What is Intellect, a faculty that we all are born with?

Wikipedia describes Intellect as a term used in studies of the human mind, and refers to the ability of the mind to come to correct conclusions about what is true or real, and about how to solve problems.

Dictionary describes Intellect as the power or faculty of the mind by which one knows or understands, as distinguished from that by which one feels and that by which one wills; the understanding; the faculty of thinking and acquiring knowledge.

We need to deliberate and understand what ‘Intellect’ is?

Having understood the Intellect, we need to retain it in the pristine condition it came to us. We should try and keep it free from stains as well as from the control of the Ego, which is created by the Intellect only! *

A wise Intellect does not follow the Ego indiscreetly. It remains constantly in tune with the Totality – The Totality *

With the help of our pristine Intellect we can live life fully in the present moment as our Ego automatically dissolves fully then – The Totality *

Our Intellect is Totality and is accessible only in the present moment -The Totality *

The greatest purpose of manifestation of our Intellect and this body is to serve others by sharing goodness and love with everyone and everything. Unfortunately, our Ego is programmed to mostly serve itself and this body only, a very limited vision indeed! – The Totality *   290617

Even our Individual Intellect is un-manifested. It manifests in individual thoughts, emotions and actions. – The Totality * 310818

Our Intellect is Divinity itself which responds to the situations, whereas our Ego reacts to the situations. It is therefore best to rely on our Intellect to make all our decisions instead of allowing our Ego to make reactive decisions and creating more hurdles in our life. – The Totality * 150918

Our Intellect is Global or Universal whereas our Ego (parental & social conditioning and programming) is local as it limits itself to our physical body. Unfortunately our Ego veils our Universal Intellect making each one of us a limited being with many shortcomings and much unhappiness too at times. Rediscover our Universal Intellect by going within with Meditation and then we can easily live a life of Bliss. – emanated from the Cosmos 160520

The weakest state of our Intellect is when we are lost in thought. Thoughts are real but they are mostly negative as they are based on our fears and our imagination, which also frequently has a negative bias. The strongest and most intelligent and intuitive state of our Intellect is when it is empty of thoughts, beliefs, prejudices, emotions and feelings. We can access this state by daily and regularly meditating. Meditation recharges our Intellect and like a computer we need to recharge it every day, sometimes more often than once a day – The Cosmos 211220 *


3 thoughts on “Intellect

  1. maybe awareness is key in allowing us to make use of our intellect without using the other part of our mind – the ego – which fears etc.
    so when we are calm, and say, in the midst of a crisis – the ego doesnt react and fear…rather being calm allows the intellect to be free to problem solve or come up with a solution?

    • Very well thought of situation and its resolution!

      Awareness brings us into the present moment. It leads us through our disturbed Ego to our calm Intellect. The present situation is then observable by our Intellect, which does it objectively as we have gone deeper beyond the involment and disturbance of our Ego or ‘I’! Our un-attached Intellect, which remains calm, will intuitively (not emotionally or by using logic & reasoning) find the resolution to the situation which will be the most appropriate for the benefit of all, not only for our Ego!

      Unlike Ego’s decision making which is generally reactive and immediate, resolution by our Intellect comes at the appropriate time and not immediately as our Ego desires! Patience is required for good and appropriate decision making using out Intellect!

      In every crisis our Ego will react, be disturbed and upset due to its own built in conditionings of greed, fear and anxiety. The first thing we have to do, is to accept that our Ego is disturbed. That acceptance itself is Awareness. Awareness leads us through this disturbance to our calm Intellect for good, beneficial and timely resolution of the situation!

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