Ego defined

What do we acquire as we grow up from our infancy, a state of Totality? An Ego or Identity, as we start to respond to our name. Our Ego/identity is the knowledge, experience, skills, personality, character, values, that our Intellect acquires. Perception of  our identity by our family members as well as of our close friends also becomes  part of our Ego. *

A major part of our Ego are desires and expectations, belief systems, likes and dislikes, good and bad classifications, acceptable norms for people and situations! Our emotions and feelings are also part of our Ego.

Our Ego resides in both the subconscious memory as well as in our consciousness. When a stimuli happens, Ego responds or rather reacts automatically from our subconscious memory. Most of our emotions and feelings surface from the Ego residing in our subconsciousness.

However, Ego can also respond with activity, emotions and feelings from consciousness. But, the thinking and activity done by our Ego even in consciousness will be self centered. Perchance, if the activity  is not self centered then our Ego is actually allowing our Conscious Intellect to respond holistically!

Sadly, our extremely competent, universal, infinite, Conscious Intellect remains hidden while our Ego continues to react or act selfishly to manage our daily situations and our life. But we can activate our Conscious Intellect by becoming aware of our thoughts, words, actions as well as our emotions and feelings. This will help in purifying all of them to serve the best interests of the humanity. It also helps in resolving difficult situations which may not get resolved by our Ego as it is generally disturbed if the life situations are not as per its expectations and norms!


Our Ego can also be compared with a Volcano with a massive fire of numerous desires and expectations burning in its belly. Like a Volcano, our Ego can erupt and then the flow of words and actions, like hot, molten Lava, can destroy relationships, damage our Intellect and body. In extreme cases it can also completely destroy our Body along with the Intellect!

To manage this fire within our Ego, our Conscious Intellect needs to be more Aware and Acceptable of our own Ego as well as understand the dangerous and overwhelming power that our Ego has over our Intellect and our body.  This Awareness, Acceptance & Understanding will make us live life consciously with the help of our Intellect. Good, enjoyable, interactive and supportive living then becomes a way of life with us!

The building of our Ego, or the conditioning of our Intellect, is the process of our inborn, unconditioned Intellect identifying itself with our body instead of its origin, The Totality- The Totality

The only imperfection in our life is our Ego. The bigger our Ego is, the more imperfect we are! When our Ego dissolves back into The Totality, then we are perfect in every way including health of our body – The Totality *

Our desiring Ego, which we think we are, is our own intellectually created illusion! The only reality is The Desireless Totality which we all truly are! –The Totality *

When we erase our Ego from our Intellect, only then we are living our life fully. Otherwise our life is full of limitations. – The Totality *

Our Ego is simply a name of a program in our Intellect. Unfortunately, this program, which has desires, emotions and feelings, overwhelms our Intellect and runs (also read, ruins!) our life. This programming, our Ego, can easily be erased by being Alive in the now! – The Totality * 

A great life is when we live in the now, the present moment. Then we are free from the clutches of our normally aggressive Ego which automatically becomes passive. – The Totality *


4 thoughts on “Ego defined

  1. So clear. Will read it again and see if I have anything to share.

    From a previous post you mentioned:

    “It is rather difficult for most of us to define our ‘Ego’ as our own Ego tries to define itself! Our Intellect which is now in service of our Ego is not available now to define our Ego! Therefore our own definitions of our Ego need to be evaluated with some doubt and caution!”

    …is exactly what I experienced when trying to do the defining ego exercise, and in fact this is the one thing I learned from this exercise and wanted to mention to you.

  2. Ego creates desires ,which can then create cravings ,leading to obsessions,when these desires are unfulfilled the dissillusioned mind makes us loose our sense of equilibrium ….leading us astray,if one can try to have no attachments then you can smell and enjoy the fragrance of a flower without touching it ,plucking it .Even the fragrant memory is to be enjoyed in the moment and not filed in the memory bank ,as it can then lead to desire…
    Can one live life without any attachments like j.krishnamurthi

    • Yes indeed, when we are in the present moment, we transcend our Ego and its desires. Truly then we can enjoy life fully including enjoying the beauty and fragrance of a flower without acquiring it by plucking it or comparing it with other flowers in our memory bank! Destruction of all desires and attachments is to destroy our Ego. This destruction is also an activity of our Ego so the process of destruction actually strengthens our Ego! What is preferable is to be aware of our desires, attachments and the games our Ego is playing! This will take away, slowly and automatically, the venom of our Ego!

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