Questions to ask our own self to uncover the Truth

  • Does God truly exist for us humans, animals, birds and plants? Or is God existing in the imagination of human’s Ego, which itself is an illusion created by our Intellect?
  • Does it help to pray and worship and visit places of prayer and worship regularly?
  • Is it necessary to follow rituals and ceremonies handed out to us by our parents and their ancestors?
  • When a person dies, are the rituals and prayers done to bring peace and liberation to the Soul (Atman) of the dead person, or are they meant to bring peace in the Ego’s of the surviving relatives?
  • Do we need to question our Ego’s conditioning and programming acquired from our parents, teachers, friends, and others who in turn have acquired their conditioning from their parents, teachers and others too? Such conditionings have been going on since time immemorial?
  •  Is there any constructive role our Ego plays? Does our Ego help or hurt us? *
  • Why should we be worried what our Ego thinks and does or what other Egos think and do, when the reality is that the present moment is a creation of The Totality and not of the Egos?  *
  • Why should our Ego be afraid to do something or to do nothing when it knows that only The Totality determines every present moment situation? *     040717
  • As our Ego is not capable of correctly predicting the future, why is it afraid of the future? *
  • Why should we plan our future when we can neither predict it correctly nor we can control it? *
  • Why do we let our Ego to gnaw and consume away our precious present moments? *
  • Should we be guided by our Ego and react, jump to conclusions, make impulsive and emotional decisions or should we use  our Intellect in the state of ‘Awareness and Acceptance’ most of the time?
  • When the whole Universe is present in each of our bodies, why do we rely on our micro-micro-microscopic Ego (a minuscule download of knowledge and learning from our parents, teacher, friends, society and the environment) to guide us through our life, reacting to almost everyone and to almost all situations? Why don’t we learn to accept everyone and our situations in the now fully, without any reactions, implying that we trust the Universe fully? And then we coolly act instead of reacting!  161017
  • Why do we want to succeed every time and are afraid of even a single failure?
  • Why do we have to believe that everything that happens, happens for our good only? Why do we not accept happenings or situations as they are, regardless of whether they are beneficial to us or not? *
  • Why do we choose to get lost in the wilderness of our Ego (Illusory Self), when our Awareness can keep us in the peace, comfort and steadiness of our True Self?
  • Do we need to question and experience our beliefs & superstitions which have been transferred to us by others, including our parents, teachers, friends and society?
  • Is there such a thing as re-incarnation and previous life’s karmas (activities) that affect our present life?
  • Is there someone on this planet who can constantly correctly predict the future? Or, is the future really unpredictable and seemingly random?
  • Do we need to carry the burden of our past for the rest of our lives and waste our present moment reacting to it; a past which cannot be changed as it is dead and gone but is retained in our memory? Does it help in any way to carry this burden, to spend time on it, to discuss it? Or, is it better to forgive and move on?
  • Can our present and our future be fully as per our Ego’s expectations and desires?
  • Should we live our life as beggars, begging God for financial success and good health and begging others to give us love & respect?  *

4 thoughts on “Questions to ask our own self to uncover the Truth

  1. Since you asked, I have given my limited answers, and hope there is some truth in it, but maybe one can get more correct answers direct from the 5th dimension,if one believes in such things here:

    Q1> Does God…….
    A1> Yes god exists and created the universe. There are many dimensions. Humans were originally 5th dimensional beings and were genetically engineered by the annunaki and reptilians in Atlantis days, are presently living in the 3rd dimension on earth,which consists of the cycle of life and death occurring, as in reincarnantion cycle. of course, there is no death, the soul is eternal, the body just detioriates and the soul returns to fullfill karma in a new body and is given an opportunity to grow and expand .

    Q2> Pray and worship
    A2> There is no need to pray and worship ,all relgions are fraud and deceiving the human pop, for personal greed. The truth is pure love and all one has to do is feel the pure unconditonal love in one’s heart. there is no need for a guru and or any other human to be a connector to God. God is in everybody and everybody can be completely happy devoid of religion.

    Q3,4,5> teachings from parents etc……
    A3,4,5> There is absolutely no need to believe the teachings from others if it does not feel right and good in one’s own heart. All our ancestors have received teachings from the same 3rd dimension humans who have all been deceived and hypnotised by a group of aliens and humans, called the criminal cabal (check internet, includes Bush, Rothschilde).
    They have controlled the media ,movies, education system, banking system, law ourts afor a very long time. They fee on teh fears of humans and make money. They keep hidden free technology ,and only want to make slaves of the human pop. For instance, “work hard and be good .” ..”old nursery rhymes…..Jack and Jill…” Ridiculous nonsense. ”
    Children today know the truth and need to constuct a new transparent spociety instead of conforming to old detrimental traditons and teachings. ofcourse there are good teachings which help one survive in this 3rd dimensional jungle. But teh truth is that we can be free of this 3rd dimension. The truth is that we have 12 DNA strands, 10 of which have been disconnected and RIGHT NOW are being reconnected God’s orders. We have 12 chakras, not 7. It is necessary tojump out of the religious thinking box and think freely as a human being.

    Next question.
    ANswer: yes reincarnation is an universal law of the 3rd dimension. BUT there is no reincarnation in the 4th 5th 6th dimensions and beyond. One can live for 2000 years ,young and helathy in the same body…Info is all over the internet.

    Next question, Yes we can know our future..akashic records..somewhere in Kerala. Also nowadays there are many channellers who communicate with ET’s from the higher dimensions who can give answers about the future, because they can travel back and forth in time.
    if interested, check out: and
    for the latest truths, which religious people do not want you to know,otherwise they cannot control you and your donations…….lol!

    Burdens of the past question.
    Answer.: No you do not need to carry the burdens of your past. You just have to forgive yourself. Because you are perfect. Forgive yourself again and again and one day you will love yourself and realise that you are perfect and full of love and compassion.
    Forgiveness and love for oneself and for others is the answer.
    Burdens of the past is ….another religious twist of the truth for their benefit. Catholic church is the worst deceiver and perpetrator of crimes against humanity….will be in the news soon..

    Ego. Of course ego is necessary to survive in the 3rd dimension. To overcome ego means to be in a state of pure love all the time..which is enlightenment and also a 4th and 5th dimensional attribute…and the goal which we are all aiming for…….!
    now where is my beer!
    Cheers and apologies for saying too much.

    • Thanks for the effort you have put in your replies! You have done a lot of research on the Internet and it is heartening to note that!

      A few more questions arise now:

      If we believe in 5th dimension…. What is belief itself, is it our imagination or is it reality or something else?

      If the logic, that there should be a creator for all and nothing can be created without a creator, is put on hold for some time and look at the long evolution that took place from amoeba to humans, would you still believe (again belief!) that a God exists?

      Churning of all knowledge that we have been taught, read and researched within our detached peaceful Intellect will yield the ultimate truth about our self and our Universe as of this present moment!

      So, keep on and discover!

  2. These are the questions that come to our mind when we think and start questioning Life and Our purpose..Each one of them needs to be explored fully..Lets discuss each one separately after you have penned down your thoughts….

    • The questions were to inspire each one of us to go beyond what we have read and taught! By objective (without judgement) observing, seeing, and hearing we learn a lot more than what we are taught and what we read. The answers should come from within us, rather than from an external source including this Blog! Reading, learning and remembering may be the starting point but our own understanding is very important. For this we need to go within ourselves to our Intellect which is detached from our Ego and is peaceful! Discussions can be helpful too, to a point. We will surely do it when we meet!

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