Cause and Effect

ID-100240942 Cause Effect 200715We have read and been told by almost everyone including our Gurus that there is a direct relationship between every cause and its effect! This is applicable to our external Universe but for the Universe within our body, it is not absolutely true!

When we have a bad stomach, we start checking what we have eaten recently to identify the food item that has caused the bad stomach! If we have fever, we try to identify the cause which may be that we were exposed to a sick person recently, or a weather change, or a Flu virus is in our town!

Strange as it may appear, but there is an important un-detected link between Cause and Effect for our internal Universe! This link is our Belief system!!! So, if we believe that eating Onions & Garlic will give us Acid Reflux, only then eating Onions & Garlic will give us Acid Reflux! If we believe that getting wet will make us catch a cold, only when we get wet in the rain or in the shower or pool, we will catch a cold!

If the above is true then the reverse belief should also work! So, if we believe that eating Onions & Garlic will not give any problem to our digestive system, then strangely we will experience that we have no problem after eating Onions & Garlic!!! Get wet and believe it does not matter, and we will never catch a cold or become ill because of being wet!!

We should all try this out and experience it for our own self! Change our Belief  and see the change in the effect. The conventional wisdom that every cause has a direct effect will be destroyed once and for all!

Why is it that Beliefs play such a vital role?

Beliefs are our thoughts which we have accepted as the Truth and stored them in our Memory for future use! Our beliefs have a great impact on our Master Manager, our phenomenal and all powerful Subconscious Intellect! The characteristic of the Subconscious Intellect is that it is obedient and it automatically fulfills what we believe!

Back to Onions & Garlic example! Our Belief says that we will get Acid reflux if we consume any of these items. So, our obedient but powerful Subconscious Intellect ensures that chemicals are produced in our body to give us exactly what we believe, Acid Reflux!!!

Friends, we can live our live fully, in comfort as well as in our control! All we have to do is, not interfere negatively with the beautifully well co-ordinated functioning of our Subconscious Intellect! We only have to change all our negative beliefs into positive ones!

We have to believe…….

…that we are always healthy despite getting wet, virus in town, being close to sick persons etc.

…that we are always happy despite losses, damages, law suits etc.

…that we are successful in the external world despite having little or no education, coming from poor background, etc.

…that we are in harmony with the present moment, despite it appearing to be disadvantageous to us

…that we are always at peace within our own self and with our own self

It is as simple as that to live life fully, in good health, in happiness, in financial and worldly success, in harmony and in peace!!

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Stress – The Killer

Most of us know that stress is very harmful to our body. It can lead to hypertension, diabetes, cancer and many other life threatening diseases.

Fire Head ID-10021571 161114It is also harmful to the Intellect as it disturbs it, preventing it from clear thinking and good decision making, resulting in actions detrimental to our own self and others too! Chronic Stress can also lead our Ego into a severe depression and sometimes force it to attempt or commit suicide, which is destruction of it’s own body!

What causes Stress?

Based on inputs form others and the external environment, our Intellect conditions and programs itself to have many desires and expectations from our own self, others as well as the environment. This conditioning or programming can be called as our ‘Ego’.

The very existence of desires and expectations causes stress in our Intellect as our Ego is afraid that the desires and expectations may not be fulfilled in the future! When desires and expectations are not fulfilled, then even more stressful situation arises within us which at times lead us into severe depression and infrequently into committing suicide.

Because of our desires and expectations our Intellect is unable to accept our own Ego as it is now. It also does not accept other people, objects and situations as they are now. This lack of acceptance causes constant stress in our Intellect disrupting its capabilities.

So, when someone says that he/she is not stressed at all, it is not true; as the very existence of desires and expectations, which is our Ego, causes stress.

Only when we are abiding in our ‘True Self’, when we are complete and free from desires and expectations, that we are totally stress free!

Obviously, to have good health we need to be stress free and that can be done by moving from our ‘Ego’ state to a state of ‘True Self’ as often as possible!

There is an intermediate state too that considerably reduces stress, which is the state of ‘Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance’ of the present moment. In this state we become aware of our desires, expectations and our stressful condition. This Awareness alone reduces the poison of the Stress automatically and so our body and Intellect can remain healthy and as fit and calm as possible!

Awareness and Acceptance can be easily done while at work or indulging in sports or any other activities throughout the day! This will help considerably in lowering our Stress levels and help us in living our life fully and peacefully!

Keeping secrets also increases our Stress levels. Ideally, it is best to be transparent, when we have nothing to hide – Gul Malani *

Destiny or Luck

Arthur Osborne in his book titled ‘The Mind of Ramana Maharishi’ states that Sri Bhagavan, in his interaction with a learned devotee, conveyed the following:

God has no purpose. He is not bound by any action. The world’s activities cannot affect Him. Take the analogy of the sun, the sun rises without desire, purpose or effort, but as soon as it rises numerous activities take place on earth, the lens placed in its rays produces fire in its focus, the lotus bud opens, water evaporates, and every living creature enters upon activity, maintains it and finally drops it. But the sun is not affected by any such activity, as it merely acts according to its nature, by fixed laws, without any purpose, and is only a witness. So it is with God.

God has no desire or purpose in His acts of creation, maintenance, destruction, withdrawal and salvation to which beings are subjected as the beings reap the fruit of their actions in accordance with His laws, the responsibility is theirs, not God’s. God is not bound by any actions.

So, the question is, is there such a thing as Destiny for us, a prefixed unchangeable programming of our life that each one of us cannot escape? It does not appear to be so.

Luck ID-10079665 141014Each one of us has the choice to think and act as we want to. However, we really do not reap what we sow as there are multitude of other powerful Forces, not in our control, at work in our Universe within each moment. So, the fruits that we receive depend not only on our effort but largely on the support we get from these Forces at work! These Forces are what we call Luck.

Strange as it may seem but a lot depends on Luck! Luck is what brings in all the necessary events and coincidences to occur for each one of us to survive, have good health as well as to succeed professionally and financially!

If a lot depends on Luck, why do we have to develop our capabilities, skills and put in our best effort?

Our experience shows that our capabilities, skills, interest and effort are definitely necessary. They are as important as a seed is for a tree to bloom and bear fruit.  Though not every seed will bloom into a tree, so we do need to plant as many seeds as we are capable of. Then with the help of all the necessary environmental situations and forces, called Luck, there will be greater chances for a few seeds to bloom!  

We can also attract Luck by remaining in the state of ‘Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance’ of the present moment. Pure Awareness will let us notice and act when opportunity knocks on our door! Lack of awareness leads to our missing many opportunities in life and this we incorrectly label as not being lucky! Full acceptance of the present moment, as it is now, keeps our Intellect calm and peaceful! This helps immensely in making the right decisions and carrying out proper actions which help build a beautiful future for us as well as others!

There will be many times when Luck does not support our activities and we fail. This is quite a natural phenomenon in everyone’s life and can be frequent too! But to see failure as a disaster and to torment our Intellect for failure is a self defeating activity and it must be avoided totally!

In every failure there is a definite and a unique experience, which is a great learning process, as well as numerous small successes from which we will always benefit for our future! Failures should really be seen as stepping stones to success and are indicative of an intelligent and aggressive Intellect and an active body that are willing to venture into uncharted territory where risks of failure are high! 

The elephant in the room when it comes to any discussion of success: (is) luck

-Scott Adams, Cartoonist of Dilbert

Nothing in my life has been intentional, it’s all accident

-R K Laxman, famous Indian Cartoonist *

Spirituality at Work

What is meant by Spirituality?

Wikipedia defines it as a process of personal transformation in accordance with religious ideals.

This definition is questionable as Spirituality has really no relationship to religious ideals, rituals or traditions. In fact, being religious takes us away from our own Spirituality.

Osho in his talks compiled as a book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ says ‘Spirituality is not a kind of scholarship. It is nothing that you can study; it is something you have to be. … It is transformation. ….You come back a totally different person, with a new vision of life, with a new understanding, with peace in the heart, with a great silence and harmony in the being.’ *

Spirituality begins with turning our focus from others and external objects to our own self! It  is a process of discovering our own True Identity, a state of ‘Just Being’ which is a state beyond our Ego! The personal transformation that is required for this discovery is totally an internal process and definitely not in accordance with the present religious teachings and ideals!

We spend almost all our life in the ‘Ego’ state. We are all the time driven, (mis)guided or tormented by our own Ego. As such, no time is available for becoming Spiritual to live a sane life!

Strangely, becoming Spiritual by discovering our True Identity is rather simple! All that is required to be done, is to be done by our own Intellect and is to be done within us! The internal process of discovery is called Meditation. Meditation, covered in a separate post in this blog, starts simply with increasing our Awareness of both the internal situations as well as the situations external to us. We have to become aware of all the actions we are doing all the time as well as be aware internally of all the thoughts that are coming and going within our Intellect. It is as simple as that!

With time and increasing purity of Awareness we get closer and closer to our True Identity. Additionally, we have to fully accept our own self as it is now, including our Ego, as well as the external situations as they are now. This results in our Intellect becoming extremely peaceful and quiet, an ideal state for our True Identity to unveil itself!

Having discovered our True Identity we need to abide (remain) in it as frequently as we can! That is being Spiritual! Other than deep sleep, it is the most powerful and regenerative state of our Intellect as well as of our body! It is a state of total completeness when desires and expectations evaporate and so action dissolves into inaction! Here inaction does not mean no action. It implies action without any selfish desires!

ID-100223619 Business PersonsHowever, we do need to carry out few actions daily for our sustenance and so we do need to be in the state of ‘Ego’ for some of the time to run our life and to set and achieve goals. Our suggestion for goals is that they should be extremely flexible on the time aspect as well as  be subject to revision or total change, at any time, for appropriateness based on inputs from the present moment. This will help reduce the stress within our Intellect, even when we do not achieve our goals in the specified time. Then our Intellect will  always be free, available and capable of  making good decisions as well as abiding in our True Identity as often as possible.

Spirituality at work is simply doing all our thinking and actions in a state of Pure Awareness. So, most of our waking life, we need to be Aware of what we are thinking and what we are doing; including planning flexible goals with flexible time schedule for our future!

Good living is very simple if we discover our ‘True Identity’ which is beyond our Intellect’s creation of our False Self which is our ‘Ego’. The earlier we discovery, the better it will be! Sadly, most of us die without this very essential discovery required for living a great life fully, in peace and in happiness!

Perfection in Spirituality is when our Intellect understands and experiences that it is only a vast emptiness or a complete zero –The Totality *

Religion (Spirituality) is renunciation of all that belongs to the ego. It is not really renunciation of the world: it is renunciation of the world that the ego creates. …… Religion (Spirituality) is renunciation of the false, that really does not exist at all — of the ego, of knowledge, of prejudices, of expectations, of desires. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’

Being Spiritual means that we are now aware that the limitations and barriers set up by our Ego and body as well as our Ego and Body are really illusions! –The Totality *                170717

Speeches , lectures and activities addressed to large group of people or masses under the guise of transfer of Spirituality are no more than just entertainment with listeners and  doers feeling good while attending and then returning back to their original state of lack of spiritual evolution. Spirituality is a process of self evolution and not a process of mass evolution. Introspection and deep meditation are doors that lead to Spirituality- The Totality  120118

Existence or Spirituality does not follow human logic or reasoning – The Totality * 180419

Ego Vs True Identity

Woman Meditating

Red Devil  





-is a self acquired or imposed Identity    -is inherent within us and we are born with it, it is the Essence of our Universe
-is confined to our physical body is unlimited and extends beyond our physical body
-keeps us confined and imprisoned -gives us total freedom
-has many limitations of acquired knowledge, experience & skills -is Infinite and Zero at the same time 
-is incomplete so it is always seeking something from others and the outside world in the future  -is complete now;  without any wants or expectations
-gets affected by the happenings in the  external world  -unaffected by happenings in the external world
-is restless and overworked -is peaceful and quiet exuding love &  happiness
-remains mostly in the Past or the Future, generally unaware of present moment, accumulating pain from the past and fearing the future -exists only in the Present Moment so it has a high degree of Awareness of the present moment
-is always in disharmony with the present moment situation -always in perfect harmony with the present moment situation
-connects with only selected few people and situations -always connected with the whole humanity and the Universe
-experiences all emotions including love, happiness, joy, sadness and others -is only peace
-is the Devil or Destroyer within us -is God within us; is the fountainhead of Divine Wisdom & Creativity


The necessary Unlearning process


Life is seen as a process of learning, acquiring knowledge and skills to be successful in the worldly ways. It is equally important for all of us to unlearn some aspects that we have learnt that prevent us from living our life peacefully, happily and fully as well! The earlier we start this unlearning process the more meaningful and enjoyable our life will become!

So, what are these aspects that have to be un-learnt soonest and replaced by what ?

we are incomplete and we always need help from others, God and the environment has to be replaced by knowing and feeling that we are complete within our own self and we want absolutely nothing from the external world to live a good life

frequently worrying about our past and being in constant fear of our future has to be replaced by living in the present moment

If we try and replace the above aspects by changing or controlling our existing thoughts and actions, we may not succeed as we will be working on the conscious activity only. The subconscious will remain unchanged and this will give rise to the existing thoughts and actions from time to time. Instead, the successful way is to become AWARE when such thoughts and actions arise and let them be. They will disappear slowly but surely and over a period of time, stop reappearing completely.

Understanding our own self including our Ego and meditating in the proper way will then help in bringing in and cement the reality of being totally complete and allow us to live in the present moment fully!

This is the pinnacle of greatness making our life fully worth living!

Life – A Sailboat

ID-100176802People who have been sailing in Sailboats can appreciate the fact that the best sailing is done when we are able to fully capture the force of the wind (Nature) in the sails of the boat as well as the force of the flow of water (tidal forces if we are sailing in the sea)! The rudder has to be used to steer the boat in such a way that the natural force of the wind and the effect of the water flow  are fully captured to give the best speed to direct our boat to the destination!

Similarly in life too, we have to understand and capture the changing ‘Forces of the Universe’ that are present at all times around us. We have to use our Pure Intellect, like the rudder of the boat, to keep steering us into directions which help us capture the ‘Forces of the Universe’ most of the time for the benefit of all in the boat! Such a strategy of living life keeps our stress level low, with fear, anxiety, worry, anger at a very low level too! This enables strong, healthy and happy living which results in worldly success as well!

Just like the sailboat comes to a standstill when the wind dies down and flow of water stops, so also in life there will be times when we are not doing much but are on standby so that we can move into action as soon as the forces of the Universe through the present moment situation help us to do or achieve something!

In sailing, the shortest distance between where we are and the destination is never a straight line; as the crow flies! We have to zig zag our way to our destination! Similarly in life, we will also find that at many times we are veering away from our goal due to the Forces of the Universe that are present. Then we have two options. To force our way and stick to our original destination or revise the destination to a new one which may be easier to reach and intended for us by the Forces of the Universe.

A good example is that of the ex-President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who was intent on becoming an Aircraft Pilot. Forces of the Universe did not help him in achieving this goal. Instead they helped him become the President of India!

ID-100189390Most people are not living life as a sailboat. Life is more like a motorboat with super strong and powerful engines on board. Our Ego, is the strong engine that speeds us through life in a specific preplanned way regardless of what the present situation or environment requires. This way of living is full of stress, fear, anxiety, worry, anger and other related emotions. This can lead to a deteriorating condition of our body and Ego! Such living is generally manageable when we are young but we need to review this, if it is causing problems to our own self, our health, our family and friends.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but can adjust my sails to always reach my destination – Anonymous

Life implies living in stormy weather most of the time with short intervals of good weather! The skill we need to develop within our Intellect, is to be able steer and keep our boat steady in stormy weather too. This requires detection of the deep peace within us, by introspection, understanding and meditation.- The Totality  171117