More on Ego

Our Intellect regularly updates its own conditioning and programming which is retained in our memory, which we can call as our Ego, so it is able to manage daily life situations that we face. As soon as we wake up, our Ego automatically responds to situations with the routine  actions throughout the day as per its programming. Many situations require repetitive standard responses and the Ego manages this reasonably well!

When unusual and unexpected situations happen our Ego generally reacts with Anger or Fear which can make the situation very unfavourable! In such situations it will be better if a conscious effort is made to become Aware and fully Accept the situation and then to utilise our Intellect in the state of ‘Analysis & Diagnosis’ to help understand and resolve such unusual situations!

After being programmed to manage day to day repeating situations, our conditioning and programming (Ego) focuses on building our personality to become someone special and stand out from the crowd and not just be our own natural ‘True Self’, a state of peace and contentment!

Ego then becomes a mask created by our Intellect to impress other people, get honour, respect, power, acquire and manage wealth, besides managing daily routine activities. It selectively picks out from memory only those events that make it look important and successful! Rest of the events are buried deep in the memory and are as good as forgotten!

Regretfully, Ego, being self centered, does not help in maintaining good and healthy relationships. Most of us wear this Ego mask all the time. Whereas, we must have the capacity to let the mask down and just be our own True Self for beautiful relationships to blossom! To begin with, we could drop the mask as soon as we enter our homes and wear it once again when we leave the home for intended or planned success in the outside world!  See what a world of difference it will make to our family life!

All planning for our future, goal setting, target achievement activities are acts of our Ego! It is based on the conditioning of our Ego to believe that it is incomplete and unfulfilled as it is now! So, it has to always has to plan to acquire something in the future for it to become complete or fulfilled! Many people think this is required so we remain motivated to do something all the time in our life! Unfortunately, such motivation is based on fear, anxiety, stress and sadness!!! What type of results can we expect from motivation based on negative emotions?

Our Intellect has to be aware and careful that these activities for the future do not overwhelm and ruin our capabilities to enjoy life too. While we do have to spend some part of our life in the state of our Ego to plan and achieve, we should also try and spend a major portion of our life in a state of Pure Awareness & Full Acceptance of the present moment to really enjoy and experience life fully! Unfortunately, our Ego is programmed not to accept and to resist the present moment, making our life a  stressful and burdensome activity instead of a miraculously enjoyable one!

Our conditioning or Ego also makes the world unrealistically more tidy, simple, predictable and coherent than it really is! So, our Ego tries to locate a single cause for each effect to simplify our life! But the reverse is true. Each effect has multitude of causes, many outside the realm of identification by our Intellect!

Ego observes and thinks within its limited knowledge, experience, skills, likes & dislikes, etc. that it can retrieve from in its memory! It generates impressions, feelings and inclinations which become beliefs, attitudes and intentions.

Ego is one of the three active states of our Intellect and for almost all of us, is the Intellect’s default state! In our Ego state we are driven by our Memory whereas in the state of Awareness we are driven by the situation that exists in the present moment! For example, if someone has  decided to become an Engineer at a young age, this will be retained in the Memory and it will drive that person to become one. It is quite possible that other better career options  also come along the way, but our Ego, which is generally insensitive to present moment situations, may continue to bulldoze its way to become an Engineer!


Ego has many limitations!

For example, Ego quickly creates a coherent pattern to explain all life situations. It focuses on existing evidence as observed by it and ignores absent evidence. A simple explanation is arrived at by inferring or inventing which includes finding a cause for each effect. Our predilection for causal thinking exposes us to serious mistakes in evaluating the randomness of truly random events! This explains the wide acceptance of the simple theory of Karma, which is a causal explanation of all that happens around us although the happenings are generally quite random!

Ego ignores ambiguity and suppresses doubt. Ego can run ahead of the facts in constructing a rich image (halo effect) on the basis of scraps of evidence, see patterns where none exist! So, often the explanation or understanding of our Ego can be very far from the truth!

Further, Ego links a sense of cognitive ease to illusions of truth, pleasant feelings and reduced vigilance.

The illusion that one has understood the past feeds the further illusion that one can predict and control the future! These illusions are comforting! They reduce the anxiety that our Ego were to experience if we allowed ourselves to fully acknowledge the uncertainties of existence!

Ego imagines the future and then forms a perception of situations, of other persons, of its own self,  as well as forms norms for people and situations! One has to be aware that our Ego’s perception can be very far from reality and the truth. Perceptions can become more realistic if our Intellect were to be in Awareness state instead of our Ego state!

For example, Ego may perceive that it is doing selfless activity but the reality may be that it is seeking honour and respect from others! It thinks it is giving unconditional love, but in reality it is giving love to a selected few persons as a response to the fulfilment of it’s desires and expectations by the other persons! It may think that it is living a very balanced life but is actually a workaholic and spends all the 24 hours of the day thinking of work only! It may think it is a good leader and motivator, but it is unaware that it reacts and crticises excessively and demotivates other persons often! It may think that it is a very good singer even though it is not yet fully trained in singing to a musical rhythm! These kind of perceptions of our Ego, which can be far from reality or the truth, do exist in us with regard to other persons, our own self as well as the situations around us!

Most of the time our Ego thinks that it knows it all and is the best decision maker. Often it jumps to conclusions based on the limited knowledge, experience, skills,  and perhaps a very rigid belief system! Ego’s likes and dislikes have a great impact on it viewing the situation positively or negatively! If it likes a person, as he/she has a nice face, our Ego will feel positively for everything that this person does!

Unfortunately the Ego generally remains unaware of these limitations and that most of the decisions it makes are impulsive or emotional and are based on inadequate, incomplete information and observations, beliefs and imagined future! Further, our Ego influences our Intellect to not investigate deeper to achieve more reliable and appropriate decisions. This can and often it results in our Ego unconsciously rejecting and losing out on the opportunities the Universe has to offer to us!

Conditioning & Programming

Our Ego is the conditioning and programming of our Intellect by the inputs from our parents, teachers, friends, Gurus and others. Unfortunately our Ego finds comfort in conditioning! It is easy and comfortable for our Intellect to be conditioned to act in a specific way when a specific situation arises! For example, some women don a dark veil and some others a Sari when they step out of their home, despite the fact that it may be very warm outside or that the long veil or Sari may interfere with activities like sports, riding on a bike etc.! Armed Forces personnel are generally comfortable killing other humans and destroying their properties as they are conditioned to kill enemy personnel and destroy their properties! Such political, religious or social conditioning are very much part of everyone’s daily life! These need to be questioned and we should try and eliminate our conditionings that are really irrelevant now! Conditioning binds us unnecessarily to the past and we need to break out of them to free ourselves!

Our Ego has been conditioned to believe that the effort it does is very important and that it should be done immediately! So, it is always stressed to act and to do it soonest! One important misconception we all possess is that the result or fruit depends solely on the efforts put in by our Ego. The reality is that our efforts can be the trigger of activity and the result too, but the end result depends mostly on the multitude of forces of the Universe, commonly called Luck or even God! If we become aware of this, then doing the effort and living life becomes fun and interesting instead of being stressful!

One of the conditioning that is very common is that we have been programmed to improve, change and also to exercise self control. This implies that our Ego, as it is now, is not acceptable to itself as well as to others so there is no love for itself too! Change and Self Control are efforts of our Ego on itself and results in unnecessary stress within us! Even if our Ego has changed under its own pressure, it will revert back to its old patterns once the pressure is released unconsciously by our Ego. Similarly Self Control also remains, when our Ego is exerting pressure, otherwise the Ego reverts back to its old patterns! Notice the insanity in all this! Most of us are living life without being happy with our own illusory self, the Ego! It means, we will never be happy!

So, stop forcing our Ego to change and control itself; start living right now and do not waste this precious present moment! Just move our Intellect into the ‘Awareness & Acceptance’ state and become aware of our Ego’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and actions and allow the change in our Ego to come automatically at its own time. In the meantime continue living life fully in the present moment!

Further, most Egos have been conditioned to be systematic, organised, logical and to find the single most important cause for any effect! This is the comfort zone of the Ego! Chaos, disorder, unexpected situations upset the Ego and then it is unable to use its Intellect to handle the situation! Of course, the best course of action is to return to the present moment and use our Intellect in its Analytic & Diagnostic State. In this State we can handle chaos, disorder, illogical and unreasonable situations very easily and we also become aware that any situation has multitude of causes and no single cause!

Ego has been conditioned to be the best and so it is very competitive. What is surprising to observe is, that it competes with its spouse, children, parents, siblings and friends! Fortunately, acquaintances and strangers are spared from this competition! Besides the younger family members, sometimes we also hear the head of the household making statements like ‘I am better than you or I know this better than you’! Competition within the home leads to strained relationships as the Ego is tense all the time to be the best! This is extremely unhealthy for the family and its members! We need to become aware of this so we can stop competing with our family members immediately and bring in peace and comfort in our home!

Being the best in everything we do, unfortunately also brings in fear of failure of not performing to the best standard. As a result of the fear, the sensory perceptions of our Intellect get reduced and is some cases they may even shut down. This handicaps us and results in under performance, which in turn makes our Ego upset and unhappy. The Ego then criticises itself and this may last over an unduly extended period of time. Further, it can lead to sleep deprivation and in extreme cases to depression and other more severe psychological problems. The solution is of course to be aware of this need of our Ego to be the best and the resultant negative emotions that happen. This awareness will keep our Intellect stable and capable of handling our Ego and the situation!

Our Ego wastes a lot of energy and time in speaking, dressing, acting etc. to impress other people as we have been conditioned for socially impressive behaviour by our parents and our society! Be aware that is really a futile activity as all we have to do is to be our own self only to live this life fully!


Ego is incompleteness as it is a conditioning and programming to constantly change or control not only our own Ego’s as well as other Egos thoughts, words and actions, to achieve what it has planned to achieve in the future, be it wealth, success, power, honour etc. in the future! Our Ego is therefore always under fear and stress about our future!

Most of the time our Ego overlays the present moment with either thoughts, fear and anxiety of the future or thoughts, anger, regret and sadness of the past! Therefore, our Ego is generally out of synchronisation with the present moment which is the result of multitudes of Universal forces called God or Luck; forces which are much beyond the present capabilities of our Intellect to understand!

In order to synchronise with the present moment we need to transcend our Ego with Awareness of the present moment only and let the past go by and live the future as it unfolds in as the present moment!

Our Ego as well as our  society has been conditioned to measure our own self esteem by our external achievements and success in amassing wealth, honour, respect, power and control! This can lead to extremes of happiness and sadness!

Ego rarely accepts and loves itself as it is, due to the desires and goals that have been seeded in our memory (part of Ego) by our loving parents and others. Seeding of desires  brings about our state of Ego, a state of incompleteness, as it has to seek something in the future to make itself complete! So, it drives our Body to a lot of unnecessary activity most of the time! Some desires are necessary for living a good and clean life but desires have a way of multiplying beyond our real needs! This results in a lot of waste of time, activity and energy!

Most of the time our Ego is expecting either love, appreciation, honour, respect, financial gain etc from others and the external environment. It requires constant endorsement and appreciation from others that it is thinking and acting correctly and rightly! So, it is constantly afraid that it may not get its expectations fulfilled. When its expectations are fulfilled, our Ego becomes happy, when they are not or the reverse happens, then it becomes sad and depressed. Therefore, the root cause of our happy and sad emotions are our expectations. Whereas in the state of Awareness & Acceptance, our Intellect has no expectations and so  our emotional state remains in a steady balance! In this state our Intellect can perform in the best possible manner!

Ego is conditioned to expect others to think, decide and act as it would do! There is only one way and that is my Ego’s way! This creates frequent and unnecessary disturbances in our Intellect as well as it harms relationships resulting in poor quality of life! Ego can overcome this by living its own way and letting others live their own way! Live and let live to live life happily and in peace!

Every Ego generally thinks that it is the most important entity and the know all and is the centre of this Universe! It expects and seeks love, respect, recognition from everyone at all times. As it thinks it is the smartest of all, strong Egos are very meticulous and specific. Frequently they advise and comment on other people’s thinking and action! They generally want everything to be done their way only, so they tend to give very detailed instructions to others to carry out any activity. Ego of the other person, who has been given detailed instructions to carry out or do some activity, often feels belittled, emotionally hurt and it may react back in anger, as it perceives that its intelligence, smartness and capabilities have not been appreciated and respected! When this happens, the other person’s Ego and Intellect also get disturbed and so he/she will under perform too!

Strong Ego expects that everybody and all the forces of this Universe will help it to fulfill all its desires and expectations! It is prone to play games and can be very manipulative to get control over others to fulfill it’s own desires and expectations. It sometimes can use emotional blackmail to fulfill it’s desires. For example, a father can convey to his grown up son living away from him, to return back home otherwise he will not live too long! Emotional manipulation exists in most families and organisations and is the basis for advertising, leadership, control and management!

Ego is constantly putting in effort to create a specific image of itself in other persons and continues to put in effort to try and maintain or improve that image. In effect, it wears different masks for each of the persons it interacts with! What a tiring and deceptive task our Ego does most of the time?

Our Ego generally blames other person’s behaviour or the external situation for disturbing its peace! More often, it is our own Ego that disturbs our own peace!

Ego is generally afraid of being criticised or rejected, as it has been conditioned to work to increase the honour and respect that it gets from everyone. When it is criticised or rejected, it becomes angry, sad, depressed and demotivated to say or do anything. Its performance and capabilities get reduced. Ego functions best in an environment of appreciation and acceptance! An Ego which is hurt, programs itself to take revenge and this does a lot of damage to its Intellect and body!

Egos generally have a predictable repetitive or cyclical behaviour patterns. Also, we are most comfortable with repetitive and steady life situations! However, these behaviour patterns can be broken when we are in the present moment. Life seems to go about in circles when we are under the control of our Ego. It starts progressing when we are in the present moment!

Ego isolates itself from other humans, nature, earth and the Universe. It is generally insensitive to others as it is always overwhelmed with thinking and acting to fulfill it’s own desires and expectations. However, we can become sensitive and connect to others with the help of our Intellect which automatically becomes free from our Ego when we are in the present moment, in a state of Awareness & Acceptance!

Most Egos are generally a store house of a lot of negative energy which they pass on to others, sometimes disguised as helpful advice! A strong Ego generally bruises other’s Ego. Sometimes it can cause permanent psychological and physical damage in others who are near and dear to it!

Our Ego, which implies incompleteness, driven by ambition, greed, fear of losing wealth, reputation and control in the future generally reacts, complicates and destroys, whereas living in the present moment, our Intellect in the state of Awareness & Acceptance responds, simplifies and builds relationships and life!

When our Ego does not get what it wants, then all hell can break loose. Ego can easily and quickly destroy relationships, destroy others and in the extreme case destroy it’s own body and self. *

Ego is very quick in finding defects/shortcomings in others whereas it is totally oblivious to the fact that the very same defects/shortcomings may be existing within itself too! Ego is rarely aware of itself! For awareness, we have to be in the present moment, when our detached peaceful Intellect is only present. Our Intellect can become aware of our past and future, which is our Ego! As we become aware, our defects/shortcomings also start to disappear slowly but permanently!

Ego is quick to laugh at others for their mistakes, slow or incorrect responses, ignorance, hurts, pain or sufferings. It has very little capacity to laugh at itself!

Egos hope and pray that their life situations remain in their comfort zone. Even if there is something to be done now which causes some inconvenience and hardship in the short run but is helpful in the long run, the Ego will refuse to accept and do it! When situations outside the comfort zone happen, then the Ego gets upset and angry making it even more difficult to handle the situation. What the Ego does not know is that, changing our comfort zone is as simple as turning the volume knob of our audio devices! 

Our Ego is a burden on our Intellect and body. By dropping our Ego, we actually feel and become very light. *

Feelings & Emotions

Surprisingly, all feelings like regret, guilt, compassion, empathy, gratitude, humility, greed, jealousy, hatred and emotions like love, passion, happiness, depression, fear, anxiety, worry, anger, etc., are in the realm and experience of our Ego. Feelings are thoughts that linger in our Intellect for long time and are stored in our memory. Emotions are a psychophysiological manifestation in our body of our feelings! One or more feelings and the resultant emotions always exist within us when we are in our Ego state. Negative emotions disturb our psychological state, impairing our decision making capabilities. Further, our body can produce harmful chemicals which can affect our health too. Fortunately, feelings and emotions do get replaced by peace when we are truly in the present moment in a state of ‘Awareness’ and our Intellect is not shackled or disturbed by our Ego!

Self Interest & Dialogue

Ego is mostly overwhelmed by its own self. It is preoccupied by thinking about itself and its wants or desires!

Further, Ego is always in dialogue with itself about its past or its imagined future. If it talks, it will generally talk about itself; its successes, achievements, travels, future plans, problems it is facing, etc.. It is too full of itself and generally will not try to listen to others and understand their point of view! It is the first one to pass on blame to others and then continue to comment on itself as well as on others! It will criticise its own actions even before others do it, if at all! Excessive criticism of itself can result in low self esteem, depression and other psychological disorders!


When our Ego dreams of the future during the waking state, it is generally good and positive and will cover successes, achievements, acquisitions etc..But, when it imagines the future, it imagines that the worst situation will happen. Experience will show that the worst situation rarely happens in our lives! This is a carry over or transmission of the fear of future, of our loving parents, to us during our childhood! So, it is good to Dream but not good at all to Imagine! Awareness of this situation within us, by our detached Intellect, will gradually reduce our imagined fear of the future!

Ego will give full credit to itself exclusively for the thinking and effort it has put in when success happens in accumulation of financial wealth, possessions, receipt of honour and respect, recovery from a critical illness etc.. It remains totally unaware of the zillions of forces and events that had to occur in the Universe prior to the success the Ego received! When failure takes place, it is very quick to locate and place blame on others, ignoring again the Universe’s zillion forces and events that had to come together for the failure to occur!

When we plan or worry about the future or our past, we have to be aware that we do it at the cost of good living we can do in the present moments-Gul Malani

When you talk, you repeat what you already know; when you listen, you often learn something. ~ Jared Sparks

Ego is like a typical Mother-in-law constantly badgering its own body, resulting in poor and at times critical health. Ego disappears only when we are our ‘True Self’ or when we go into deep sleep! -Gul Malani

Most of the thinking our Ego does is like virus in the computer, reducing or destroying the capabilities of our Intellect! – Gul Malani

Our Ego is like the Dengue mosquito. It generally breeds within our own home, like our Ego breeds within our own Intellect. Both become causes for our and our near and dear ones major sufferings and unhappiness! – Gul Malani

Our Ego’s sense of power, control, fear and worry stem from it’s non acceptance of the present moment situation as well as non acceptance of others as they are now! Full acceptance of both disables our Ego and allows us to live our life fully! -The Totality 

Our Ego (our program) is based on inputs from our near and dear ones. It is generally for living in the future or in our past, whereas we should really have been programmed to live fully in the present. The present rarely makes us afraid, whereas the future invariably keeps us in fear and the past keeps us either angry or depressed! – The Totality *

No one else other than our own Ego that stresses us out in our precious present moments – The Totality *

Our Ego does not trust others, let alone Totality (God). There are times it does not even trust it’s own self. Trusting Totality is trusting  (accepting fully) the present moment as well as trusting the future as it unfolds into the present moments – The Totality

Be aware that our Ego puts us through a lot of unnecessary thinking and activities – The Totality *

Our Ego unfortunately swallows or shreds the present moments most of the time preventing us from living a stress free life – The Totality *

While living or working together. our Egos have to be accommodating and supportive and not competing with each other, to live life peacefully, happily and fully – The Totality *

Our Ego brings drama in our life! Without our Ego, our life will be smooth as silk!- The Totality *

Ananda (Buddha’s disciple) says ‘Now I will be sitting by the side of my mind (ego) too, watching it with all its dirtiness and problems and old leaves and hurts and wounds, memories, desires. Unconcerned I will sit on the bank and wait for the moment when everything is clear.’ – Osho, his life and teachings *

Ego’s desires make it think and act with the belief that the beneficial end results are solely due to it’s effort. Whereas, the end results are always a consequence of the forces of Totality at work in that moment. If we are aware, then we will notice that the end results are rarely what our Ego specifically desired. –The Totality

Freedom from fulfillment of the desires of our Ego is Bliss! – The Totality

Just like a rock, in the midst of a river, causes turbulence in the flow, so also our Ego creates turbulence in the smooth flow of our life – The Totality *

The really religious (spiritual) is egoless. The really religious is overflowing with love. He is not a beggar for love or attention. The really religious is one who has effaced himself completely, who has become absent. And when a person becomes absent, God becomes present in him. – Osho, talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

You can only become that which you already are. And, hence, there is no need to become(,) because you already are it. Rejoice in it! Celebrate it! Be it! – Osho, talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’ *

Our Ego’s desires create fear of non-fulfillment as well as tension and stress as the Ego becomes driven to achieve the goals or fruits of our desires. The reality is, that we need not fulfill our Ego’s desires in order to live life fully! Strange it may seem but the reverse is true; we can live our lives fully only if we genuinely and fully accept situations where our desires remain unfulfilled – The Totality *

Ego’s pastime is to think often and repeatedly of the past or possible situations in the future. As past cannot be changed and the future is unpredictable, our thinking about the past and future is indeed a total waste of valuable present moments as well as our physical energy. Instead, we revitalise our own Bodies and Intellect when stop thinking and remain peaceful and tranquil – The Totality *

Our Ego creates it’s own problems and then spends time and energy resolving the problems that really do not have any validity or existence other than in our Ego. –The Totality *

Our Ego quickly and easily judges others, unaware that we may not have the required knowledge, experience or competence in that particular field in order to judge others – The Totality *

Ego is the crystallisation of our personality in our Intellect – The Totality *

The ego always prods you, goads you into doing: ‘Do something!’ It creates the fallacy that it is within your hands to change, that you are the master of your destiny. … That is the fallacy. Nothing is in your hands. – Osho, in his talks compiled in the book ‘The Silence of the Heart’. *

Our Ego has to be grateful for the greatest Miracle of our life, which is, being Alive now! – The Totality *

Our Ego limits our life to a narrow channel bound by Ego’s limited knowledge, beliefs, likes and desires. Whereas, our awareness of our True Identity makes our living infinite too! – The Totality *

Ego has desires for every moment and it rejects the present moment if it does not fulfill it’s desires, making itself unhappy and miserable! Our Intellect understands that it has to fully accept each and every present moment as it is perfect, whereas our Ego classifies each moment as perfect or imperfect based on it’s limited knowledge and experience – The Totality *

We, our Ego, thinks that it can predict the future precisely, whereas experience will show that future is nearly impossible to predict. It is pure coincidence that some of our predictions come true, and also it will be in a general way and not in a specific way our Ego desired! – The Totality *

We are in our Ego state when we think, remember, analyse or react to our past, or when we think, plan, analyse, or react to our imagined future, or when we react to the present moment situation. If our Intellect becomes aware of this reactive nature of our Ego, then it will soon transcend our Ego and once again become pure and perfect microcosm of Divinity. – The Totality

Our Ego makes us live an incomplete life as it prevents us or robs us of the life that exists  in the now, the present moment, by keeping us in the dead past or in the imagined future! Ego disconnects us from our true nature, the Divinity or Divine Power which is available to everyone in the now! – The Totality

A substantial portion of our mental and physical disturbances are directly related to our Ego, our conditioning. This awareness alone will reduce the intensity of disturbances –The Totality

Our Ego is constantly seeking validation of it’s significance and meaningfulness of it’s life. It gets this, when it succeeds, or when others seek it’s help or advice or when it gets appreciated by others. Be aware of this drive or motivation which keeps us unnecessarily busy as well as makes us sad, quite often.- The Totality *

Complete acceptance of the situations existing now, within and outside our bodily manifestation, results in dissolution of our Ego, or vice versa! Then problems vanish and good living begins! – The Totality *

Our Ego’s emotions like fear, anger, hatred as well as it’s desires make us waste a lot of our precious present moments in unnecessary and useless thinking and action. Instead, let us fill ourselves up with unconditional love for everyone and everything, including our body and it’s Ego, and live each present moment fully! – The Totality *     070717

We hold on to our fears, anger, hatred, anxieties, worries and pain by our Ego thinking excessively  about them and working out innumerable strategies to overcome them. Instead, we can be aware of their presence within us in the now and allow The Totality to take care of them. Soon, we will notice, like clouds, they pass away! –The Totality *    140717

The whole Universe is a unified One with no divisions! Our Ego divides us from this Oneness and limits us to a tiny fragment, our body; thus creating illusions of situations that appear very difficult to handle. These Illusions, of difficult situations, vanish when we are in a state of Oneness or Totality!- The Totality *                   160717

Our Ego is also The Totality! But it is self centered thereby preventing us from living our life fully in all it’s dimensions! – The Totality *       220717

What makes us miserable? Our Ego’s unfulfilled desires and expectations causes misery. When any are fulfilled, then misery is replaced by happiness for a very short duration! How to get out of this long misery, short happiness, long misery, short happiness cycle? Trust in The Totality, and be aware and fully accept each precious moment as it unfolds.– The Totality * 070817

Like dust keeps on collecting on surfaces, our Ego keeps on building up on our Intellect with inputs from the environment. Intellectual Awareness, full Acceptance of the situation in the now and Understanding  of who we really are, can clean up our Intellect of the thick dust of our Ego. Then, like infants, our Emptiness and Infinitude starts to beam out again from us. – The Totality 041017

Worldly knowledge, our skills, achievements, plans for the future make our Ego stronger. The stronger the Ego, the more specific and focussed desires it has, for just about everyone and everything. Non fulfillment of desires happens often in everyone’s life, leading to unhappiness or even depression.  Knowledge of the Universe and discovering who we truly are, results in Wisdom and softening of our Ego. Along with it, even our desires soften and reduce, resulting in a life full of happiness and joy.- The Totality * 071017

Strong Ego can make one lonely! Good and strong relationships are sustained when our Ego is soft or has disappeared. – The Totality * 100717

Ego’s desires are seeds that our Ego sows. However, sprouting and growth of the seeds, or fulfillment of our desires, requires immense help from The Totality. Some desires may get fulfilled and some may not. Which desires get fulfilled and when, is not in the ambit of our Ego. – The Totality  301017

Ego is a very limited download, in our Intellect, of our parent’s and other’s teachings and learnings from the environment. Ego is our body’s motivator and the one that creates drama in our life; from comedy to romance to tragedy! – The Totality * 011117

Desires of our Ego cannot be fulfilled by the activities of our Ego alone. The fulfilment of our Desires require immense amount of help from the Environmental Forces at work in the Universe in the present moment. Can our Ego harness and direct these forces? Our experience says ‘No’.

Our Ego, that normally concentrates and works single pointedly to fulfil it’s desires, has another pragmatic option. That is, to leave our Desires in the care and responsibility of  the Universe and we continue living life, responding and not reacting to the situations in the present moment, accepting whatever the Universe deems fit and delivers to us! – The Totality 081117

Thinking activates our Ego’s self centered energy and activities. It also dissipates the Ego’s energies. Whereas, our activities should emanate from the Universal Energy present all around us, and also within us when our Ego has dissolved into the Universe.- The Totality * 221117

Our Ego unnecessarily burdens and disturbs itself with the thought that everything about it’s life, including success, is dependent on it and it’s effort alone. Whereas, experience and reality shows that this is not correct. A lot depends on the Universal forces at work in the present moment. The end result, or what happens, depends upon The Super Consciousness or God. We can also call it just ‘Luck’. So, learn to relax and enjoy, responding and not reacting to the present. Be available for the mysteries and miracles that will happen in the future as they unfold into the present moments.  – The Totality  311217

Our Ego (conditioning) is like the venom of a snake. If it is not understood and handled well, it can inflict psychological damage to our Intellect and create physiological health issues in our body. Awareness and understanding our Ego is very important in living a stable, healthy and a good life. – The Totality 140118

Our Ego is rarely at peace with itself, others and the environment due to it’s unfulfilled desires. This causes fear, anxiety, worry and unhappiness which can also lead to severe health issues for us. –  The Totality * 150118

Our Ego, just like a dog chasing it’s tail, spends it’s whole life trying to fulfil it’s unending desires. Such self centered activity robs us of peaceful and meaningful living we all can do in the present moments. Instead, we involuntarily and unknowingly struggle through a stressful life. – The Totality * 150118

Our beliefs are based on knowledge and experience we have gathered in the past. They reside in our Subconscious mind (Ego) and guide our thoughts and resultant actions. In effect our past guides our activities in the present moment. Whereas, living life fully can be done only when we have dropped our past completely and are living only  by responding to, or accepting fully, the situations in the present moments! – The Totality * 270118 

Ego is programming to spend all our life chasing trivia like wealth, power, respect and health which are meaningless when we are un-manifested, that is before our body’s birth and after it’s death. As a  result, good and meaningful living goes past us without our engaging with it! – The Totality  290118

Our Ego frequently imagines the future, generally imagining it as bleak and difficult. It reacts to this imagination with either fear, anger or worry spoiling our life in the present moments. Further it keeps itself unnecessarily busy finding numerous solutions to handle the imagined future. Interestingly, experience will show that in most cases our future does not turn out to be as we imagined it to be! – The Totality * 070218

When our Intellect totally accepts the present situation as it is now, then and only then  our Ego is no more! -The Totality * 120218

Our whole body’s each and every cell is Superconsciousness, when we are born. With parental and social programming of our Intellect, a thick veil of our Ego is formed in our Intellect which completely covers our awareness of our Superconsciousness. This veil has just to be lifted in our awareness by living in the moment, and meditating. Then our true nature is revealed, which is pure Superconsciousness, and this results in our living life fully. – The Totality  200218

Our Ego is in constant fear of our desires not being fulfilled. It has been incorrectly programmed to believe that the the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of our desires is in the hands of our Ego. The reality is that everything is in the hands of Superconsciousness, God or Laxmi (Lady Luck) and not in the ambit of our Ego which has very limited powers and capabilities. – The Totality * 280218

Our Ego chains our Superconsciousness with it’s limitations. Awareness of this situation, allows our Superconsciousness to break free! – The Totality * 170318

When our Ego drops it’s limited beliefs and prejudices, then it re-merges into The Divinity – The Totality * 170418 

Our Ego’s limited knowledge, limited understanding and limited experience locks us into our Ego’s small world. We are afraid to step out of this small world. Outside our Ego’s world, exist huge, exciting opportunities and miracles to be discovered, experienced and enjoyed. Just pure awareness, that most of us are living within the limitations set by our Ego, will unlock and release us into a fantastic adventure to discover what is unknown to our Ego now! –The Totality  310518

Only our Ego reacts immediately to the situation in the present moment, whereas our Intellect responds at the appropriate time or intelligently ignores all situations – The Totality * 220818

Our Ego’s thoughts and actions interfere with the smooth flow of our life. To live life fully and achieve greatness, we have really no choice but for our Ego to surrender to the Divine Will and accept all situations that occur without any reactions. However, our Ego is free to respond to the situations, knowing fully well that the results of it’s actions are determined by the Divine Will only. Results are never solely within our Ego’s will or control. Fortunately, the Divine Will is all inclusive, as it includes our Ego’s will as well as other Egos wills as well. – Adapted from Deep Trivedi’s book ‘ The Secrets of Destiny’ 230818

Our own Ego is the only roadblock in our development, success. health, happiness and evolution – The Totality * 310818

Our Ego has really no better choice than enjoying this moment fully. – The Totality * 020918

The  limited capabilities of our five senses helps our Ego to develop only a tunnel or telescopic vision, knowledge and experience, limiting severely the capabilities of the body. Becoming aware of this severe limitation will help us to expand our vision, knowledge and experience and allow our body to do just about anything that is safe and help us live our life fully. – The Totality * 060918

Our Ego can fulfill our short term goals. However, the long term goals are in the ambit of the Divine Power – The Totality * 100918

We live our life more and more fully as our Ego becomes less and less concerned about what is happening in our manifested or physical world. – The Totality * 140918

Our Ego is like a highly strung instrument due to it’s numerous desires. It snaps into anger when any desire is not being fulfilled or it appears that it will not be fulfilled in the future. Or it can go into a depression too. Be aware of this severe handicap of the Ego. Try and train the Ego to be very flexible about having it’s desires fulfilled by accepting fully whatever happens regardless of our specific desires. This will help us to sail smoothly through the beautiful life we all have been fortunate enough to receive. –The Totality 220918

The biggest rogue around us is our Ego. Firstly, it robs us of the most precious and irreplaceable part of our life, which is our life in the present moment. It spends most of it’s time in the future or in the past! Secondly, it brings forth emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, despair and even depression. The key is to become aware of this and try and remain in the present moment most of the time. – The Totality  290918

Our Ego, programming, disturbs the peaceful and relaxed way of working of our Intellect as well as the smooth and healthy functioning of our body. It makes the Heaven of our internal life into hell at times. Despite this, we still entrust our life to the care and decision making of our Ego! Wake up and become aware of this, and entrust your life to the all powerful Divinity that is the source of this Universe. – The Totality 131118

Our individual Ego disturbs our intelligence and damages the health of our body. On a collective level, our Egos are damaging this planet which can result in the extinction of the human race. – The Totality * 161118

When we are fully in the present moment, then our programming or Ego disappears and we easily accept life situations as they occur as well accept others as they are now. Non acceptance of the life situations or non acceptance of others hurts our own health and happiness as well as the health and happiness of others –The Totality * 181118

We are all unaware that we are living in the confinement of a jail of our past conditionings, programming and beliefs which constitute our Ego. Progress and adventure comes when we break out of this jail by becoming aware of our past conditionings, programming and beliefs and modifying and updating them frequently. The Totality * 301118

Our Ego (conditioning) has truly disappeared when we see and feel our own self in everyone and everything in this Universe – The Totality 080219

Most of us live our life being mercilessly driven by our Parental and Social conditioning and programming (Ego) to achieve self imposed goals within rigid time schedules set by our own self. This causes quite a bit of stress and emotional disturbance within our Intellect, reducing our capabilities to make good decisions as well as live life fully. – The Totality 080512

When our senses start sensing perfection within us and all around us, then our Ego (parental and social conditioning and programming) vanishes and along with it all our problems vanish too! -The Totality * 090519

Our Ego is busy scripting what should happen in the future. It is unaware that the future, in our physical world, is not it’s doing, it is the Divinity that delivers this future. – The Totality 020719

Almost everyone’s Ego (Self Identity) jumps at the opportunity of giving advice to others, despite it’s limited knowledge, understanding and experience of life, and regardless of whether the other person is ready or willing to accept the advice. Mostly, such unsolicited limited vision, advice creates Anger, Hurt and Shamefulness in the other person, doing more harm than good. A better option is to ask questions and let the other person find his/her own answers to their life situations. – The Totality 171019

Evolved humans do not waste precious moments of their short life in trying to change their as well as other’s thoughts, emotions and actions.  They patiently stand by for organic change from within themselves as well as within others. This frees up plenty of time for such humans to live their life fully and happily. – The Totality 271019

Our programming or conditioning (Ego) is most of the time predicting a dreadful future, resulting in fear, anxiety and worry as the major emotions that surface, destabilising our mind (Intellect). The reality is that our Ego, which has numerous limitations, doesn’t have the capability to predict the future with any degree of accuracy! The only way to live our life peacefully, is for our Ego to remain in the present, accept it’s life situations and accept our family and other people as they are now. Then we can manage the future easily, as and when it unravels, making valid and relevant decisions that will emanate from the deep peace within our mind (Intellect) – emanated from the Unified Reality 150520

Our Ego (parental & social programming and conditioning) is like a trader. If it gives something, it expects something back in return. For example, if it shares knowledge, thinking that it will help the other person, it expects either quiet acceptance, or a pat on the back or some additional respect from the other person. If it doesn’t get any of these, it gets upset and angry and may start ignoring that person. However, our Ego can be re-programmed to give without expecting anything in return. Then our personal relationships will flourish and we will be able to live our life happily and fully too  – emanated from the Cosmos 190520

Parental & Social conditioning and programming, which we call as the ‘Ego’, builds numerous and unending desires and expectations within it. These desires and expectations imply that our Universe is full of shortages and each one of us has to compete with others to get our fair share. This leads to a lot of anxiety, worry, fear, stress, disappointments, unhappiness and in some cases leads us into depression.

In order to lead a blissful life, we simply need to re-programme our Ego to surrender to the Infinite Universal Power and drop all desires and expectations from life and as well as from others. Such a state of our Ego is based on our awareness of Abundance within and outside us and our need to struggle disappears and we start to live a meaningful and blissful life, full of abundance – emanated from the Cosmos 200520

Ego gets a stronger identity, although false, when anyone seeks it’s advice or help. Everyone’s true identity in unlimited Peace and Love. Rather than giving advice, we can share our unlimited Peace and Love and this will work wonders with the life of the other person, making this world a better place – emanated from the Cosmos 270520

All the melodrama in our life is caused by our Ego (parental & social conditioning and programming), mainly due to it’s unending desires and expectations from life and from others. The melodrama is a result of our anxiety, worry, fear and stress of our desires remaining unfulfilled. The way out of this quagmire is to drop all our desires and expectations and to think and act as required in the present moment – emanated from the Universe 100620 *

Our house can become truly a home, wherein everyone is living happily and growing strong, only if all the family members accept each other as they are now and they love and respect each other despite all their differences. In order  to achieve this, each one of us has to become intensely aware of the limitations of our Ego, which instead of evolving internally to love and respect everyone, is focussed on the outside world and is constantly trying to change others. – The Cosmos 210121

Our very own Ego (parental & social conditioning and programming) is the stumbling block for our Awareness and Spiritual Evolution. Once we have this wisdom, we can overcome all the limitations of our Ego and break out into an unlimited vastness leading to a very happy and meaningful life. – The Cosmos 080221 *

Pain and poor health, lack of prosperity, lack of love and respect do not cause unhappiness or depression in us. It is caused by our Ego which has set high standards for itself. Like we should have pain free and have perfect health, we must be very well off, everyone should love and respect us all the time, we should be the best and win or excel every time! Our Ego is very unrealistic and this is what causes us to be unhappy or distressed. The solution is simple. Accept with gratitude every life situation that happens. In other words live in the present moment as much as we can. – The Eternity 040321 *

Every moment is Divine and Awesome for each one of us. Our Ego with its unfulfilled desires and expectations can make our present moments ugly, not only for us but for others too. The way out is to be un-attached to our desires and expectations. Allow our desires and expectations to float out into the Universe and let the Universe help in fulfilling them. That way, we will remain stress free and peaceful at all times and live our life fully in the present moments. – The Almighty 090321

A life driven by our Ego is mostly unhappy, unfulfilled and incomplete. A life in tune with the Almighty Forces operating in the Universe, which implies that our Ego accepts our present situation fully, is a happy, fulfilled, complete and meaningful life. – The Totality 050921

Everyone’s life can be full of Surprises and Miracles. However, to allow these to happen to us, we have to have a very open mind (Ego); an Ego which is not very definite and specific about what it desires from the life. We have to unblock our Ego and be open and accepting of whatever is happening in our life, whether it is good or bad, or makes our Ego sad or happy. – The Totality 130921

As our Ego {identity} rarely thinks it is complete, it has many expectations from others and from Life itself. Non fulfillment of these numerous expectations and desires drives away the Joy of Living. Once we awaken to the fact we are are complete where we are and as we are now, the Joy and Happiness returns to manifest our body and mind. Then life becomes a happy and thrilling adventure. – The Almighty Forces 131021

When we complain, know that our Ego or Identity, we have created, is complaining. Complaining implies that we are not accepting one or more aspects of our life that is prevailing at present. Almost all of our present moment situations are created by The SUPREME UNIVERSAL FORCES which are far beyond the control of our Ego. And when we complain, we are making our own self miserable! The smart option is to stop complaining by accepting our present moment situations fully and experiencing and enjoying every aspect of our life. – The Almighty Universal Forces 181021

Your Ego has every right to be scared. It’s on notice. In the Zone of Genius, you have no need for your Ego. In the Zone of Genius, you don’t care about getting approval, getting control, getting even, or any of the other get-oriented goals of the ego. You’re are a free agent there, ready to respond to the infinite possibilities of the present moment. – Gay Hendricks book ‘The Big Leap’ 050122

Positive thinking will not prevent negative (as classified by our Ego) situations from happening. But, it will help improve our emotions and the health of our Mind and Body – The Supreme Power 080322


Everything in this Universe is Divine. All humans are Divine too from the time we are born. But most of us are unaware of the existence of Divinity and neither have we been guided to build this awareness of our Divinity in our Intellect as we grow up. Whereas, seeds of an Ego have been continuously implanted in our Intellect by our parents and people close to us, from the time we are born.. Basically our Ego consists of programming we have received from our parents, our loved ones, teachers and the society, beliefs and prejudices that we have built in our Intellect based on our acquired knowledge and experience, and our past memories. On the surface, our Ego appears as our Personality and our Character.

Our Ego is microscopic in size and capabilities. The Divinity is limitless, omnipresent and is extremely powerful as compared to our Ego. The Divinity is what creates unique moment to moment situations for each one of us. Sadly, our Ego does not accept most of the present moment life situations it encounters, despite the fact that many situations arise daily which meet the needs and wants of our Ego. Our incorrect programing makes us astutely aware of the negative situations while the positive situations escape our conscious awareness! Even good and favourable Surprises and Miracles, that The Divinity creates daily in everyone’s life, escape our awareness. This is the main cause of human misery!!

How do we get out of this rut? We can start immediately by consciously reprograming our Ego by accepting graciously and gratefully each and every situation as it happens in our life, even if our Ego, with it’s limited vision, classifies the situation as bad. The Ego is free to act to improve the situation. But Ego has to be aware that improvement or change will not happen solely on the efforts that it is making! The situation will change and improve only if The Divine Grace and Blessings are present too for the change. Such profound awareness will make our life peaceful, creative and meaningful!


Very often our Ego does not accept the present situation as it unfolds. This causes anger, fear and other negative emotions as well as anxiety and stress within, disturbing our Intellect from it’s proper and smooth functioning. Besides affecting our mental health, it can also affect our physical health negatively. So, the wise thing for our tiny Ego to do, is always accept the present, knowing that it is unchangeable and a powerful gift from The Divinity, The Supreme Power. Our Ego can think and act to try and change the future. However it should know that change will take place only if there is help from the extremely powerful forces of The Divinity – The Divinity 230622

WATCH OUT for our own Ego destroying our happiness. No one else is responsible for our state of mind, whether happy or sad. Happiness and sadness is an Inside job! Become aware of the mischief our Ego is playing on us. – The Divinity 210822 *

Our Ego is formed out of the inputs we receive from the external world, i.e. parents, relatives teachers, friends, associates, books and Media. Where as in our internal world there is only Divinity and deep peace. Most of us function as per our Ego’s directions, which implies we are externally directed. Should we not be internally directed by The Divinity? – The Divinity 280822 *


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