes seemingly difficult situations easy to handle! Whereas, Anger stresses our Ego and makes difficult situations even more difficult to handle! – Gul Malani

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!– Oscar Wilde

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. – Thich Nhat Hanh

You only need to find yourself. Everything else can be googled! – Anonymous * 240717

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you to do anything but be yourself-Lao Tzu

To be someone you are not, is to waste who you are-Loren Slocum

Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece – Osho 

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the Universe-Marcus Aurelius

Let not other’s perception of us, be either in our agenda or become our business, as perceptions are illusions only- Gul Malani

Do not expect everyone to love you until you start loving and respecting your own self as you are now – Gul Malani

Truly loving others is when we give them independance and freedom to discover their own truths and live their life on their own terms– Gul Malani

While dealing with people we must keep Ice on our head and Sugar in our mouth! – Shekhar Joshi, Waterproofing Contractor *

We have to learn to be more tolerant of other people’s behaviour, as poor behaviour is the result of unconscious parenting and is difficult to change! – The Creation

When we truly understand and fully accept the other person’s point of view, then we are using the Universal Infinite Intelligence buried in us below our Ego’s limited Intelligence! Similarly when we fully accept the present moment as it is now, we are using the Universal Infinite Intelligence! – The Creation *

Love is an emotion of our Ego, so it is self centered, Peace is a state of our True Self, so it is universal! If it is possible, we should always remain in a state of peace – Gul Malani

Fear and Anger disconnects us from other humans, Love and Peace connects us to everyone! -Gul Malani

Sex is a physical relationship between two people which lasts for a short while, love is an emotional relationship we have with few people and it lasts a little longer, Peace is a connection we can have with the whole human race and our Universe and it can last forever! – Gul Malani

To be content with what one has, is the greatest and truest of riches-Cicero

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security. ~ John Allen Paulos

Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace-Dalai Lama

We really do not need the help of other people or situations to make our life miserable! Our illusory self (Ego) can do it single handedly! – Gul Malani

When our Intellect remains peaceful despite all the antics of its own creation, our Ego,  then we are truly living our life fully! – Gul Malani

Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Amid the vastness of things among which we live, the existence of nothingness holds the first place – Leonardo da Vinci

Our life itself is a Miracle! We need not look for miracles as we are the biggest miracle! So, treat yourself with all the respect and love you are capable of! – Gul Malani

Nothing can trouble you but your own imagination (negative). ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Impossibilities are merely things which we have not yet learned. ~ Charles W. Chesnutt

Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination-Diane Sawyer

We enjoy any work we are doing if we think it is for own good! When we think the work we are doing is not doing any good to us, then work becomes a burden and distressful! – Gul Malani

When you are inspired…dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. – Patanjali * 230717

We are prone to over estimate how much we understand of the world and to under estimate the role of chance in events! Over confidence is fed by the illusory certainty of hindsight!-Daniel Kahneman

Goal oriented people exist in a state of continuous pre success failure at best, and permanent failure at worst if things never work out – Scott Adams

Our efforts can only find success if they are substantially helped by the Forces of the Universe, also called Luck, also called God! – Gul Malani

This is the beauty of this world of God: when you rush after desires you remain a beggar; when you stop rushing, all that you have been rushing for starts coming to you of its own accord. When you ask, it is not given. When you don’t ask, it showers on you. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

If you are happy, more happiness comes to you. If you are joyous, you attract more joyousness. Like attracts like. If you are miserable, more misery starts moving towards you. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

It (Energy) will remain ignorance – because the energy is focussed on the object, it is going outward, it is extrovert. If the energy is freed from the object, where will it go? It will start falling into the subject, into your inner source. And energy falling back into the the source becomes understanding, becomes awareness. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

Nothing is predetermined or foreordained. Your mental attitude-the way you think, feel, and believe-determines your destiny – Joseph Murphy Ph.D.,D.D.

When we grow up we take ourselves way too seriously, and sometimes we become a heart attack waiting to happen. ~ Tom Asacker

Happiness is the natural state for most people whenever they feel healthy, have flexible schedules, and expect the future to be good………The primary culprit in your bad moods is a deficit in one of the big five: flexible schedule, imagination, sleep, diet, and exercise – Scott Adams

Life is simple if our Intellect is in the state of Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance, that is being in the present moment! Instead, it remains complicated as our default operating mode is with our Intellect in the Ego state which keeps us mostly worried about our future or upset about our past! Gul Malani

Only after we discover our own ‘True Identity’, our Ego can laugh at what it thinks, says and does – Gul Malani

The best environment for our body to heal itself is to be truly in the present moment when we automatically become stress free which leads to self curing! – Gul Malani

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

Activity should not be a means to an end! The activity itself is to be enjoyed – Eckhart Tolle as understood by Gul Malani

Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do. ~ Brian Tracy

Just as a picture is drawn by an artist, surroundings are created by the activities of the mind. ~ Buddha

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be. ~ Jane Austen

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself. ~ Buddha

Discovering our own self and the peace within us, is a very lonely activity, as we have to do it all by ourselves only and if we look around we will not find company easily as everyone is busy accumulating wealth, power, control, knowledge, honour, respect and other worldly possessions – Gul Malani

The survival of our humanity depends on us sacrificing our Ego at the alter of Divinity or Totality – The Divinity *