Flashes of Wisdom


Be Aware-This is the key to living life fully, be aware of the present moment! It unlocks our full potential for great living! It is really unnecessary and waste of the precious present moments to know the why, where, when, how of each and every situation, as every situation is caused by numerous factors which are still unknown to the human Intellect! All we need to do is to truly and fully accept the present situations that are within us as well as outside us!

Divinity– We are all Divine and complete in all aspects! But our Ego believes it is incomplete so it is continually under fear, anxiety and worry seeking love and respect from others, and possessions and wealth from the external world. By becoming aware of this incompleteness of our Ego, we free ourself to live life fully now!

Inspiration – We should be inspired to replace the noise and rattle of our Ego in our Intellect by the deep peace and tranquility of Divinity. * 210718

Limitation- We all have been conditioned or programmed to limit ourself to our body and Ego, whereas each one of us is The Limitless Universe or The Totality. * 080817

We are already there– Each one of us is already where we should be now! Unfortunately our Ego, our programming, does not accept the present situation fully and is always goading us to change our situation. We are all busy doing that and in the meantime good and meaningful life is going past us without our engagement with it! 310118

We adults are a combination of Superconsciousness and Ego (both Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind). The proportion varies in each of us with Superconsciousness increasing as we evolve and become more aware of our own self.  010218

The Truth is that we are not the Ego we have assimilated in our Conscious Intellect as we grew up. We are the Divinity that we were born with. Unfortunately our Divinity has been displaced from our Conscious Intellect by our Ego  and now resides in our Subconscious Intellect! Living life fully is when we have brought back the awareness of our Divinity into our Conscious Intellect and we remain aware of our Divinity at all times!

Our whole Universe is the Truth, every creation, everyone of us, every object is the Truth. Nothing exists other than the Truth. Unfortunately, our Ego is incapable of understanding this! Only our Intellect can recognise this Truth! *

Identification – Totality is like an immense and infinite white paper and our Ego-Body combination is like an infinitesimally small black dot on this paper. Unfortunately, instead of identifying our own self with The Totality or the huge white paper, we identify our self with the miniscule, tiny black dot, our Ego-Body combination. This wrong identification is the cause of all our misery! *

Break Out – Like the chicken that hatches out of it’s hard shell, we also have to break out of our hard shell of our Ego-Body combination to be in real Freedom and Bliss! We can do this by becoming aware and experiencing the present moment fully at all times or as often as we can. This will help build a deep understanding of life and it’s meaning and purpose allowing us to live life to our full potential. *

Action & Inaction – Bhagavat Gita states ‘See inaction in action and action in inaction’. This can be interpreted as follows; when our Ego does any action, see inaction in it, implying that we should not expect any specific results of our Ego’s action. And in the seeming inaction of Superconsciousness or God, we should see action as all that happens is because of the Superconsciousness or God. * 010218

Being Peaceful – We have to relearn to remain peaceful and keep our body relaxed at all times, even when our external world is going topsy turvy. Only then, can we have access to the immense power and intelligence within us to resolve our external situations!

Replace – thinking with peace with the help of meditation, awareness and/or understanding, to live life fully. *061217

Ideal living is when we vibrate at the extremely low frequency as Totality, when we are completely blended with Totality, the present moment. Our inspiration and motivation should arise from This Totality, the present moment, and not from our Ego, which is always vibrating at a high frequency due to constant impact of our past memories and fear based imagined future.

Merging with the Totality or being Infinite once again is easily done when we drop all our conditionings. *

Activities – Totality is to just BE. Whereas, universal thinking and responding to the situation in the now is the activity of our Intellect. Self centered thinking and reacting to the situation in the now, thinking about our future and past are activities of our Ego. *

Action – Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This does not ensure success, but it ensures good, wholesome and fulfilling activity! * 311217

Desires – Desires limit us to specific segments or areas of life, whereas being free of desires allows us to live life fully as all aspects of life remain open for our access and ingress!

As long as we have desires, we are living in the future! We are not living and experiencing the present moment fully!

Roller Coaster – Life is a Roller Coaster for most of us. Often we are headed downwards. Sooner or later we all hit the rock bottom and turn around. A lot has to do with the Divine Forces operating within and around us. Truly, we are helpless regarding what is happening to each one of us, as these Divine Forces are extremely large as compared to our Ego, or our self effort. We only have the choice to either respond or react to the situation we are facing. Responding, instead of reacting, helps us as well as those around us. Whereas, reacting hurts us as well as those around us. An immense amount of awareness and patience is required for us to respond rather than react.  210718

Choice – Our Ego, which takes over total control of our Intellect, is the hot bed of the reactive disruptive forces that upset the smoothness of the flow of our life. Our life then becomes quite turbulent at times. However, if our Intellect embraces The Totality, it will  help to lovingly confine our Ego and release its total control over our life. Then, we will once again experience life in all its fullness and smoothness. So, we do have a choice; to let our Ego take control and live a turbulent life or to embrace Totality and live life smoothly and fully!

Our Ego has been programmed to be unhappy when it’s desires or expectations are not fulfilled, when it dislikes something or someone, when it is disrespected or when our beliefs do not come true! Whereas, our Intellect can choose to remain happy despite such adverse situations. This is certainly in our hands and we can easily take charge to be happy at all times. * 130817

We can and should exercise our choices to always remain healthy and happy as achieving these are mostly internal processes. Whereas, becoming rich, successful and powerful, are not only internal but to a greater extent external processes, and so these require tremendous support from forces which are beyond our area of influence; the enormous, dynamic and rapidly changing forces of The Totality! *170917

Biggest Burden – The heaviest and the biggest burden we all carry throughout our life are the regrets of the past, our desires, expectations and plans for the future!

Beware-of appreciation, praise, patting of the back, winning awards as they inflate our Ego, much like pressurised air inflates the balloon or the heat that makes the water boil! Inflated Egos generally hurt themselves as well as others sooner or later!

Being Insane-is to spend most of our time thinking and worrying about our past or being anxious or worried about our future when we can spend our time fully experiencing, living and enjoying the beautiful present moment! When our Ego clasps on to the dead past or the future as we imagine it to be, we are allowing the beautiful present moments to slip through our fingers like dry sand does when we clench our fist! Unfortunately we cannot retrieve the present which has slipped away from us!

Beliefs-are thoughts we have fully accepted, which become our truths and are stored in our memory. Our Beliefs guide our actions and make our internal and external life what it is! Change our beliefs and watch how our internal life of Health, Happiness, Harmony and our success in external life change automatically!

For most of our important beliefs we have no evidence at all, except that people we love and trust hold these beliefs. Confidence in our beliefs is really preposterous as we have no real experience to back them up! Unfortunately, our beliefs play a big role in our choices and decision making!

Syncing – When our Intellect is in sync in the present moment with the ever changing and dynamic forces of the universe, only then we can live our lives fully and happily. Whereas, most of us are living life with our Intellect in sync with our programming, our Ego, and so we end up living a very limited life and frequently unhappy too! *300917

Present Moment – We only have the present moment. The next moment is a mystery and certainly not in the control of our Ego. *241017

Beautiful Living-Our Ego imagines that situations detrimental to us will happen in the future, thereby robbing us of peaceful, good and beautiful living we all can do in the present!

Living Life fullyWhen we are at peace with our own self as well as with the situation in the present moment, only then we live our life fully! It is a state of complete mental and physical relaxation! It means that we are not escaping our present moment by remaining either in our past or going into our future!

Living is not about business transactions where we give something and get something more back in return. It is just pure living in the moment.

Why do we have to react, think or deliberate on the situation in the present moment when it is definitely going to change in the next moment? Why do we have to think, deliberate and plan for the future when the future is unpredictable? And why do we have to think, deliberate and analyse our past as it is dead and gone? Instead, we can and should live life fully in the present moment dropping all our Egoistic reactions, thinking, deliberations and analysis! * 150817

Inspiration-When we are inspired by the present moment situation and not by our Ego, then we think and act in tune with totality for the greater good of mankind and our beautiful Universe! *

Game – If we drop our seriousness about life and view life as a game of winning and losing honour, respect, wealth as well as good health, then we can enjoy and experience life fully!

FreedomWhen our Ego becomes wise through sensitivity, awareness and experiences, then it releases it’s shackles and lets us live life fully and in freedom!

Happiness & Bliss– Happiness happens to us for a short while, when any one of the desires of our Ego gets fulfilled. Bliss is the eternal state we can be in, if our Ego fully dissolves into The Totality, a state free of all desires. *

Being Rich-We are truly rich and wealthy when we live our lives fully in the present moment! *

Treasures – Beneath the thick outer crust of our Ego with its limited knowledge lies a huge treasure, namely, Limitless Divine Wisdom. Discovering this treasure leads us to a full and a very meaningful life wherein we exude peace and pure, unconditional Divine Love to everyone!

True Identity-Whenever we have no desires or expectations, then all our thoughts disappear, we enter our unlimited ocean of Peace and our True Identity reappears!

Thoughts-When we are in our active default ‘Ego’ state, then we have thoughts of our past or our future only and they remain with us for long time leading to emotions like fear, anxiety, worry, regret, anger, happiness, and others. This continuous thinking of our past or future and the resultant emotions block or reduce the capacity and capabilities of our Intellect! Whereas, in the state of ‘Pure Awareness’, thoughts are extremely short lived; instead of emotions we are peaceful and so our Intellect is free for Intuitive, Creative and Effective activities. Luckily, the choice is ours to make as to which active state is our default state, ‘Ego’ or ‘Pure Awareness’! Unfortunately most of us are unaware that this choice is ours to make and so the default active state for most of us is the ‘Ego’ state!

Further, in the passive state of ‘Being’ we have a singular thought of ‘I am’. At the end of meditation is our deepest passive state of ‘Samadhi’, when we are totally thoughtless!

Emotions-We have emotions only when our Intellect is in the active ‘Ego’ state! Whereas in the active state of ‘Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance’ there are no emotions. There is only Peace!

If a specific emotion increases our psychological & physical energy we call it a positive emotion. If it drains our psychological & physical energy we call it a negative emotion! Happiness, Love, Calmness, Passion are positive emotions whereas Sadness, Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Regret are negative emotions. Negative emotions not only drain our energy in the short term but they also have a bad influence on our long term health!

Most Gurus and Spiritual teachers suggest we replace negative emotions with positive ones to live a better life! In effect, we have to ask our Ego to control itself! But when our Ego tries to do this, it succeeds only temporarily and so most of us revert back to our old situation very soon! Relief from all emotions can only be ours if we remain in the active state of ‘Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance’ most of the time. Then unlimited and undefined Peace replaces all our emotions! Happiness – is a transient emotion of our Ego. It lasts for a brief period after any of our desires or expectations are fulfilled. Whereas Peace is with us all the time when we are in the state of ‘Being’ or when we are in deep sleep!

Smile-even if we force our muscles to smile, it brings in cognitive ease and ease of retrieving information from our memory which is necessary for good decision making! It helps build strong relationships! It also helps our auto immune system to keep us healthy!

There is always something we can find in every situation to smile about. Try and find this, instead of being overwhelmed by the situation, to maximise our happy living as well as our good health. * 230718

Fragrance-People, who remain in pure awareness and full acceptance most of the time, have a positive and magnetic aura around them. There is a sweet fragrance emanating from them and other people feel comfortable and love to be in their company!

Flowing Through-Let all our thoughts, emotions (like grief, fear, anxiety, regret, anger, compassion, happiness  etc) and bodily pain flow freely in our body and out from our body into the Universe! Let us not control, dam or bottle them within our own body! That is real freedom as well as gives a fine feeling of lightness and good health!

Peace and Harmony within us get lost when we are in competition with others; when we have desires to be better, smarter, richer, more popular than someone else! They also get lost when we have expectations from others and when they are not fulfilled; and when we are trying to hide somethings from others! All we have to do is to be our own self to be at peace and harmony!

Peace with others can happen only when are at peace with and within our own self!

Completeness – Our Ego keeps us feeling incomplete at all times, seeking inputs from the external world to make us complete. The reality is that each one of us is complete within our own self at all times!

Problems- Situations are not problems by themselves. Situations just are! Only when our Ego does not accept the situations fully, situations become problems.  Our Ego does not accept the situations fully when the situations do not fulfil it’s desires and expectations! Once our Ego becomes aware of it’s many desires and expectations, there will be easier and quicker acceptance of the situations and the mirages of problems disappear. What will remain are the situations which can be easily handled and managed! *

When we transcend our Ego and it’s desires, our problems vanish and life becomes a celebration! *

Worry – is the unnecessary thinking our Ego does out of fear of an imagined bad future. Experience will show that the imagined bad future does not really happen most of the time! So, worry is a meaningless waste of time for our Intellect which can be used in many better ways when our Ego accepts the present situation as it is now and our Intellect is peaceful! *

Help – Our Ego actually prevents God from helping us through the Forces of our Universe!

Prayer – True Praying is done when our Intellect is completely empty and is not asking for anything; that is, when it is totally free from the Ego it has created!

The war and conflict within our Ego gets resolved immediately when we surrender unconditionally to the Forces of the Universe also called God; when we accept the present situation fully!

Life becomes very pleasant and fulfilling when we are in either of the two emotional states of Love & Passion; which, strange as it may seem, are also part of our Ego!

Life implies beneficial situations & difficult situations, successes & failures, gains & losses, good decisions & bad decisions, perfection as well as making mistakes. This is like two sides of a coin. There is no exclusivity! We cannot just have beneficial situations, successes, gains, good decisions and perfection all the time! We have to accept the two opposite aspects of life totally if we want to live this life fully!

The reality is that life situations happen to us; the illusion is that we make life situations happen!

Life is Divine internally as well as externally. Externally, we have to also enjoy and experience the Divine game of success and failure, respect and disrespect, good health and sickness knowing that each aspect does not last for ever! *

Almost all of us are living a life of discontent and unhappiness most of the time except for few short intervals of contentment and happiness when our Ego’s desires are fulfilled by The Totality! *

Deathis a sad event as per the social norms and conditioning of our Ego. It has to be grieved! Whereas the reality is that, Death is the passage back to our original sublime and peaceful un-manifested state from where our body and Intellect originated. It really should be celebrated as our Ego’s separateness from The Totality has ended and we are once again one with The Grand Totality! *                         140717

Civilised – A characteristic of being civilised is that our Ego does not accept the present moment as it is now, driving us to lead a stressful life of always planning and working to change the present situation. Unfortunately, this only happens at the cost of our happiness and living life fully! Perhaps, people untouched by civilisation, like tribals and those living in remote areas, are living life fully and happily in the present moment! *

Selfless Action-Most of our actions are carried by our Intellect while it is in its Ego state! Such actions are totally self centered. Like an Ostrich buries its head in the sand to avoid a sand storm, most of us fail to become aware that our actions are really self centered and not in service of others as we tend to imagine and believe! Only when our Intellect is in the Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance state, when we respond, not react, to the situation in the present moment, then our actions are truly selfless!

Actions done with deep understanding of our True Self are free from success or failure in fulfillment of the desires of our Ego. Such actions are perfect and noble! *

Unconditional Love cannot be given by us mortals who have not fully discovered our own self! If and when we discover our inner peace or are immersed in the emptiness within our own self, then unconditional love or peace radiates from us to everyone without being selective! Our unconditional love or peace envelopes even those who hate us including our enemies!

Relationships-As most of us have not yet fully discovered our own self, our relationships are always one of give and take. You give me this and I will give you that! All our relationships are like business transactions wherein we exchange money, goods or services. Additionally, in personal relationships, services also include giving and taking love, respect, looking after and caring, compassion and understanding, etc. It may appear ridiculous, that even our relationships with our parents or children are based on transactions of give and take! We only need to become aware of this, to have a pleasant environment at home and not be under the false impression that either our parents, children or we are giving unconditional love to others!

Best relationships are sustained when we become capable of giving unconditional love to the other person or persons all the time as well as our full attention to that person or persons whenever they require it!

More on RelationshipsEven a single unfulfilled desire or expectation from the other person can bring in frost (barrier) in our relationship! Whereas, if our Ego drops all desires and expectations from the other person, then the relationship becomes very blissful – The Totality *

When one person wants the other person to change to meet it’s values, perceptions or beliefs, then the relationship is on the brink of failure or collapse. Good relationships are based on full acceptance of the other as she/he is now. We can do this when we become aware that our values, perceptions and beliefs are based on the limited personal experience and knowledge we have gathered in our memory. The other person’s values, perceptions and beliefs are based on her/his limited experiences, and knowledge she/he has gathered in it’s memory. These are bound to be different. So, it makes good sense to accept everyone as they are now which will enhance relationships and bring more happiness in both person’s lives – emanated from the Universe 100620 *

Spouses Relationship – Spouses should be sufficiently similar to understand each other easily and adequately different to surprise each other and make life very interesting!

Sex – is an integral part of life! Unfortunately, we are conditioned from childhood by parents, religions and society to deny it, avoid  talking about it within the family, suppress our sexual desires resulting in unnatural way of stressful living resulting in major imbalances! Better way is to be open for any discussion on sex with any of our family members and at the proper time help the young family members to understand sex, and the resultant procreation activity!

Maximising our Potential – We maximise our Intelligence, capabilities, happiness as well as our health when our Intellect is fully involved with the present moment!

Achievements – A good part of our Ego is the conditioning and programming of our Intellect to achieve personal or financial success in this life! So, our Ego continuously makes new and many fixed and rigid goals for achievement and drives itself very hard to achieve these goals regardless of what the Forces of the Universe will allow us to achieve. We are lucky when our goals are in tune with these Forces. If not, then there are disappointments, sadness and psychological damage when we do not achieve!

Awareness brings us in tune with the Forces of the Universe and then we do achieve but with flexible goals. It is quite possible that in Awareness we may start with a flexible goal to become an Engineer and end up becoming a very successful doctor!

Responsibilities & Duties – These are conditionings or programmings which are either acquired by our Intellect or imposed on it by our parents, friends, teachers, society or the Constitution of the Nation and are retained as part of our Ego! They generally are a burden unless we fulfill them out of love or as a response to the situation in the present moment!

Perfection – Every aspect of our wonderful Universe is perfect. If we drop all our desires, then we will know and experience this perfection *

Being a Perfectionist-This is also a conditioning or programming which is either acquired by our Intellect or imposed on it by a parent, friend, teacher or a Guru. This characteristic is a part of our Ego! It creates immense amount of stress within us while doing any work or getting any work done by others. Stress does not help either our body or our intellect! Instead, the better option is to do the best we can or get the best done in the time available to us! Also, understand that our standards of perfection are never the same as anyone else’s standard. There is no absolute perfection and we do not see it in nature either! Nature is imperfectly beautiful! So, can we be!

Making Mistakes – Mistakes like accidents happen, they are generally not made! Freedom to make mistakes releases us from unnecessary stress and gives us the capabilities to take risks and try new activities and experiments with life. *

Underperformance – Most of us are conditioned or programmed to have Desires and Expectations as material success is the goal of the human race! This automatically gives rise to fear or anger that our desires and expectations may not be fulfilled which creates stress within our Intellect.  Stress is also created when we do not accept the present as it is now. This results in our underperformance! In order for us to perform to the best of our ability we have to be relatively stress free. This can be done when our Intellect is in the Pure Awareness and Full Acceptance state, when we do accept our present moment as is, and enjoy and love what we are doing keeping our own desires and expectations aside!

Do everything with relative ease and comfort as this will bring out the best in us. Leave the results to Totality as the results not only depend on our effort but in a big way on the multitude of universal forces of Totality in operation at every moment of time. *

UnderstandingWhenever we encounter any unusual situation our Ego drives us immediately to a lot of thinking and analysis to understand the situation very quickly. Our Ego is always in a hurry to understand everything quickly. Unfortunately our Ego’s desires, beliefs, biases and prejudices, insecurities, limited knowledge & experience may drive our thinking and analysis in the wrong direction and what we may understand may be very far from reality!

The question is, do we need to understand everything quickly? Or do we need to accept everything as it is now, quickly!

Let us first accept the situation fully and let the understanding come at its own time! This understanding will be closer to the truth! In the meantime, we are free to live life fully in the present moments!

Universal Knowledge & Understanding are accessible to everyone when we are at complete peace with our inner and outer worlds, i.e. our own self and the present moment situations! This is our state of ‘True Self’! Then we become aware of the limitations of the knowledge, experience, skills of our Ego along with the resultant faulty decisions we make often based on these limitations. We also become aware of the damage our reactive emotions are doing to our life and preventing us from good living! *

Logic and Reasoning are thinking tools created by human Intellect to make a common platform for thinking, analysis and decision making for orderly functioning of our human race! However, it has its limitations and does not apply to the Forces of our Universe as we still do not have good quality and reliable evidence on how our Universe and its Forces function!

Change-Our parents, teachers and Gurus preach regularly that we change for the better. This implies that they have not accepted us as we are now and as a result of which, even we do not accept ourselves as we are at present. So most of us spend our present moments in trying to change, thereby losing out on the fine living we can do in the present moment! Instead, let us live our life fully in the present moment and be aware and accept fully who and what we are; then the changes, if the Universal forces require, will happen automatically within us!

ControlSimilarly, we have been preached to control our thoughts, emotions and actions! Control is an activity of our Ego and it gets strengthened when it starts controlling! Control requires much effort and energy. So, it results in building up of stress within our Intellect and Body and then we may need stress management workshops to free us from the stress we have built within our own self! Once again, it is better to become aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions and let this awareness lead us to experience, understanding, acceptance and subsequent automatic change in our thoughts, emotions and actions instead of immediate stressful control of the same!

Effort-Our individual effort is an essential part of our destiny! We cannot win a lottery unless we make the effort to buy a lottery ticket! What happens in the future is highly unpredictable as multitude of activities, not in our control, have to take place before any result happens! Perhaps that is why, Bhagavad Gita states that, we should not be attached to the fruits of our action!

Illusion-Indian Scriptures state that ‘this world is an illusion‘ (Maya). The bigger illusion is our Ego, that we have ourselves created, which perceives it own created reality and runs our life within the confines of this reality which is normally far from the truth! Quite often our Ego ruins our life instead of running it!!

Attachment-Indian Scriptures ask us to practice ‘Vairagya’, detachment from this world. The most important detachment, we need to have, is the detachment of our Intellect from our Ego (which also means our possessions)! This is easily done by being in the present moment when our Intellect surfaces into a state of Pure Awareness and our desires and expectations disappears!

Soul (Atman)-Another misconception with most of the the Priests is that our Soul (Atman) needs to be connected to God during our lifetime. The heuristic (discovery by experience) is that individual Soul cannot be separated from the Universal Soul. It is the Ego that we create, that separates us from the rest of the Universe! It is our Ego that is always restless and without peace! At death, our body as well as our Ego dies and with it our restlessness dies too! So, truly no prayers, rituals, ceremonies are required to bring peace to our Soul as it is always peaceful and one with the Universal Soul! The prayers, ritual and ceremonies are really meant for bringing peace in the Egos of the surviving near and dear ones!

Learning is best done when we are in the present moment with the help of our Intellect in the Pure Awareness state. When we are truly and fully in the present moment, our Ego disappears so it can not limit our learning or interfere with the observing and learning process!

Most Important Activity is what we are doing in the present moment be it washing, bathing, eating, studying, singing, painting, doing sudoku, gaming, playing, blogging, teaching, preaching, managing, organising and even planning. Everything we do, should be done with full Awareness. What we do in the present moment and how we do it, molds our future! Once Buddha was asked by his disciple as to why he had raised his hand twice to touch his forehead in quick succession? Buddha explained that the first time he was not aware of what he had done so he repeated it; the second time with awareness! Fortunately, the positive aspects and benefits of Pure Awareness can be experienced by all of us in no time!

Pilgrimage-Many of us spend quite a bit of time, energy and life in planning pilgrimages to holy places and to take dips in holy rivers or visit holy places to wash off our sins! There is a much better and easier way! This is of our Ego, Intellect and Body taking frequent dips in the ocean of inner peace or being fully immersed in our own ‘True Self’! We can do it anytime and as often as we want to! The Sparkle returns quickly within us after this cleansing process!

Program – We all have been unconsciously programmed by our parents, teachers and society to not accept our own self as we are now and not accept the present moment as it is now. This results in our life’s futile continuous struggles to change our own self and to change others and the external environment. *

Freedom – We have put our own self in heavy chains with the conditioning or programming we have done of our Intellect with the help of our parents, teachers & society. We call this conditioning or programming as our Ego. We can be fully free if we can become aware of the limitations our Ego has kept us in. Slowly the imaginary chains holding us back will disintegrate and disappear leaving us in True Freedom to live life fully. – The Totality *

Present – Our life is a present from The Totality. We can choose to live it fully as we receive it in the present moments, or we can let the present moments of life slip by, waiting for a better life, as defined by our Ego, to arrive in the future! *

Only the Present Moment is real and is created by Divinity! Both the past as well as the future are unreal and are a creation of our Conscious Intellect, our Ego!

The Present Moment is not created by us (our Ego) but by Totality, the Universal Forces or God! Blaming or crediting our own self is a mistake for which we can suffer psychologically. But we do have a choice on the action we can take based on the situation in the present moment. However, we should be aware that it is nearly impossible for us (our Ego) to predict the future or get our desired results every time.*

The most precious part of our life is The Present Moment. Please do not allow it to slip by without being aware of it and being totally involved with it!

Being in the present moment is the same as having no desires! Only then, we truly and fully enjoy everything than happens in the present moment!

Egoless living is quite simple. Just be in the present moment!*                              250617

Energy– Ego’s desires create thoughts, emotions and actions which consume a lot of emotional and physical energies of our body. Pure Awareness consumes much less energy; Peace, Tranquility and Emptiness consume practically no energy. Meditation and deep sleep at night regenerate our emotional & physical energies!

Cause and Effect – All of us are programmed to quickly identify a single cause for each effect. The reality is that for each effect there are always a multitude of causes; many are still beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Instead of wasting our time and energies identifying the single cause or maybe a few causes, it is better for most of us to move from our past into the present moments and continue living life fully and leave this activity to the research scientists!

History never repeats itself! Each situation is unique as the circumstances are continuously changing. So, every situation needs a new and very specific response. Ready made solutions from our, our parents and other persons past experiences will generally be outdated and invalid to help sort out the present situation!

Managing the Future-Most of us are managing our future with our Ego, manipulating, driving or forcing the situations to meet its expectations! This can often result in poor health or other difficult to handle situations. We also have the choice, that with the help of our Intellect we sail with the wind, like what sailors do in their sail boats! This means doing what is necessary based on the situation in the present moment! Then we are more than likely to come across situations in the future which are much beyond the expectations of our Ego!

Experiences – No experience is a waste, even if it classified as bad by our Ego. Every experience enriches our life by adding more meaning and depth to it! So, continue experiencing life as fully as possible by remaining in the now, the present moment! *

Success & Failure – There is only a 50% chance of succeeding in whatever we do to succeed in our Personal & Business life or even in improving our health! The chances increase considerably if the Forces of the Universe present at the moment help the actions or moves we have made! The reverse is true and we will definitely fail, if the Forces of the Universe do not help or support our actions! Truly, success as well as well as failure are not within our control! Only taking action is possibly within our control! Sometimes, even taking action is prevented by the Forces of the Universe! *

Goals-Having fixed and specific goal is like being on a train which is guided by the rails towards the specific goal or destination. It does not let you discover much other than what comes along the railway track! If we make our goals more general in nature, and subject to revision or change based on the prevailing situation in the present, it will be like riding in an automobile instead, which gives you the flexibility of discovering not only what is ahead, but towards the left or right and even what is behind us!

Like a river racing to the ocean, most of us are rushing towards the goal of success. Our Society’s definition of success is accumulation of only material wealth and possessions; which is having a huge bank balance and lots of expensive and exclusive possessions! Discovering our own self, peace and happiness within us are not considered as success by our Society!

Goalless Achievements-When we look into our past, many of us may find one surprising aspect; that is, we have  had many worldly achievements in the past  for which we never had a Goal! Some of these achievements were life changing! This seems strange, doesn’t it? We need to deliberate on this, as most of us feel that motivation and material success come only from having goals! What about passion, interest and good luck? What role do they play in motivating and helping us? Let us deliberate, discover and experience it!

Seeding or setting Goals – Our Ego is continuously planting seeds, setting new goals! However, the sprouting of the seeds, or achievement of our goals, is dependent on numerous factors which are not within the ambit of our Ego. We can call these factors or forces, The Totality. Some seeds may sprout or none may sprout, depending on The Totality and its enormous forces! Even if some sprout they may not sprout within the time schedule set by our Ego. Surprisingly, our experience can and will show that many sprouts do come up in our life for which the seeds were not planted by our Ego. This will be impossible for most of us to believe that something can be achieved without any effort from our Ego! So, when we plant seeds or set goals, let us do it with this awareness and knowing of The Totality’s enormous power compared with our Ego. This will make our life more specific, meaningful and less stressful. * 240717

Sub-atomic Specks-Amidst the vast Universe of our ‘True Self’, our own and other Egos thoughts, words and actions as well as bodily pains and other conditions are like sub-atomic specks; so very tiny and insignificant that their existence does not cause any ripples or reactions within the Intellect of an aware and evolved person!

Yardstick-Many of us think that we are living our life fully when we are earning lots of money, having high level of power and control, getting recognition and respect, spending much money for entertainment, travelling exclusively and extensively, acquiring exclusive possessions, giving away plenty to others as well as giving to charities etc.!

However, one yardstick for living our life fully can be the amount of love we are giving to others and the number of people beyond our relatives and close friends who are receiving our love! Living becomes even fuller when we start giving limitless love to each and everyone, regardless of their relationship with us, their religion, caste, creed, colour or their economic level, and regardless of getting any love or anything else back in return!

Another yardstick is being one with everyone, a real understanding that no one is either superior or inferior to us!

Most of us live life being our Ego, try being a Zero, when life can be lived fully!

Gul Malani


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