Our True Identity

By now some of us may have already arrived at the answer to the Trillion dollar question, ‘Who am I?

Let us recap briefly. Most of us think of ourselves as our ‘Ego’. Though most of us will not say this, as Ego seems to have a negative connotation in our social terminology! But the fact is, when we say ‘I’ we mean the ‘I’ which has all these possessions – knowledge, experience, skills, memory, beliefs, desires, expectations, likes, dislikes, plans for the future etc. which make up our Ego! Ego is the default operational state for almost all of us!

A very small percentage of us think of our ‘I’ as the being, which is aware, a witness, an observer! These people are living at the level of their Intellect which has detached itself from its own creation ‘the Ego’. In this case the Intellect and Ego co-exist but have separate identities just like a mother and a child. Such a person’s Intellect, peacefully and gracefully, accepts the Ego as it’s naughty and misbehaving child. The Intellect does not spend time and energy trying to control, change or destroy the Ego! Any change that comes about in our Ego is due to our detached Intellect’s awareness of it and it is generally gradual and not an abrupt change!

An infinitely small percentage of people, who have known their ‘True Identity’, are those who have been in the state of just Being during Meditation. True Identity only surfaces when we are in the present moment.

People, who have known their True Identity, are around in all parts of this world, probably un-noticed by rest of us, who are very busy living their Egoistic lives! Such people have no need to be recognized! They are not affected by the external situations and are probably living their lives fully in the present moment and in real freedom. They are more than likely interacting with others in a state of Awareness and not through their Egos!

Our ‘True Identity’, our state of Being, is a state of near Zero , Emptiness, as well as Infinity, Totality or Divinity wherein there is only oneness of everyone and everything – The Totality *

As long as we seek happiness, we are in our Ego state, a cyclical state of ups and downs. We need to go deeper within, to our state of intense Inner peace, to our True Identity for living life fully – The Totality *

All of us (Egos) are imperfect, so chasing perfection is another delusion! Our True Identity, which is Emptiness, Totality, or Divinity is perfect – The Totality *

By being in the present moment and meditating we will uncover a very peaceful state of Emptiness. This is our True Identity in which there are no divisions or separateness. Everything is one. This True Identity is unaffected by either the external world or the world within our bodies. – The Totality * 011117

We all have two identities. The primary and the original one we are born with, is the identity of The Infinite Peace and Emptiness. In this identity, we are in a state of just Being; a state of completeness, devoid of desires. All of us enter this state when we are in deep sleep. When we are awake, we can be in this identity if we are aware, in the present moment and meditating regularly.

The secondary one is an acquired identity that we acquire from our parents, others and the environment. It is our Ego. In this Ego identity, we are in a state of doing, receiving and giving to the environment; a state of incompleteness, filled with unending desires.  This identity, our Ego, superimposes on our primary and original identity and becomes the default identity. Intellectual Awareness and Understanding can help us actively switch back from our Ego identity to the one of Infinite Peace and Emptiness, leading us to a happier, more meaningful, useful and  complete life.

Truly evolved humans offer and merge their second identity, The Ego, into the first one, The Infinite Peace and Emptiness.The Totality * 021117

Our Spiritual Identity is Pure Existence, Atman, or Spirit. This identity is Eternal, deeply peaceful and totally detached from the Physical Universe. It can be uncovered by all of us by meditation; going within and beyond our Intellect.

After birth we acquire an additional identity, which is formed out of our parental and social conditioning or programming. We can call this as our Ego. This Identity is intimately attached to our Physical Universe of health, happiness, wealth, success, love, respect etc., etc.. Interestingly, all of our misery is caused solely by this Identity, our Ego. Understanding and becoming aware of our Ego and it’s characteristics and limitations will help us live life fully, happily and meaningfully. The Totality 220320

Our True Identity is pure ATMAN or SPIRIT, what we were solely before birth and will again be after death. We also are in our True Identity when we are in deep sleep and in deep meditation, a state of Samadhi as experienced by Indian mystics. In our True Identity we have no Ego (no I), no Expectations, no Emotions, no Experiences. We just Exist. – emanated from Cosmos 310720 


4 thoughts on “Our True Identity

  1. HI Gulu Bhaiya, this is Tunoo. Thanks for the invite. This is a wonderful Blog site . I enjoyed reading all your postings and look forward to many more.

    • Hi! I am glad that you visited this blog. It is more or less complete but there will be some updates and additions in the future. Please do subscrbe on the site so that you get information of addition and updates automatically.

  2. merrily merrily merrily……..”.i “drift along the stream of life……………hopefully to the dimension of eternal happiness and understanding of all things, preferably in this body and within this lifetime . My wife is in charge of my “ego and “self” now..! All complaints go to her.(^0^)/.lol!!

    • Yes, merrily is the way to live and not seriously as many of us do!I am not too sure about drifting! We have to be sensitive and aware of the situation around us in the present moment and respond to it, and not react to it. So, our life gets an automatic direction!

      If we are happy at times, we will also be sad sometimes. But if we have understood and discovered ourselves well enough, we can remain peaceful at all times! We can easily arrive at this internal peace right now. It will not take a lifetime to do it.Jokes aside, we have to let no one else but our detached Intellect to take charge of our life!

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