Switch Off!


When everything is falling apart around us as and we feel like we are living in hell:

-as situations are turning ugly and to our disadvantage as they are not as per our expectations and requirements

-or we are highly stressed out, anxious, worried, angry, sad, or depressed

-or we have pain, poor health or sickness in our body

We could or should:

-indulge in low stress activities like light exercises, walking, cycling, swimming, games, hobbies like reading, writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing or being and playing with our pets.

– switch off from the state of ‘Ego’ that we are in and move into the state of ‘Awareness’ or deeper into the state of ‘Being’

This will help our early recovery to our normal balanced state and make us feel once again that we are living in heaven!

Doing Exercises and indulging in Hobbies are easily understood and accepted by most of us! Switching off to a state of ‘Awareness’ is not that readily understood and therefore not yet accepted by most of us! However, ‘Awareness’ is the most powerful of our states in which we can conduct creative and artistic intellectual and physical activity for the benefit of others as well as our own self!

The key is to become aware and this aspect of our living is well covered in this blog www.livelifefully.in. Learn, experience and understand the simple way of moving into a state of ‘Awareness’ from the state of ‘Ego’.

A deeper, but a state of intellectual and physical inactivity, is the state of ‘Being’, a beautiful state of just being! When we just are! This is a very powerful regenerative state when the Savior within us is awakened!

Incidentally, we switch off every night when we go to sleep effortlessly. We not only enter the state of ‘Awareness’ but go deeper into the state of ‘Being’ and then into our ‘Un-manifested’ state! So, none of us can really say that we are not capable of going into the ‘Awareness’ state or the state of ‘Being’ in the waking hours as most of us are doing this every night when we go to sleep!


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