Stress free Living

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We know it may be impossible for most of us to live a stress free life but let us try and identify the points of stress we can avoid and see if our health and life improves because of the new way of living!

  • avoid having strong desires and expectations from others. Instead be aware and fully accept the present moment as it unfolds even if it does not meet any of our desires or expectations, or likes and dislikes or our beliefs.
  • have very flexible goals which can be revised or dropped based on the inputs from the present moments.
  • become aware of our programming that is ever present in our subconscious, which auto pilots our life and many times in an unhappy and stressful way!
  • become aware that our perceived threats are numerous whereas real threats are very few. So, frequently we are stressing ourselves unnecessarily. Let our stress wait for the appearance of real threats!
  • be aware that our Ego has the capability to think and act but what will happen in the future is not in the control of our Ego. It is determined by the myriad of enormous forces of The Totality acting at that specific moment. Our Ego has absolutely no awareness, knowledge or control over these huge forces!
  • Be aware that our Ego chooses to be unhappy by not accepting, gracefully and fully, our life as it unfolds every moment. However, we can take the help of our Intellect and choose to be happy all the time by fully accepting life as it unfolding!

In our physical world the three dimensions, length, breadth and width, cause us little or no stress. But the fourth dimension, Time, causes most of our stress. We all are living our lives meeting either internally imposed or externally imposed time schedules. Trying to meet these schedules causes stress as well as fear. If we were to live life focussing on the task or goal and letting Divinity or God determine the time required for completion of the task or achievement of the goal, we will live our life fully and cheerfully without any stress or fear. – The Totality 190119

We are stressed only when we do not accept our life situations as they unravel every moment and when we do not accept other people’s behaviour. Acceptance is the essence of stress free living – emanated from the Cosmos 160520


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