Negativity of our Ego

Our up bringing unfortunately helps us to build a lot of negativity in our Ego. So much so, our Ego fears the future and is often afraid in the present moment too.

ID-100184625 Woman with a headache 170816As children we have been told, do not run fast, you will fall and hurt yourself. Do not touch dogs or other animals, insects etc as they will bite you. Do not trust others; do not accept sweets or rides or let others touch you, learn to save for the future, implying that we may not have enough money in the future. If you do not study well, you will fail. If you do not get admission to a good College or University, you will not get a good job, and you will not be able to maintain a good standard of living.

We are programmed to imagine a future full of difficulties and failures, so we tend to be afraid and think negatively.

A few of us are fortunate to be brought up with positivity and living in the present moment. Such parents live a positive life themselves and encourage their children to take risks, run fast, and reassure their children that when they fall and get hurt, or get into problems, they have the capacity within themselves to recover very quickly. If they need any help, then these parents  also assure them that they will be there to help them recover.

Adults with such an up bringing are generally peaceful, think more positively, are willing to take risks in life, have inbuilt capabilities to rise from difficult situations and to live a happy and good life.

The question is, if we have negative thoughts, will they attract negative situations in our life? Most of the motivational trainers and books state that the answer is unequivocal, YES! The key to success is to change our negative  thoughts to positive thoughts. This is stated by most of the motivational trainers and authors.

Experience has shown that is not true! Despite negative thinking, positive situations do happen to negative thinkers most of the time. This is so, as situations arise not out of only the individual Ego’s efforts but from the diverse universal forces acting at each and every moment. These universal forces have phenomenally gigantic powers compared to the powers of our Ego! The resulting situations arise from the combination of all the forces at work in the present moment and the biggest contributors to the end result are the universal forces.

So, what is the effect of negative thinking? It is mainly on the mental and physical health of the body. Negativity produces chemicals in the body which are harmful, reducing the immunity of the body resulting in more probability of depression and attacks from all types of diseases and illnesses.

Negativity also tends to make the person less socially acceptable and relationships can be under pressure all the time.

How, do we solve the situation of negative thinking? The oft quoted suggestion is ‘to think positive instead’! But this is easier said than done. To change oneself is not easy and neither very quick. The technique that works, is to first become aware that we are thinking negatively and accept this fully as the characteristic of our Ego. We recommend strongly to do meditation and physical exercises regularly which help reduce negativity and replace it with peace and tranquility.

Further, if we have experienced and understood fully that the future is impossible to predict and that miracles occur often, then after each negative thought that comes, follow it up with a positive thought that is an exact reverse of the negative thought! For example, if we think that a crisis is going to happen for sure, then think that all my problems will be resolved soonest; if a negative thought is that I am going to be sick, follow it with a positive thought that I will be and am very healthy! Then, slowly and automatically, our Intellect will change negative thinking to tranquility and positive thinking.

Tranquility and positive thinking lead to better health as well as good success in both the internal as well as external worlds.

For the ultimate in good living we need to go beyond tranquility and positive thinking by becoming aware of our own True Self! Then we live life fully and in uninterrupted and total bliss!

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