Meditation is the art of transcending our stressful Ego state to dissolve our own self into the Divinity, deep Peace and harmony state we are all born in! Meditation helps us to transcend our Ego with it’s conditional love and numerous emotions and feelings into a state of unconditional love and then into the final state of just Being!*

It is fairly simple to do! Stay in any comfortable position in which our body can be still and our back reasonably straight!

Take deep breaths. While doing so, become aware and follow the breath going in through the nostrils into the throat and lungs as well as when it is coming out from the lungs! Do this at least for 7 breaths or more. Then go back to normal breathing and continue you awareness of the breath till it becomes smoother and softer.

Turn your awareness to the deep sense of peace developing within you. This is our dimensionless, all pervading, eternal Divinity we are all born with!

Stay as long as you can in this state. You may find all types of thoughts, feelings and emotions coming. View them as if they are showing up on the infinitely large and deep screen of your own Divinity. You will then realise the smallness and insignificance of the thoughts, feelings and emotions and will allow them come and to easily pass by! Let the thoughts, feelings and emotions come and go at their own time and will. Slowly they will disappear and you will only be in your true Divine state, a state of eternal bliss!

Here on, at its own time and will, some of us may reach a deeper state which is called ‘Samadhi’ by Indian mystics, an un-manifested state. A state similar to our deep sleep state when we do not know that we exist!

Meditation is as simple as that!

For starting Meditation, we recommend using YouTube video ‘Tara Beach Leads a Guided Meditation: Opening and Calming.’

Properly done Meditation is a MUST DO EVERY DAY for all of us to maintain a peaceful and an effective Intellect, a healthy body as well as to live a full and meaningful life! It unshackles us from our ‘Illusory Self’ (Ego) and frees us into our ‘True Self’!

Regretfully, meditation nowadays means a lot of varied and different activities and techniques based on the limited knowledge and experience of the Guide or Guru!

Some feel that we have to sit in a specific posture to do it. We then have to imagine a pretty scene like a sunrise, a sunset, a beach or snow clad mountains; or imagine our Lord or Deity, a source of light with beams emanating from it and focus and concentrate on it; or focus, concentrate and control our breathing in a pre-determined manner!

Others feel that we need to control our thoughts, feelings and emotions and achieve a thoughtless, feelingless and emotionless state!

Some suggest we repeatedly chant a holy phrase, or sound like ’Om’, or name of our Lord or Deity.

Some techniques use repeated suggestions of who we are and who is God and if our Intellect accepts these, then these suggestions imposed on us, become our new belief system.

Whereas, through proper and simple meditation technique. we can discover (and not believe) who we really are. This will be our wisdom and not just a belief!

Yes, it is just wonderful to be part of the miracle called ‘life’ ! So, let us meditate daily and live  our life fully, cheerfully, happily and meaningfully!

Meditation leads to Pure Awareness of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions and the door to our ‘True Self or Divinity’ is full acceptance of the situation in the present moment – Malanis

All our life we are totally involved with the Creation, the manifested world. Meditation aligns us with the Divinity and deep peace inside us -Malanis *

       Meditation takes us from shallow and superficial living to deep and meaningful living!                    It transforms us from a turbulent Wave to the deeply peaceful Ocean!– from The Creation *

Just as we daily cleanse our body externally by showering, bathing or washing, we should cleanse our insides, that is our Intellect, by being in the present moment while doing all the activities throughout our waking hours – The Totality *

The ultimate meditation is a process of getting more and more into un-self, into non-self — it is a disappearance of the self – Osho ‘Buddha, his life and teachings’

There are six senses: five are outer; they tell you about the world. … There is a sixth sense, the inner sense, that shows and tells you something about yourself and the ultimate source of things. That sense has to be discovered. … Meditation is nothing but the discovery of the inner sense. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

Meditation cleans up our subconscious mind’s  programming or conditioning, also called the Ego. So, instead of living life as a series of stimulus/reactive activities, we live life fully with our conscious mind, also called Intellect, responding peacefully to the situations in the present moments. – The Totality *170717

When our Conscious Mind (Ego) is in the present and peaceful, it automatically receives Universal Energy from the environment. Then it is capable of selfless action. The Totality * 081217

By identifying the desire or desires that are disturbing us, we can regain the peace that we have lost and continue to live life fully and meaningfully! The Totality * 311217 

Meditation is a death – death of all that you are now. Of course there will be a resurrection, but that will be a totally new, fresh original being which you are not even aware is hidden in you – Osho * 010218

We can be constantly in Meditation by fully accepting our own self as we are now as well as accepting our present situation fully! – The Totality * 180218

Meditation can help you to un-manifest yourself and temporarily merge back into The Divinity or The Superconsciousness. – The Totality * 040418

Meditation takes us from the physical world into the non-physical universe of Divinity or Emptiness. It rejuvenates our Intellect and the body. – The Totality * 290818

Life is like being in a small boat rocking in the middle of a huge ocean. To stabilise our own self, we need to uncover the infinite peace residing within our Intellect, which is much deeper than the operating level of our Ego, or our Self Identity. Daily Meditation can lead us there. Only then we can overcome fear of our Ego and experience life fully. – The Totality 041219 *


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