It is a waste of our time to…

It is a sheer waste of our scarce and precious time to …

… acquire knowledge without understanding it through our own experiences!

… believe that we will be peaceful and happy in the future when we are not peaceful or happy in the present moment!

… to try and be at peace with others and our external situations when we have not yet discovered the peace within our own self!

… expect others to understand, recognise and appreciate us for what we are!

… force our close family members and others to fulfill our desires instead of fulfilling their own desires!

… imagine and worry about our future which is most unpredictable, as zillions of forces and situations have to come together in the future to make our present moment then!

… predict the future or to try and control it *

… waste our time trying to force others to change (their Ego), when we know quite well that it is very difficult to change our own self (Ego)! It is better for us to accept others as they are, as they are also doing the right thing as per their present level of understanding!

… to listen and be in dialogue with our own Ego most of the time, when there is so much more we can learn from other’s Egos and from the Universe

… give advice. It is better to ask questions so that the other person finds his/her own answers!

…make decisions for any one else as only that person knows what is best for him/her. This is because, only he/she understands himself/herself well and his/her situation fully and as best as he/she can! Strangely, this applies to children as well, who are very capable of making good decisions. We should allow our very young children also to make decisions for their own growth, except where it may involve their safety.

… judge others as it is based on our perceptions, which again are based on our norms that we automatically prepare, beliefs, the limited knowledge, experience and skills we have acquired!

… to chase the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!


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